Reviews El Macho

  • Máté
    The feeling, when morally you want to have sex, but physically no longer, will remain with me forever. It was so awful and humiliating. But I'm glad my wife supported me, helped to gather strength and go to the doctor. Fortunately, the process was completely reversible, and by using drops el macho I am fully recovered their sexual function.
  • Máté
    I began to notice, that erection is weakened, and was the work not immediately, as before, to make something happen, it was necessary to try. In general, he came to the opinion that erection пропадала directly during sexual contact, or simply at all did not appear. Then I decided to search for a pathogen. I read that in the drops El Macho natural composition, and damage to health will not bring, so this drug has become for me the ideal choice, because with the doctor I consulted. Practically after the first tricks of potency was the same as in his youth.
  • Lili
    Husband noticeably better, and the more it increases its mass, the less we had sex. In a moment of intimate proximity and at all gone from our lives. To me this situation is not устраивало, but the doctor husband to go categorically refused. I decided to visit a specialist, and he advised me drops El Macho. Thanks to this the drug is now in the bed with us all so, like yesterday, we only got married.
  • Ádám
    I met a new girl, and she's told me so much liked, that before the first sexual intimacy I experienced as a kid. In general, because for me nothing didn't work. She gave me a second chance, but the first failure the whole time he was with me in my head, and again it didn't work. I'm so experienced on this soil, that I was afraid, again something to try. In general, I had to turn to a specialist. The doctor advised me drops to use el machothanks to which I once again felt a real man. Now in bed with us is no problem.
  • Boglárka
    I started noticing that the husband as if he avoids me intimate near: then get up, then tired, then my head hurts. Well I immediately found out what was going on. Share with your friends our problem, and one advise me el macho – her husband wrote these drops the doctor. Well, I bought it and gave it to her husband under the guise of remedies for headaches, when he again made up a reason, why isn't sex. Dose I налила double, so the sex was that night. I told my husband about the product, and propyl drops the whole course. And now he's in the bed with us, like in paradise!
Reviews El Macho