At what age in men, problems begin with potency?

On the strength of sexual function, is affected by many factors, both natural and pathogenic. To give a clear answer to the question, at what age reducing the potency in men, is quite difficult. Physiological aging has a significant impact on the sexual abilities only in combination with other reasons, which include genetic predisposition, general health status, physical activity, nutrition, habits.

Different views on the causes of the weakening of potency

potency in men

The concept of "potency" combines several aspects of sexual life:

  • libido;
  • the speed and quality of the incoming erection;
  • duration of the sexual intercourse;
  • ejaculation and the force of the orgasm.

The sexual energy awakens in men in adolescence: 13-14 years, to 25-30 years sexual the ability to reach its peak, after 35-40 years, it starts smoother their decline. The above data in any case do not mean that at that time the man would become impotent. It can be assumed that in the transition over the 40 years milestone quick libido is transferred in a more orderly fashion, and under favorable circumstances is able to persist up to old age.

More than one hundred years ago the German scientist reached a doctrine, according to which it is a sexual male power could be considered a limited area of life. The seed liquid was recommended to use sparingly, because uncontrolled her embezzlement could lead to premature exhaustion of the biological resources and early impotence. They said it is estimated the number issued on the life of the eruption of the seed — 5400. Potency and age were associated in the truest sense of the word — to the old years of the seminal fluid came completely unnecessarily.

In chinese medicine there are Taoist sexual practices, teaching the suppression of ejaculation in the process of sexual intercourse. Valid is considered to be the ejaculate no more than once per month, and the rest of the time it is recommended to complete intercourse without ejaculation. It is believed that it helps to maintain the strength and health to a ripe old age.

Doctors, dealing with the problems of men's health, he figured out that saving seeds does not affect the quality and duration of sexual contacts. Rather, on the contrary, a regular update of secretion of the genital organs, warns development of inflammatory diseases and intimidation causing stagnant phenomena in the prostate gland and over time can lead to prostate cancer.

The synthesis of a semen depends not on the bed activity, and hormonal status, and lifestyle. New sperm in a man's body is not established originally as a women's egg, and formed until his death.

Reduction of male power support the following reasons:

  • systemic diseases: diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular pathology, disorders of the function of the glands with internal secretion, obesity;
  • inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, such as prostatitis;
  • nicotine, addiction to alcohol, the use of various stimulants, aversion to motion;
  • emotional overload — a stressful situation in the home or work environment;
  • age-related changes. The main factor is the natural decline of the sex hormone testosterone, responsible for sexual performance.

Climax for men

In a man's body is testosterone provides the normal development of the genital organs, the emergence of secondary sexual characteristics, increase in muscle mass, the taste of blood cholesterol, lipid, carbohydrate, protein replacement, the body hair on the male type, the emergence of male facial features, sexual excitability, spermatogenesis.

Taste the production of testosterone produces the pituitary gland. In the lack of its synthesis of gland secretes into the blood releasing factor — a substance, body-shaping work of the testicles and the adrenal glands.

Inadequate production of testosterone may occur due to underdevelopment of the genital organs, functional disorders in adolescence, disease of the pituitary gland.

In young men is in the normal level of testosterone ranges from 12 to 33 units. The higher the natural level, the more men in the sexual sphere and the greater are the prerequisites for the conservation of this activity in adulthood.

With 35 years of hormonal levels, it starts inexorably to decline by around 1% per annum. For 60 years its level is approaching the lower limit of the standard. The amount of estrogens — female hormones — with age is gradually increasing. With men in the demise of androgenic activity happen the following changes:

  • reduction of hair on the body and the face;
  • the decline in the amount of muscle mass;
  • change the timbre of the voice;
  • the emergence of the tendency to the development of cardiovascular disease;
  • the emergence of female traits in nature: anxiety, suspiciousness, anxiety.

Those who reserve possibilities of the organism are high by nature, there is no need to worry about age disturbances of potency and after 50-60 years. Assuming, of course, the careful relation to health and no problems of vascular character.

The differences of sexual function in 20-year and 50-year-olds still quite substantial. In boys it is quite are normal daily sexual contacts, but to try to preserve youth pace in adulthood, forcing the body, does not make sense. The norm for age 35-50 years, are considered to be 1-3 intercourse in the week, 55 to 65 years of age — 1-2 per month. It is enough reported data, which will give a complete picture.

Hypogonadism, or the so-called male menopause, due to the age structure of androgen deficiency doesn't mean hard hormonal rebuilding of an organism and only rarely is associated with serious health disorders: heart disease, jumps of pressure and nerve pathologies. The reduction in efficiency due to the aging process happens smoothly, without pathological warps. Total of impotence, it is the absolute failure of the libido and erectile function, it is unlikely even in the very old years.

More often a temporary or permanent disorders of sexual function occur in young people. In these cases, the culprits are psychogenic or physiological factors: abuse of alcohol beverages, food that is rich cholesterol, professional costs, the habit to spend free time at the computer or tv, the most common incidence of sexually transmitted infections.

Biologists are thinking about the phenomenon of hypogonadism as a natural necessity to remove from the chain of reproduction of a weak and potentially sick individuals. "Well-worn" male body produces less of live and active sperm, accumulates mutagens, which can be transmitted by inheritance.

According to doctors, even in the absence of obvious problems with sexual function for a 50-year-old men decreases the probability of birth of healthy offspring.

