How to increase potency in men natural ways?

It is the ability of the male body to the pursuit of sexual intercourse. It determines the capacity of men when it comes to sex, and to a certain extent characterized by the speed of emergence of an erection, voltage penis, the normal flow of sexual intercourse, its duration.

enhance the potency natural ways

A healthy man, as usual, retains the ability to enter into a full-fledged sexual intercourse in the course of life and in comparison with woman, android climax has a purely pathological reasons.

The reasons for the reduction of erectile function in men at younger and older age

Most often, the potency wanes as a result of strong or long emotional overload.

Due to them there is a change in many biochemical processes. There has also been a general fatigue of the body, due to which "no power" entered into a sexual intimacy.

Prostatitis – this is the reason, characteristic for the age of men. In such cases, not only reduce libido, but even the sexual contact brings discomfort and painful sensations. The same is true for adenoma, cancer, and other diseases of the prostate.

Alcohol intake also affects the erection. In particular, deteriorates the conductivity of the neurons, what man is difficult to achieve sexual arousal. Smoking is also able to lead to loss of potency. In this case, it is because of the violation of the blood vessels – they become more narrow and blood bad flow to the penis.

And there are many factors that can affect the potency. These are just some of them:

  • problems with RESUMES;
  • diabetes;
  • traumatic brain injury (e.g., acquired as a result of vibration);
  • bad food , etc.

In men after 50

Thanks to the content of a large number of biologically active substances, natural folk remedies can quickly strengthen the body, increase its overall tone and strengthen the erectile functions.

Important product, which is able to prevent the development of defective sexual activity, is a fish. In it, as a rule, there is a large quantity of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis is one of the reasons for the development of vascular erectile dysfunction.

For strengthening the male power it is necessary to consume plant foods, for example, capers, radishes, garlic, parsley, dill.

Restore the male libido and strength in men after 50 years, is to limit the consumption of alcohol, use of special exercises and deep breathing. The perfect tincture of these herbs, such as ginseng, Eleutherococcus. Beautifully increase the potency of supports the income for the lower parts of the body contrast baths and special yoga represents a kind of cobra. But be careful with the loads!

Get rid of stress helps physical sport. due to the competition releasing large amounts of energy.

One of the most popular folk drug is the tincture on the basis of ginger. To do this you need to buy in a store 400 grams of ginger, rinse it and grind.

Chocolate pour half a liter of vodka. We leave the car for 2-3 weeks. Taking the drug to 30 grams per 30 minutes before dinner.

how to improve the potency

Another drug – a decoction of nettle. This is done simply – a tablespoon of dried leaves of this plant is poured 200 ml of boiling water and served with a lid. Then, the liquid infusion of 60 minutes. The resulting drug is used before meals for 1 teaspoon.

Another option is to pour all the peeled cloves from 1 head of garlic 300 g of vodka.

After the container with the device is placed in a dark place for 3 nights.

When the specified time expires, the resulting product is used on a teaspoon three times a day before meals.

Vitamins that help you to return sexual appetite

On the efficacy of special dietary supplements in the medical environment for many years to fade disputes. Therefore, their actions are so far remains unproven.

However, some men claim that normalize their sexual function help them nutraceuticals.

In appropriate preparations occurs a few important for efficiency of vitamins PP and E, as well as the mineral substance is responsible for stimulating the formation of testosterone – zinc.

The most important for the efficiency of organic compounds are two: the PP and E.

The first essential for an erection, because is involved in the metabolism of fats – lowers blood cholesterol and also increases the permeability of blood vessels. Vitamin E, rather it is important for the prevention.

Is the need for the body to prevent fragility of the capillaries. And exactly how well the blood from her flowing, depends largely on the strength of the potency.

Zinc – this substance is very necessary to the male body developed by testosterone in sufficient quantities. And just of this hormone is dependent on how clearly a person feels sexual excitement.

Now in the Network and special stores can be bought many different razors, which help to improve the potency. In the process of their application, firstly, is achieved the sexual arousal, and second, improves the blood circulation in the penis.

How to increase strength in home conditions

A good choice can be pumpkin seeds – for effect need to eat at 50-60 seeds per day. Help to restore the balance of the able and seafood, which contain in its composition of selenium, zinc and iodine, for example, it may be shrimp and squid. In general, the improvement of male power in the home can be a good alternative to treatment in a medical facility.

What to take to increase the potency

It is necessary to use not only the decoctions from the natural ingredients, but also drugs that are able to increase the level of testosterone, improve erection with the further strengthening. Preparations for the use of this quality – it is basically Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. But before using them you should check all the required indicators for your body and go to the doctor, who will prescribe you the recipe.

Exercises for potency at home

folk remedy for potency

In parallel with the use of drugs it is necessary to do the exercise, contribute to activation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Basic exercises for the restoration of potency, which can be used as prevention and become strong temperament:

  • mahi feet;
  • lunges;
  • circular rotation;
  • squats.

How to quickly increase the potency

If you don't want the gap before an important meeting, and you need a quick increase potency, then for this you can enjoy organic coffee without any additives. For the production of seminal fluid eat per day to 30 grams of nuts almonds. In addition, it is very important rest and sleep, at least short-term, but frequent. Otherwise, the rework will reduce your physical ability and potency.

2 Diet for improving erectile function

To erection was thick and long, in the body should be the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and other substances. This is the reason why balanced diet plays a major role in fact normalize the erectile function.

A list of products that are mandatory for inclusion in the diet when weak potency:

  • Nuts and seeds: sesame, flax seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, forest, and walnuts.
  • Vegetable oils: peanut, linseed, olive and sunflower.
  • Dairy products: cottage cheese, cheese, milk, sour cream.
  • Cooked meat: beef, veal, poultry.
  • Vegetables: radishes, cabbage, turnips, garlic, carrots, beets, onions.
  • Fruit: bananas, cherries, watermelon, apples.
  • Cereals: barley, buckwheat, rice, millet.
  • Spicy greens: anise, celery, basil, parsley, cilantro.

Some products have a distinctive ability to enhance the potency due to the presence in their composition of specific units. These products include:

  • Chili peppers. A beneficial effect on the potency of the chilli is due to its property to cause the so-called biological erection. The active substances of the plant irritates the receptors in the stomach and urinary system, increasing blood flow to the genitals.
  • Coffee. Drinking coffee causes increased production of adrenaline – a hormone exciting the nervous system, increasing blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Seafood. Contain large amounts of aphrodisiacs – substances enhancing sexual appetite. Gifts of the sea also contain the necessary for men's health trace elements (calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc), omega-acids and minerals. Zinc promotes the formation of male hormones, restores blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the prostate. Especially a lot of zinc in oysters. For men's health beneficial mackerel, halibut, shrimp and lobsters, red and black caviar, fish oil. For better retention of nutrients in seafood it is necessary to cook at a low temperature and in a short time. It is recommended to avoid frying. The ideal way will be cooking cooking or cooking in steam.
  • Wine. Substances contained in wine, have strong antioxidant effects. Drinking beverages leads to the expansion gaps of the blood vessels, which improves blood circulation, induces a rush of blood to the penis penis and strengthens the potency. Also alcoholic product improves mood and self-esteem of men, that is a significant factor. However you should not abuse the wine. If you put a drink in the number of more than 2 glasses of wine, you may experience the opposite effect. Also alcohol should not be consumed in diabetes.

To avoid problems with potency, it is necessary to remove from your diet the following products:

increase potency
  • semi-finished products and fast food;
  • sugary sodas, concentrated juices;
  • flour products and sweets;
  • smoked meat products;
  • salted nuts, crackers, chips, dried fish.