Increase potency in men after 60

Increase potency in men after 60 years is associated with the solution of three tasks:

  • compensate for the natural drop in testosterone levels,
  • eliminate the consequences of the disease of a systemic nature, which in this age have a sharpened and reflected particularly significantly,
  • by creating a pleasant paradigm for active and active lifestyle in all areas, including sexual.
potency after 60

All the techniques for the improvement of potency and in general the sexual function of men in this age are built around the general principles of the conservation and strengthening of "men's health", on the one hand, with the implementation of specific supplements, the to a greater extent relate to the men who "do something" for the sixty, on the other side. How to increase the potency of 60 years with regard to the specific issues and how to improve sexual life in this age, we will tell in the article.

Common health problems as a factor updated

In every age from the condition of the cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine system depends on the vascularity of the genital organs, their sensitivity and response to the biochemical characteristics of the organism. However, potency in men in 60 years especially susceptible to all diseases of this kind, and ecological factors influence on the potency going in this age in the first place in relation to the psychological.

To a large extent this is related with the accumulation of functional disorders of different nature, leading to the fact that each front of the unseen problem becomes that "last straw", which distorts the functioning of the whole system. More, in this age is the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD), can have even more serious consequences, at which difficulty with erection will seem smaller. According to statistics, from the GCC every year in the world dies 17 million people in Russia, and of them 1.3 million in addition to the 60 years in 60% of men diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The complexity of the situation that started the health status, 60 years (if it is not associated with the uncontrolled impact of external factors or genetic diseases) becomes a consequence of the cherished decades of habits and firmly formed lifestyle and nutrition. If it is a man accustomed to life there, fried fatty foods, at the conclusion of lunch, tea and cake or chocolate, then it is likely that it can easily give up after 60. The farther away, the harder to say goodbye to habits. Often men think a similar favorite and tasty food a well-deserved reward for decades of work on family. The fact that such a meal slowly will kill, I will not stop.

The situation is getting worse, if he got to retire a man is not limited by the necessity to maintain a sober lifestyle – begins to drink and carry out all the days in tv. In this case, only a radical change in lifestyle and eating, a trip to the doctor, the passage of the complete examination and identification of the majority of the expressed vulnerability of the organism becomes the only means that can return the the chances of restoring potency.


Natural age-related changes of physiological character

Age specificity is caused primarily because of the opposition of two factors: the physiological inability to lead a fairly active sex life and the obvious necessity of activity in this area.

In the 50-55 years, men go through a break, or android transition, which is associated with the biological process of reducing the functionality of the genital glands and a reduction of produced testosterone, as a result of their work. With the hormonal balance of the related power of sexual desire, and, as a result, the erectile function. In four cases out of five andropause in men has an easy time and, therefore, of male menopause knows among the people much less, than women. However, one-fifth of men are undergoing this transitional period with clear symptoms:

  • sharp excess pressure,
  • bad breath,
  • headaches,
  • by irritability, feelings of fear and indifference,
  • increased sweating,
  • a noticeable decline in the amount of semen
  • trouble with the onset of orgasm,
  • the disappearance of sexual fantasies,
  • poor function of the fertilization etc.

Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, the way to remedy the lack of testosterone production one: substitution age-specific therapy, which has long been used in the West and as a treatment and as prevention. To make it more convenient to restore hormonal balance, are designed in a variety of therapeutic formats:

  • reception of tablets prolonged action,
  • injection,
  • the patch with testosterone and more.

Transitional period – andropause – it takes in the order of 5 years and to 60 years, as usual, the hormonal background already leveled. However, in the late stage of formation of andropause can begin with the 60-year-old, that in addition to physiological problems, creating a serious psychological burden. It is believed that despite the physiological, "lightness", the men generally more painful experiencing a decline in libido, that only exacerbates the overall situation with the potency.

If at older age (due to lifestyle and medications that increase the production of its own testosterone, or replace the missing testosterone) in males maintained relatively good functionality, appear statistically confirmed chance to maintain the serviceability of the genitourinary system and the further – up to 70-80 years or more. One of the methods of prolongation of sexual life and ways how to improve potency after 60 becomes the preservation of sexual activity.

High activity – the basis of the potency of men after 60 years

proper nutrition

Soviet sexologists still in the middle of the 20th century confirmed the need to age the man to lead an active sexual life. In Particular, Ei M. Porudominsky in the work of 1960 pointed out that with an older man, due to various reasons to stop an active sexual relationship and thereby contributes to the degradation of the functioning of the sex glands and worsens the condition of erectile function. A practical conclusion from this followed a definite: restoring potency after 60 years, depends on how long the person will continue to lead the sexual life.

The need for sexual activity the researcher indicated in cases where the age of the patient have already been observed disturbances of potency and erectile dysfunction of varying degrees. This means that sexual intercourse in itself for a man after 60 is becoming a significant remedy for impotence or from any of its manifestations. If reports the dependence of the functionality on a permanent job on the social area, then it is evident a clear analogy: a person, leading up to the retirement an active professional life, he quickly "loses", if it does not find an alternative energy application off-line.

With retirement is associated even psychological stressful factor, which also directly affects the potency in men 60 years and its increase-decrease. In the redistribution of the usual social roles of the man starts looking for his place in the new as a pensioner. It basically gives him more freedom and options to do with myself, relationships with others, including – to increase the amount, quality and quantity of interaction with a sexual partner (partners). Indirectly, this sexual activity improves and environmental factors – to maintain this way of life a person must take care of their health, examined by doctors, to stop bad habits (smoking), the more you will walk, and not sit behind a desk.

On the other hand, there is the danger, not to find himself in a new role as a retiree and because of the decline in usual social importance out from the usual rhythm of life. Similar to the slowdown and the transition into the phase of life can lead to a reduction in physical activity, which in itself is detrimental to health, but at the same time and mentally can "switch" men, which would cause the failure of all systems of the body, including potency after 60 years.

In other words, the knowledge that the retirement life does not end, but continues in the full spectrum of manifestations, including sexual life is expressed it helps to maintain potency even in old age.

Similar requirements to men, wants to restore potency, appeared not yesterday and not today. Its the best way to preserve male power in ancient times have discovered the world of taoists, who in principle are not considered erection problems intractable, and copies the term "impotence" deliberately discarded outside attention. Their methods that men's opportunities are based on a deep study of his own nature, knowledge of the needs of the partner and the interaction with him and the environment. According to one of the variants of the exercise, using the best breathing exercises and the delay of ejaculation (which takes energy, if it is not focused on the continuation of the species), a person can extend your sex life to a ripe old age.