Potency in men under 40 years: what should be the ways to improve

Every adult person knows about the difference between male and female sexuality — a man "always wants to, but can not always" the woman "can always, but not always wants to". If this abstract situation is a little fleshed out and add such a concept as age, it's not hard to guess — basically, before a representative of the stronger sex of the older, the more difficult it will be to have sex with a partner. As usual, a kind of milestone in your life a person goes through over forty years old, when begins to change of a hormonal background. Recently it has become a growing number of those, who after 45 isn't just the overthrow of the erectile function, but who even after this age "the Rubicon" remains sexually incompetent. In this article we will examine what causes impotence in men under 40 years old, and if not completely, then at least partially solve the problem.

potency after 40

For starters, define the concepts, and find out what is the male potency. Under it most often means the ability of a man quickly excited and start sexual intercourse, and it continues after a certain period of time (from a few minutes to — is not limited) and to complete the ejaculation, i.e. the eruption of semen. If in a day a healthy male can have sex several times, it can be concluded that with its potency, everything is fine. Also you can be calm in the event that everyday sex, let and single.

The causes of the arising of disorders of the male reproductive system

It is known that "nothing lasts forever under the moon", and sooner or later we all gradually coming into disrepair. And reproductive system, men — is no exception. But why potency in men after 40 it starts to "act"? After all, statistics show that every second representative of this age category, "he wants to, but he can't." That's about so far, single "failure", or already a permanent — not fundamentally.

Didn't know the theme of the person to explain which began problems with potency may age and as its consequence, fatigue. But it is superficial, rather than a specific explanation. In fact, violation of potency 40 years, virtually directly linked to this chemical, such as testosterone, and it all depends on its levels in the body. When his lack of it is possible to stay without an erection is not just 45 or 40, but even 30 years ago. Testosterone — the hormone that is responsible for muscle development and hair growth, as well as, it is interesting determines the sexual function. In the meantime, until the man is replaced the third dozen, usually everything is in order, it is the level of this hormone high, and even rising. But then the situation is changing in the opposite way.

To 40 years of weak potency can be caused by the stagnant phenomena in a small saucepan. Poor blood circulation in this area have a negative impact on the reproductive organ, because to men, there was good erection of his penis must obtain at least 70 to 100 ml of blood. In the opposite case, the penis quickly becomes sluggish and unable to the penis pin.

It is important to note that the reduction in potency after 40 is one just age. Little of the right hormones in the blood, men can be due to many factors. The most common of them:

  • irregular sexual acts;
  • intake of drugs that contain testosterone (of which the body may stop producing its own);
  • eat often and in large quantities alcohol, drugs and tobacco;
  • inflammation of the urinary tract;
  • obesity.

It is seen that all these factors are associated with the way of life that leads a person. However, their poor contributes to the development of impotence may be a genetic predisposition.


Potency in men after 40 years — each has its own. But the console "them" to the word, without much doubt, can add the man who began to notice in your life the following symptoms:

  • weak or completely absent erection;
  • trouble is by lifting the penis;
  • problems with the completion of the sexual intercourse;
  • frequent urination;
  • a low sex drive.

Methods to fight impotence

reasons potency

Indirectly to the deteriorating situation with sexy disabilities and on the potency in general affects the psychological component. Worth it once to prevent "fail", and no complete sexual intercourse, as he should – the probability that this land will develop complex, increases an order of magnitude. Each time a man is not confident in his potency, he will be afraid of contact with the woman, avoid. Often the fear of the symptoms of impotence becomes a barrier, an obstacle before another attempt to the joy of himself and wife. And unwillingness to look weak in many leads to the fact that my visit to the doctor man postpones for later, or never at all is decided for him. According to statistics, at the first signs of impotence immediately go to a medical facility just 5% of men. Others, instead, resort to the help of chemistry, he starts to consume drugs to improve potency. True, not that we'll find out, why it became possible to reduce the potency after 40 years, and introduced in this I, a person runs the risk that ultimately nothing can be achieved. Yes and no hurt, whether he himself as an emergency measures — the big question. Magic pill that makes the problem with potency for 40 years would have been at once resolved, does not exist. The Maximum that can cure, released a man alone, is to give short-term effect, a disguise for a time the problem. Therefore, it is recommended to put aside all the stereotypes and consult a specialist. Your doctor will check the level of testosterone in the blood, find out the causes of weak potency, if it is necessary to appoint this or that kind of therapy. Also, most likely, will talk about prevention, that allows you to not worry about potency and after 45 years.

The basic steps that will allow you to be "in form", and not to worry about their own potency, are reduced to a few points:

  • a healthy, active lifestyle (doing any sport, just welcome);
  • diet (in the diet is appropriate to include honey, carrot, eggplant, parsley, fennel, spinach, goat's milk is in them contained zinc, responsible for the production of sex cells);
  • regular sex lessons;
  • regular examinations at the doctor.

While there are many folk recommendations in the treatment of impotence. Unlike drugs, the income of which without a prescription of a doctor unwanted, natural means, at least a person won't do any harm. So many offer to start enjoying the honeymoon balm. To prepare it, you will need, in addition to the honey, aloe, st. john's wort and the water. The resulting thorough mixing of these ingredients mass you need to put in the fridge for a few days. After this balm is possible to consume, on average, one teaspoon, tablespoon, 3 times a day. Another popular way to preserve male potency after 40-45 years — tincture from the mummy. 2 grams of this plant is able to dilute it in 200 ml of water. This tool is also possible to take 3-4 times a day, but already after one spoonful. On the third place on popularity — a decoction of the bark of the oak. Simple recipe: 20 g of bark pour a liter of water., the solution obtained cook 40 minutes, then strain through a grid. Take 1-2 teaspoon. Thanks to these ways, as dozens of men brought together a stable, high potency.

There is also a certain, relatively simple preventative method that does not require income or medical, or folk remedies. Is this a temporary abstinence. If there is no sex 2-3 days ago, when the next act of the orgasm will be accompanied by a more intense than usual by releasing sperm that is well have an impact on the supply of the genital organs of blood in the whole.


treatment potency

In today's world, with its fast pace of life, there are many factors, provoking the man's stress and, as one of the results, problems in sexual life, expressed in a weak potency or complete impotence. Again in parallel with the technique of evolving medicine. So when the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction, a man only it is necessary to resort to its possibilities. Has in the arsenal there are a number of treatment methods starting disease, from the medications prior to surgery. The main thing — not to gloss over the problem, and try to under the guidance of an experienced health care professional to resolve. Only in this case can be restored potency in men up to 45 years. And then for men it will be possible to calmly say that he "wants and can".