Folk remedy to increase potency in men: methods, recipes

Folk remedy to enhance potency in men's may well help in the fight with erectile dysfunction and inflammation of the prostate gland. They also improve the testosterone production, which is especially important after the "male menopause". Similar recipes exist, and for women, that help fight inflammation and normalize the synthesis of estrogen.

how to increase the potency at home

For male potency

To increase male potency are in old age and in youth, it is necessary a large amount of nutrients. Just to ensure the bodies of the men vitamins and the best suited folk ways. For the increase of male power requires the following trace elements:

  • Zinc;
  • Selenium;
  • Chrome;
  • Magnesium;
  • Vitamins of the group;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin Ie.

Thanks to their high level in the field of folk medicine is gaining to achieve the following effects:

  • Increased levels of testosterone;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Prevention of inflammatory processes and edema;
  • Improve the nutrition of the tissues of the genital organs of men;
  • Obtain the energy necessary for high-potency.

Together, these effects provide a strong, stable erection. To the men to return the sexual desire, the desire for sex with his wife.

Rarely can be called folk methods of fast. Increase the potency of folk remedies for 3 days to do will be difficult. Need a longer treatment. I mean, folk medicine, primarily on natural ingredients. Help not immediately, but the effect is more stable, than the excitatory tablet.


One of the useful for men products is a pumpkin. The biggest benefit it brings in the form of pumpkin juice and fresh, not the last heat treatment of the seeds.

The dishes of pumpkin contains a large amount of zinc. This element is essential of the male body to in large amounts to produce testosterone. This is especially important if a man is at an advanced age.

And fatty acids will help the representatives of the stronger sex all ages. After all, the prostatitis in modern days heavily the younger, and omega-3 – the best prevention.

We offer you two special regulation, known among the Russian folk methods:

  • The balls from the pumpkin seeds with honey. Download in a meat grinder 0.5 kg of fresh seeds, not toasted. Add a cup of bold honey, blind, dense sphere with a diameter of about 10 mm. in the morning eat two or three of such vitamins. The main thing in this recipe – properly clean out the seeds. When you take away the crust, leave in place the thin film in them most needed for the potency of trace elements;
  • Again, skip peeled similarly, the method of the seeds through a meat grinder. Blind from the resulting cakes, and bake, not to dry the heavily. It's a delicious and light dessert for tea. In particular, if the completion of baking add the honey.
sunflower seeds for potency


It is a plant not everyone falls to taste. However, it is very useful for enhancing male potency. Particularly large source of nutrients is contained in the rhizomes of celery. In the stems of the necessary trace elements a little less.

The rhizomes and stalks of celery – one of the best ways to quickly increase the potency. A glass of freshly squeezed celery juice right in front of the act of an intimate nature will help you feel safer.

Try the following folk remedies for male potency with celery:

  • Grind the rhizomes and stalks of celery. We also add shredded carrots and turnips. The bazaar, pour olive oil and lemon juice, salt, it is better to add. Her like a normal salad, delicious and nutritious;
  • Dry celery. Grate into a powder state. It is advisable to use, to constantly add to the meal and at the same time improve its potency;
  • Three rhizomes on a grater. Packing the resulting mixture into two layers of gauze, squeeze the juice. 2 articles in a day will be enough to strengthen male potency. You can add a little honey to make it tastier;
  • Finely cut celery. Add the small grapes, crushed walnuts. A filling of sour cream or other milk products. In a day without harm for a figure you can eat up to 2-test portions and quickly restore your power.


It's a plant, botanists of the so-called "fireweed angustifolius", since ancient times is used in Russian folk medicine. For the treatment of male potency are suitable leaves and flowers. A light decoction Ivan-tea is an excellent replacement for coffee and other teas, which are harmful to the sexual activity of men.

In these folk remedies to increase potency used Ivan-tea:

  • Tincture. We'll take a glass of boiling water and a tablespoon of dry Ivan-tea. Close the cover, hold 20 minutes. Every morning and evening should be drunk after half a cup of such tinctures for potency. The course of treatment with this folk method is thirty days. Peace of mind as well, and, if necessary, repeated;
  • Decoction. 2 articles if dry plants, pour in the pan, pour a glass of water. When the water is boiled, we do heat the weaker, close the lid, when the light boiling we keep the 15 minutes. Turn off the stove, two hours, keeping the pan closed. Done, the decoction can be drunk. Best – 2 tsp three times daily on an empty stomach;
  • A tea drink. Wash the kettle with boiling water. We will need 3 tsp dry Ivan-tea and a pint of boiling water. Cook our tea, but at first pour is not the whole volume of boiling water, only a third of the. After 7 minutes add the rest of warm water, a little cook. This drink you can drink in large quantities, and the efficiency will be to recover. According to taste add the honey, more or less boiling water, if you like strong or weak tea.
tinctures for potency


Ginger – one of those ingredients that were often used in the folk medicine of the East. This root is ideal to use it every day, and strengthen your potency. Here are contained all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a good male strength.

