Causes and treatment of weak potency in men

Sex becomes an integral part of our lives. For some of us it is the most important process of life than the rest. Everyone knows that sex is happening procreation. In addition, it is quite a pleasant and exciting process. A man and a woman, making love, you immense joy and pleasure.

Symptoms of decreased erection

weak potency

As is known, in the sex between the two, and violation of the basic functions of one of them, may be the cause of serious psychological trauma. In men, these disorders lie in the weakening of potency and the inability of the penis to fulfill their direct functions. For a start it is necessary to understand, as is expressed by such a disorder and what is manifested by its effect on the overall picture of the sexual relations. The main factors of the disorders of the function of reproductive organ in men are the following symptoms:

  • weakening of potency;
  • the inability to finish sexual intercourse;
  • lack of interest in sex;
  • flaccidity of the penis.

All of these symptoms can manifest themselves both individually and together. As usual, during the and development of similar symptoms occurs gradually. First, men may experience changes in the functionality and operability of your genital tract. However, with a certain period of time, provided that, ignoring the primary symptoms, the potency starts to decrease gradually, which has an impact on the emotional and psychological state of the men. It can have a very negative impact. Some of us see similar confusions in sexual abuse, in terms of unnecessarily emotionally, it is expressed in depression, irritability and overall disappointed with all systems of the body, due to a mental disorder of a person.

Factors that affect the strength of the

It must be remembered, that the weak male potency - is not a sentence, and the situation may change. In most cases, these problems are only temporary, if they are not associated with any disease, and can be completely neutralized. When matching the treatment and adherence to preventive measures, there is the possibility to rectify the situation and fully restore the health of the men. Any treatment begins with the identification of the factors that led to such fatal. The causes of weak potency in men are as follows:

  • stress;
  • exhaustion;
  • the overall decline forces;
  • depression;
  • lack of a permanent relationship;
  • changes in the hormonal background;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • improper nutrition;
  • overweight;
  • the availability of harmful habits;
  • inflammatory or infectious disease;
  • negative external influences.

Each of the above factors, it can become a core that will have an impact in the future on android power. It must be remembered that the weak potency does not arise from nowhere. It will most develops and progresses under the influence of one or more of the negatively influencing factors that gradually affect the overall functionality of the genital tract of men.

Lifestyle change

Keeping a sedentary lifestyle combined with the wrong nutrition can have a number of negative consequences, and one of them is weak potency, which once again confirms the necessity of implementation of preventive measures and lifestyle changes.

In most cases, is the basic cause, which gives the impetus for the development of all other diseases and the emergence of various inflammatory processes, it looks exactly like this.

The most susceptible to similar influences people with lowered immunity, leading a sedentary way of life. Such behavior may be dictated by the specificity of the work, on which man spends most of his day. The availability of the same bad habits, whether it's alcohol abuse or excessive smoking, only worsens the situation and leads to the premature development of violation of the functions of the genital tract of men.

An eating disorder is less harmful for human health. The abuse of fried, spicy or acidic does not pass unnoticed. Disorders of exchange substances, which inevitably impact on a set of excess weight, which, in turn, affect the quality and intensity of sexual intercourse. In general, all the main causes of weak potency in men consist at these simple factors.

Psychological problems

treatment potency

In most cases, a bad male potency is a result of psychological problems. Because during the formation of the causes and the early signs of disturbances of potency some perceive it is really unnecessarily dramatic, and emotionally. Then, and begin the main problems.

In the continuous return at the moment of failure in the subconscious mind in men occurs a breakdown, which will affect the further deterioration of potency. This distinctive emotional rush leads to the fact that subsequent attempts will take place under the influence of the memories of the failure and its deplorable consequences. This fact can't pass unnoticed. Nervous tension and stress caused by the constant reflections about their inferiority, which leads to the fact that the weak potency becomes more of the norm than the exception to the rule. So the primary task, which is to be solved for themselves, is becoming aware of the fact that any primary the problem is only a temporary phenomenon, and they may be just echoes of other health problems.

Appeal to the doctor

If it is observed the disorder of potency, what to do in similar conditions? Tested the primary symptoms are similar phenomena, there is no need to immediately rush to the doctor, because it may just be a one-time manifestations of the disease, caused due to the occurrence and deterioration of any of the factors listed above. Repeated the same violation of potency requires immediate treatment to a doctor, who will determine cause, and initiate appropriate treatment, and will be a list of recommendations. Contacting a doctor is necessary to establish the exact causes and factors, the result of which became the disorder of potency. It is also one of the important aspects is the definition of psychological aspects and the identification of infectious processes, which may be responsible for the deterioration of potency. On the basis of the required examination the doctor will determine the presence or absence of the infectious agent and will be the scheme of other pharmacological or preventive treatment.

To bad the potency to become really serious test in the life of a man, it is necessary to start timely treatment and prevention, which, in the first place, mean changing the style and rhythm of life.

Preventive measures

What to do when a lifestyle becomes an essential factor, which affects the male power? Some, especially trying to change something in the usual ways of your life, they can advise you about the treatment of the disease the intake of the drug of drugs. For such people it is a panacea, which in their opinion will provide them with a cure of any disease. Changes to the same style of life is very unacceptable for such people. However, the slow potency is unlikely to cure some tablets or ointments. Fundamental changes in how life and the diet you to ensure a steady and reliable erection that will please a man even after many years. To similar preventive measures include:

  • proper nutrition;
  • an active lifestyle;
  • refusal of bad habits;
  • avoid fatigue;
  • weight loss;
  • the presence of a permanent partner;
  • the profession of sport.


Problems disorders of potency may occur a serious problem for men. Sometimes such confusions make up by far is pensioners, but quite seemingly healthy young men. The causes of this sad event may be the presence of inflammatory process in the body, but these cases are not so frequent. In most cases, the failure of erectile function occur as a result of completely different factors that have an effect on the whole organism men. The availability of harmful habits, being overweight, a sedentary way of life and the condition of constant stress - all of which can lead to disturbances of not only the potency of men, but also the failure of other systems of the body.