What contributes to the enhancement of potency in men?

In the arsenal of the knowledge of mankind in the field of medicine arose a very much information about it, that the effect of the to enhance potency in men. Sexual health is an important part of the comprehensive health of a person, both emotional, and physical.

strengthen the potency

According to statistics, almost every third man at least once in his life had the problems of a sexual nature, associated with potency. Such problems can occur at any age, because of many reasons (stress, trauma, im, etc.). Erectile dysfunction can have both temporary, so a permanent character. In the second case it is necessary to turn to an expert for skilled assistance. If it's rare and short phenomenon, you can try to solve the problem yourself.

The factors, negatively affecting the male libido

Before we talk about the fact that a positive effect on strengthening potency, to understand what factors have a negative effect on the male libido. These include:

  • improper nutrition;
  • alcohol;
  • smoking;
  • overweight;
  • exhaustion;
  • chronic stress;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes.

The reasons can be very many. If it is the cause of reduction in potency to become stress, then the best remedy will be rest and relaxation. It is possible to pamper a man fragrant bath or massage. In cases where problems with potency associated with some disease, then you first need to treat the underlying disease. In other cases, we recommend to strengthen the body healthy and full of nutrition and adequate physical activity. It is also desirable to get rid of bad habits, because nicotine and alcohol - one of the main enemies of testosterone (hormone responsible for sexual health in men).

Nutrition and exercise for sport

In terms of potency, a very important role is played by nutrition. It is important that the proportion of fat in the diet of men was no less than 30 units. Also there must be included all the necessary nutrients. Essential vitamins and minerals, which affect libido, are vitamins E, C, b vitamins, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Products that have a positive effect on the potency, are as follows: dates, nuts, meat, fish, carrots, watermelon, seafood, honey, sunflower seeds, garlic, dairy products, beans, dried fruit. Not only effective, but also tasty popular means to increase the male libido is considered the mixture of honey and chopped walnuts. Mix the same ratio of the two components and take 1 tbsp after meals. Tea and coffee are also considered to be a kind of aphrodisiac, especially if you add in them ginger or cloves.

bad habits

There are special exercises that are designed for training the muscles of the perineum, which positively affect the reinforcing potency in men. Scientists study was conducted, the results of which showed that half of the individuals who have a problem with potency, after a course of daily exercises to return to a fulfilling sex life. Those who previously could not maintain an erection for more than 30 seconds, after the class has increased its duration of five times. The exercise was held over a period of 30 minutes each day. At the final stage of the research, which was attended by 55 men, 40% of persons have acquired a normal erection and the other observed measurable improvement. Physicians also confirmed the benefits of these exercises.

The secret is simple. First, a man should in a standing position to stretch the muscles of the perineum for 10 seconds, as if holding back urination, then repeat the exercise in the positions of sitting and standing up. These activities contribute to a better blood circulation in the pelvic organs and can become a part of daily charging.

Men's sexual function and sexual desire depends directly on the level of the testosterone. Low levels of this hormone in the body can be the reason to the slow potency. In particular, it is about middle-aged men and older, because the level of testosterone with time decreases by approximately 1-2% per year after 25 years. Therefore, it is important to monitor the condition of hormones in the body. Increase the level of testosterone help you massage the testicles and the scrotum, through which even relaxes the nervous system and strengthens immunity.

Because a sedentary lifestyle is a bad influence on the potency, the profession of sport and physical activity are the ways strengthen the male libido. When the same action, commits to stay in a sitting position for a long time, fix the situation with the help of Kegel exercises, which are the muscles of the pubic-coccygeal zone. The advantage of this technique is that it can be done sitting down.

Favorably to male sexual health the influence of bath: 2-3 times when visiting the steam bath for 15 minutes, you will feel improved circulation of blood and wellness effect for the whole body. Hiking in the bath should be a regular every week.

A stimulating effect has douches, in which it is necessary to change from moment to moment the temperature of the water. The temperature difference should be increased gradually, very sudden changes can harm every body.

An unexpected discovery was that the on male potency a good effect of ice. It is necessary to gently stab it and wrap it in gauze, and then put into different parts of the body, lingering for a moment on each site. We need to start at the base of the skull, then move the harness to the heart, and finally, in the area of the scrotum.

Medical resources

There are many different drugs to enhance erections in men. Pills are convenient because the effect will not keep itself waiting, accustoming they do not cause side effects and virtually no. But it is necessary to draw attention to the possible psychological addictions similar to drugs. In one variant of sex without pills may stop meet the man. In another, a man, aware of the fact that the result is achieved only thanks to the drug, subconsciously they convince themselves depending on the drug and in its own insolvency.

special nutrition

Resorting to medical treatment, many will stop the choice on Viagra, well established on the market. However, take this drug need to be carefully, otherwise you can earn even more problems with potency. Because Viagra stimulates blood vessels, frequent is its use will lead to confiscation of their tension, however, in mikrodávkách this drug is very effective.