The reasons for reduced potency in men

Virility, strength, reliability, trust, and so you can write to infinity. All these features are characteristic of a strong half of humanity — men. Always inevitable that similar to the olympic gods real men to this day are the object of desire of women. Everyone is individual, special and not like the others, but there's one common problem is that it connects virtually all the men of our planet – a reduction in potency.

reduced potency

Disturbances in the functioning of the sexual organ to cause different kind of psychological disorders in men. It strongly influences all the processes of their life and often leads to problems in personal life and at work. Some men even have no idea why such a failure, like reducing the potency of touch is their, and begins to withdraw into himself, seeking an answer. And some live on, like nothing ever happened.

Men's potency and its functions

The main feature of the sexual abilities of men is that to achieve maximum excitement is the need to psychologically tune for sexual intercourse. Emotional and mental peace contribute high-quality and long-lasting erection and good penis of the law. Sexual activity of men is affected by processes in the body, which are responsible for the production of testosterone. This is the reason, the level of this hormone in the blood of a man determines his activity in bed. Some scientists put forward the theory that the male body is a certain limit to the number of sex acts in a lifetime. Partly it can be considered true, because you noticed that in men with the clear, the inconsistent and frequent sexual life, problems with potency are starting earlier than in men, that during the life of the rational use of their sexual power, and material excessive activity for confirmation or satisfaction of the own Ego.

For what reasons manly strength wanes

Years go by and with them the sexual activity. Begin to exhibit health problems, affects the turbulent youth. Already after the third dozen testosterone begins to produced in smaller doses, and this fact is the main cause of the decline of potency. From here and the number of sexual encounters decreases. A large portion of men are starting to heavily occur from this reason, to panic, to depression and to sound the alarm. Everywhere and always, in such cases, it is necessary to consult a specialist to determine the cause and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Just as harmful on the potency can have the effect of unhealthy lifestyle, which led man. Unlimited quantity of drunk alcohol, used cigarettes and a hamburger with French fries – one more reason for the reduction of potency in men. Sedentary is not the lovers of sports and active rest, as well a reduction of potency at an early age. If a person casually refers to the your body, then, and he again begins to falter, at work and to lose its activity before the appointed nature of the period.

Group risk

There are a number of factors and the main reasons that are able to induce premature loss of sexual abilities in men. At risk of developing erectile dysfunction may get:

  • Men, with diagnosed disorders in the functioning of the genital organs, which affect the quality of erections.
  • Residents of the area that has problems with ecology, the men who work in harmful industries and industrial plants.
  • The victim's constant mental pressure, men constantly find themselves in stressful situations and gain a moral and psychological trauma.
  • Proponents of a passive and sedentary way of life.
  • Regular visitors, fast food, food lovers and the other not very useful to eat in unlimited quantities.
  • Even at reduced potency effect on sexually transmitted disease, that the sick man, have a place, and other diseases of the sexual organ that have been in a state of neglect, or do not cure.
  • The abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other harmful substances that cause disturbances and problems with potency, to provoke a disease of the penis and other organs. Strongly weaken the immune system and are disastrous factors for the full-fledged erection.
  • Disturbances in the functioning or disorders of the endocrine system, which will result in problems with the production of the hormone in men.

Drugs, which is a return to the men sexual activity

how to improve the potency

The reasons for reduced potency are different, as well as methods of treatment. All men realize and remember that if they have problems in the activity of the penis, then it is necessary to determine the reasons, which appeared in a man's life. For it is urgently necessary to undergo examination at the doctor. The specialist will appoint all the necessary tests and procedures, which will be able to pinpoint reasons for which the problems started with the potency.

The first way is you need to change your lifestyle. Say goodbye to junk food, soda, a favorite sofa and other harmful foods and ways of behavior. Balancing food and increased the amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet, you can refill the supplies the body the necessary vitamins and fiber. Nature is rich in products (aphrodisiac), that the effect on the potency and contribute to quality education of erection. For example: parsley, mint, nuts, sesame, honey, sunflower seeds, avocado, dried fruit, dairy products, dark chocolate, oysters, strawberries, etc.

Reduce the psychological pere loads and a large amount of stress. Put in order your nerves and psyche, and even then you will be able to enjoy the joy of full sexual intercourse and improve the quality of life. Disorders, issues and other violations in the work of the internal organs, the endocrine system needs to heal and ensure the normal functioning of the body.

In addition to natural factors, to help you solve the problems with potency, it still exists and medicine assistants, what will restore the power of the sexual organ and on time it will improve the quality of sexual life. These drugs in pharmacies are sold in a different form (tablets, suppositories, ointments) and have their own characteristics and properties.