Ginger the potency of men: recipes

A certain amount of men for various reasons, faced with such a problem, such as impotence. Often the medication does not always bring the desired effect, for example, Viagra. Fortunately, you can use the recipes of folk medicine, and in particular, one of the most effective, which are prepared on the basis of ginger.

The composition and properties of the root

ginger potency

The action of the root is due to the fact that in its composition contains essential components for the male reproductive system and restore a healthy functioning of the whole organism, which can be seen from the table:

Organic acidsIf in the body of the men will not miss the desired level of organic acids, which contains the ginger, then the process of nutrition and maintain cellular structures, as well as their protective functions will be violated. Without these elements can not flow through the oxidative processes that are important for the organism that they are unnecessary and harmful substances. Without free exit of toxins, the cardiac system and blood vessels, as well as the urinary system to give failure, which leads to a different kind of disease. This component incoming in the composition root, it restores the right content of acids that cannot be produced in the right quantities and regenerates the system protective function, restores the cellular structure, providing them with nutrition
Amino acidsThese substances also hinder the education of the body and are able to only come from external sources. They play a major role in the education process of proteins, without which the body is not able to properly develop and function. In addition, incoming in the composition of the ginger of the amino acid, is a neurotransmitter (neurotransmitters), without which it is not possible to transfer the momentum of the nerve cells, which is very important not only for the potency of men, but also for overall health. It is very important that in the absence of the necessary amount of these amino acids, the brain is not able to function in normal mode, vitamins and minerals cannot be synthesized in the body and work the way it should be, of all the systems leaves power, and in particular of the muscle tissue
Vitamin AndInclude this item to the antioxidants, which is able to improve the regenerative processes cell structures and fight against free radicals. One of the most useful properties can be called anticarcinogenic, which has a depressing effect on cancerous tumors. Provides vitamin for the protection of the cell membranes, to infiltrate the radicals of oxygen or various acids. Ensures healthy functioning of the heart and blood vessels which ensures a healthy blood flow in the body, which is necessary for full-fledged work of the genitourinary system
Vitamin CIs responsible for the formation of new cells and organs, provides a barrier against the ingress of infection leads all systems of the organism to a state of healthy functioning. A special role is played in the sexual system of man, because it serves as a stimulant of sperm production, affects the production of testosterone
Vitamins InVitamins of this group, for example, B3, provides a listing of food energy ingredients and their absorption in the body. The main properties of this substance is that it provides the essential part of the process of oxidation-regeneration reactions. In addition, it contributes to the improvement of the carbon process, it dissolves in the blood cholesterol food stamps, synthesizes hormones and enzymes dilates blood vessels. The most important substance in the disease process of hematopoiesis, which produces the formation of hemoglobin. Contributes to the improvement of the education process amino acids. Has an effect on the nervous system, strengthens the neural connection, which contributes to the treatment of nervous disorders
ZincThis element is able to generate the desired level of protective functions of the immune system in the body. Because he is involved in the process of formation of insulin, then it is able to prevent diabetes mellitus. The amplification effect of the action of vitamin a, which is essential for the potency of men, as well as his better absorption is due to zinc. Vitamins of group In a well-digested and work better. The main result of the work of zinc is its stimulation of the formation of the male sex hormone testosterone. In addition, the element regulates the level of male hormone and keeps it in balance. When it is in a man's body zinc in well being, then with the whole reproductive system is restored to a healthy state
PotassiumDue to the fact that this element provides conduction of nerve impulses, the various organs and tissues function better. Potassium contributes to the saturation of the body with oxygen and allows you to normalize the pressure. This element is one of the main in the muscle structures of the organism, providing them food and keeps them in healthy condition. In addition, allergic reactions due to substance reduce the symptomatology of the manifestations of
IronIs a catalyst in the exchange of oxygen for respiration in the tissues. Metabolism in the structures of the body improves and restores. One of the main components that are part of hemoglobin, enzymes and protein structures. It is able to destroy the profitable substances, resulting in peroxide reactions. Improves the conductivity of nerve impulses, and also promotes the growth of tissues and nerve structures. Restores and maintains the work of glands of inner secretion, increases the strength of immunity
SodiumNormalizes water-salt metabolism. Activates the enzymes of the saliva and of the pancreas. Involved in the production of gastric juice. Maintains acid-alkaline balance at the right level. Produced by generating functioning of the nervous and muscular systems. Dilates blood vessels. Controls the osmotic pressure in the cell structures and the organs of the blood
MagnesiumThe element is closely associated with the formation of ATP, therefore, has a strong influence on the energy component of the organism. Participates in the work of 300 enzymes. Has anti-inflammatory factor, ensures the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. Restores the function of the thyroid gland. Removes radioactive substances. It helps regulate the temperature and adaptation to cold. Improves absorption of food. Acting depressed to allergic symptoms. The basic material of the skeleton and bone tissue. It is important for the normal activity of the nervous tissue and has a calming effect. Prevents the occurrence of foreign bodies in the kidneys
PhosphorusThe main task of this element is creating and maintaining the strength of all bone structures. In addition, it provides better performance of brain cells. Effect on the frequency of cardiovascular rate and participates in the work of enzyme systems. It is also important function in the reproduction because when the metabolism is responsible for the formation of nucleotides, the implementation of metabolic reactions, which accelerate the cleavage of cellular structures. Supports the assimilation of many vitamin complexes. Due to the fact that it is able to communicate with nitrogen and glycerin, is able to form of the phospholipid lecithin, which increases the level of hormones-sexual system. At the same time gives the entire body on the cellular level of the muscle and the energy potential of the muscle tissue

If more, to consider the composition of the ginger, then it is possible to find out:

tincture of ginger
  • milky coffee;
  • oleic acid;
  • nicotine acid;
  • linoleic acid;
  • gingerol;
  • camphene;
  • cineole;
  • the beta-carotene.