Pathogenetic factors reducing potency

at what age comes potency

Potency to what age should remain unchanged? Found that the decrease becomes significant in the 50-55 years. To this period of life for most men to accumulate many of the negative consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, delegated the disease. The fundamental aggravating factors:

  • irregular or promiscuous sexual communication. To maintain the health of the reproductive system, as with other systems of the body, requires training. Mild contacts necessary on average and elder age. Some people feel the alleviation of desire, striving for diversity, often changing partners. In some cases, it gives a short effect — erectile function is becoming stronger, but not at the expense of health, and as a result of new experience;
  • consequences of inflammatory diseases or sexually transmitted infections. The most common pathologies, leading to age-related decrease in potency, are prostatitis, STD: trichomoniasis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis;
  • the notorious way of life, which must necessarily be healthy. But what means this expression, in fact, familiar to many only in words. Regular consumption of alcohol, smoking, eating fast food, semi-finished products, lack of physical activity, sport in front of the tv and other hobbies in years bring entirely certain fruits in the form of weakening of sexual function;
  • improper methods of treatment. The use of drugs strong action do not always lead to a full recovery, even if they are assigned by a doctor. Often the disappearance of the symptoms of any disease is fraught with consequences in the form of disturbances of potency. In adulthood, this dependency is more than likely.

The means and ways to keep the potency in adulthood

It is possible to retain potency up to old age? If you don't have to rely on a miracle — they have the same strength, libido, and erectile function as in youth, — it is quite possible to achieve the improvement and preservation of male power during the decades after crossing the 50-year milestone.

The so-called biological age of a person does not have to coincide with the real years of life — it is scientifically proven. On the part of people who are far in 40 years, when they undergo a detailed medical examination — the study of the properties of bone tissue, nerve fibers, the elasticity of the muscle tone of blood vessels, speed of reflex reaction — is found to be adequate more than a young age. Physiological characteristics include the sexual abilities. Such men are, isn't it a little weaker in bed, than in your younger years. Of course, this age to a large extent — the credit for the favourable inheritance, but without the careful relation to health keep youth long fail.

Useful habits

Steps that help to maintain sexual function with age, everyone chooses their. Many of those who relies entirely on a pharmacological means of stimulating an erection. Doctors also recommend to solve the problem comprehensively. Men's potency in adult men moody and grows in the compulsory observance of several conditions.

Need to get rid of bad habits, if any. As usual in men's smoking and alcohol. Alcohol negatively influences the trophism of the tissues, provoking and intensifying the inflammatory processes. In the beer are contained phytoestrogens — precursors of the female hormones, blocking the production of testosterone. Tobacco smoke contains a large amount of poisonous substances: salts of heavy metals, resin, troubled body, which destroys the blood vessels, inducing the formation of malignant tumors, accelerates aging. Throw both it is necessary to instantly and consistently, only in this case, you can rely on to improve the functioning of blood vessels, especially the capillary lattice, responsible for a full-fledged erection. The result becomes independent of the removal of many functional disorders without any further health impact.

Treatment and prevention of diseases–provocateurs, too, should be made in a timely manner. Hypertension, dystrophy infarction, angina pectoris, ischemia, circulatory failure, osteochondrosis of the various divisions of the spine, chronic pancreatitis, obesity of the order of accelerating the reduction of male potency.

Normal sleep in adult life also play an important role for the increase of male power. There is no need to regularly sacrifice their holiday for the sake of entertainment or work. After 50 years on the condition the potency of the negative impact of frequent night shifts or around the clock activity.

Men's diet

The next necessary step, which will help to keep the sexual performance of men at the age of, — a complete diet. Of course, without hunger in any form. Eating need to be by her all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Special attention should be paid to products, stimulating the endocrine and the vascular system.

For maintaining testosterone production it is recommended that increased consumption of b vitamins, E, fatty acids omega-3, omega-6, trace elements: zinc, phosphorus, selenium. Recommended products:

  • all kinds of berries;
  • citrus fruit;
  • prunes;
  • green and leafy vegetables: broccoli, lettuce, celery, lettuce, asparagus, spinach, cilantro;
  • walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, almonds, pumpkin, sunflower seeds;
  • vegetable oils;
  • honey;
  • all kinds of spices;
  • mushrooms;
  • chicken and quail eggs.

For normal spermatogenesis, it is necessary to include in the diet proteins: a young lean pork, veal, lamb, turkey, fish, shellfish, caviar. Useful low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, cereals.

Limit is to be heavy animals and trans fats, starch, sugar, salty foods, preserved foods, smoked meats. Increases the burden on the heart, liver, blood vessels, this food contributes to the disruption of metabolic processes, leads to weight gain.

Healthy nutrition should be a mundane, day to day, but they are not valid once or twice.

Sports load

bad habits

Physical activity has a significant impact on sexual. If you want to be easy on the rise after 50-60 years, do not try to pump up the muscle mass and to install sports records. To stimulate the synthesis of androgens useful exercises with dumbbells. All power sports favor the formation of testosterone. However, in adulthood, it is necessary to access them slightly overload can adversely affect health. Tremor of the muscles, it is necessary to monitor the well-being, indicators of pressure and the work of the heart.

What is the most important in the care of potency — avoid inactivity. This is especially true for people of intellectual labor, drivers, dispatchers. Long forced diet service compresses the organs of the lesser pelvis, supports the stagnation of the blood and other inflammatory processes.

To maintain potency are appropriate to the load, coaching cardiovascular system: running, walking, jumping, volleyball, football, tennis, skiing, swimming.

Massage, yoga, physiotherapy, acupuncture and other methods have an additional stimulating effect.