It is used in the following folk methods to improve the potency of men:

  • We take fresh ginger root and pickle. We need a kilogram of the product. Cut it into thin slices, after having removed the skin. In advance must be ready to bank with a capacity of 3 liters, complete the marinade. We need 1.5 cups rice vinegar, 3 tbsp of tablespoons of sugar. Add water, carefully of the bazaar. Go to sleep diced ginger. Over seven hours, it is already possible to eat;
  • In this national method can also be used as a dried spice "ginger", and fresh roots. Take ginger and honey in a ratio of 1:1, bazaar. Put in a cool place for 15 days. Before you go to sleep, eats a couple of spoonfuls. Can be used as a useful for potency dessert;
  • RUB the fresh ginger rhizomes on a grater, preferably not on the very shallow. Pour vodka. Ginger in tincture all the nutrients not earlier than 12 days. Then tincture filter through a colander. According to taste, add the lemon juice, sugar and a little cinnamon. Before you go to sleep, drink a teaspoon of tincture with water.

For women

Temperament and behavior during intercourse – in women is a problem more complex than in men. If the girl has a weak sexual attraction, do not always manage to increase its folk remedies. Often it is this moment in women is defined by the psychological factors, the relationship with the partner and the conditions in which it occurs have sex.

But there are situations where all combinations of the well, the woman is open to and loves her husband, but the libido decreases. So, it's going on during menopause, or menopause. Or if a woman has any problems with the production of estrogen. Here need a natural substances that the level of female hormones. Also may be required in the natural antioxidants help in the treatment of inflammatory conditions gynecological organs.


In women is a long-known decoctions as one of the best remedies for increasing sexual activity:

  • Grind four tablespoons of Pasternak. Mix with six teaspoons of sugar, add 300 ml of water. Bring to the boil, boil for about a quarter of an hour. Remove from the heat, not to remove the cover and keep for four hours. Three times a day drink after tbsp on an empty stomach;
  • 25 g of dubrovnik need us for the preparation of this folk instrument. Throw them into a pan where it is boiled with 250 ml of water. Cook, but no more than four minutes. Remove from the tiles, the leaves and allowed to stand for 90 minutes. Her three times a day for a few large mouthfuls, also on an empty stomach;
  • If a woman wants to try this medication, you will need to find ten grams of wild Yam. It is only suitable rhizome of the plant, which you first need to grind. Please 300 ml of water to a boil, and put the weakest fire. Go to sleep our officinalis ingredient, we're holding at this temperature for a quarter of an hour. Remove with a plate, keep under a lid for about three hours. Her to 100 ml four times a day.


Folk medicines of this type have also gained popularity among women as a good source of nutrients:

  • Take 6 teaspoons of horsetail and 4 – hazel, pint steep boiling water. Pour our ingredients, to keep them under wraps for about 90 minutes, filtered through a gauze. Drink after half a cup twice a day;
  • Pick some nettle leaves, a better dioecious. It is better tolerated in the body and is in it more nutrients. Brew as tea, a spoon – in a glass of boiling water. But to use you have to wait about half an hour. We accept decoction on an empty stomach;
  • Cooking dried rhizomes of calamus. Suited to boiling on a spoon – with a glass of water. After half an hour you can drink, but in small quantities — to 1/5 cup. Best to repeat it three times a day, before they sat down behind the desk;
  • Take a few leaves of lemon balm. Cook them for fifteen minutes and filtered tincture. Twice a day drink after tbsp. The therapeutic course is month;
  • Normal motherwort will also be useful to normalize the functioning of the female body. We will need a tablespoon of dried plants. Pour boiling water, to insist, until the water again will be cold. Filter through gauze or a strainer. We drink after one pharynx three times a day;
  • Taking two tablespoons of wort, add a glass of boiling water. They last 60 minutes, filtered. Drink three times a day 1/5 of a cup.