It is also rich in the list of amino acids, for example, tryptophan, leucine and some others.

The use of ginger for the genitourinary system

The very name of this plant speaks for itself, because its translation means "manly". Due to the fact that it has a strong influence, thanks to its composition, blood circulation, and flushing of the blood, is able to act positively and stimulates the activity of the genitourinary system, in particular, is widely used for therapeutic and preventive activities with regard to the inflammation of the prostate gland. The following recipes can be used for these purposes.


It is necessary to initially mention is that combined with alcohol, ginger strengthens its effect. For this to make a tincture, it is necessary to mix finely chopped ginger root, with a total weight of up to 400 g on the floor in liters of vodka. Ginger can be grind using a grater. Before mixing the components, like ginger well cleaned and rinsed. Then tincture left for three weeks, in premises without sunlight. When the desired term associated with recovery is over, it's the drug to filter it, the use is recommended at 30 ml a day before meals for half an hour.

Important: mix the ingredients, maybe just in a glass container, or in containers of earthenware, to the reaction of the components with capacity at the reception.

Ginger tincture with lemon and honey

Before proceeding to the preparation of the tincture, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse and clean the ginger, then dry it. Admits through a meat grinder ginger root, it is necessary to mix with lemon. Lemon need a large size, or two limes of medium size. Lime or lemon pre-also passed through a meat grinder, not a scraping of the skin. After thorough mixing of the two components need to add up to 4 tablespoons of honey, after which lead all to a homogeneous consistency. Leave at normal temperature for one day. Store it should be in the fridge. Eat one teaspoon of the drug before sexual intercourse for 20 minutes.

Important: to have an increased acidity in the stomach, should be considerate to eat a lemon in this recipe.

Pickled ginger

Originally ginger root cut into thin slices, after which he filled the teaspoon of salt, and well mixed. Tincture of ginger will last about an hour. At this time you can prepare a special brine. For it follows, 1,5 cup of acetic acid, 9% add a cup of sugar, and after stirring, bring to a boil. Once the marinade a little heated, it is necessary to them to pour the already salted the slices of ginger. To get the desired effect in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate, is recommended to eat three cloves a day. If preventive action what you can, and one.

A mixture of ginger and honey

This tool can give the tone and heat the whole human organism. To cook, it is necessary to take capacity out of the glass, of a capacity of 800 ml. Two parts of the three capacity to fill with liquid honey. Then peeled, washed ginger root, chopped into small pieces, filled in the honey and well mixed. The capacity is then necessary to tightly close the lid and leave in a dark cool place, which does not penetrate the sun's rays for a time duration of two weeks. It is necessary to pay attention that during cooking, the mixture may start to ferment, which it is necessary to timely recognize and eliminate by moving the composition in the fridge. In the case that the fermentation has become strong and this process is stopped not, that means to drink is not appropriate. After a lapse of 2 weeks can be a means, by using the dosage to 1 teaspoon once a day.

Enhance strength and cope with the inflammation of the prostate is possible by using ginger tea, which is worth it to eat in place of the normal tea up to 4 times per day. The preparation of this tea assumes an aspect ratio of 5 teaspoons of ginger root 1 litre of water. To tea brewed, it is necessary to keep it on the heat for about half an hour.

Important: it is not recommended to consume this drink before going to bed.

recipes with ginger

Good for restoring the potency of aromatherapy method. Bath of ginger root can be done, preheat the pre-3 tablespoons raw materials for a period of 10 minutes, after which the resulting broth is poured into a warm water bath. Before going to bed such a procedure do not recommended. The maximum permissible time of the adoption of the bath is 20 minutes.


Before starting to eat the ginger root and cook recipes on its basis, need to be familiar with factors that are good from the undesirable consequences. These include:

  • the broken activity of the cardiac system diseases, accompanied by an increase in pressure;
  • stone formation in the kidneys;
  • the composition of the inflammatory process in the body;
  • the presence of an elevated temperature;
  • gastric ulcer;
  • the individual factor sensitivities.

In other cases ginger recipes with their systematic application of and compliance with the specified dosage, they are able to very quickly and effectively restore, enhance potency and to cure a variety of male diseases.

Important: use the above recipes on a different course with other dosage change action funds to the system of the body.

In addition, the ginger root at the same time is able to provide a variety of immunostimulatory effects, the treatment of colds and many other diseases, everything depends only on the method of use and dosage. Therefore, it is very important that all instructions for cooking the recipes and their applications have been made as accurately as possible, to get the desired result.