Nutrition to increase potency in men: useful products

Products to increase potency are necessary, if you don't want to rely on their sex life on expensive pills. There is a view that all foods aphrodisiacs are very expensive. In fact, it is not the main requirement for food – to make it natural and contains nutrients. In addition, it is important to give up harmful to the potency of the products.

products to increase potency

How to choose products

Foods to increase potency need the trace elements that are included in them. If it is in food present a lot of vitamins, minerals and beneficial acids will have a positive impact on the potency. Here are a list of the main substances, which are contained in natural products, and beneficial effect on male potency.


Pay attention to what you like to eat, it was a lot of minerals, which increase the potency and the stabilization of the erection:

  • Zinc. It's the building blocks of testosterone. Without sufficient amount of zinc a man is not able to increase its potency. In addition, a large number of useful foods with zinc has a positive effect on all systems of the male body;
  • Chrome. Help you regain good blood circulation in the pelvic area, what is needed for male potency. Products with chromium good impact on the condition of the prostate gland, provide the improvement of her work. Such food should include in your diet to avoid inflammatory processes;
  • Selenium. Strengthens blood vessels, their walls, expanding them. And because the sexual health of men depends directly on how well they work the capillaries of the cavernous bodies of the penis.


We must not forget, that the food was useful, it is full of vitamins. Men are necessary:

  • Vitamins C, contributing to the prevention of inflammation of the prostate gland. Help the immune system to fight infectious pathogens. The male gland is required this vitamin to produce testosterone. In addition, vitamin C is one of the elements that are useful for good blood circulation;
  • Vitamins of the group This element, not immediately, but still positive effect on blood circulation in the genital area. In addition, increases the intensity of metabolic processes in the prostate gland. He warns her swelling and inflammation, adenoma and prostatitis;
  • Vitamins of group In. Will help to a rapid return of sexual energy men. Support increasing the levels of testosterone, which is included in this list;
  • Vitamins of the group D. A large part of its volume comes from sunlight. In winter men can improve their potency, assimilating food with a good share of this useful element.

List of products

Here are what foods contribute to the increase of male potency. Of course, the instant exposure to expect. A person needs for a longer time include the enhancement of libido foods in the diet, to notice a beneficial effect.

There is some food that they eat and love to men, already in ancient times was known as an aphrodisiac. So, medieval ladies know how to improve the potency of the husband of seafood for dinner. To improve the potency of the properties were observed in varied, balanced diet and natural products.


These gifts of the sea gained the reputation of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. So far, there is no better natural product to increase potency in men. Here contains a large amount of zinc and essential amino acids. These substances significantly stimulate the production of not only testosterone, but also dopamine.

These hormones in a fairly short period of time increase the sexual attraction of men and potency. For men's health most useful "spring" oysters, which were caught at this time of the year.

Raw oysters – this is the most useful products for the strengthening and potency. But note that after thermal processing the lion's share of useful elements disappear. In order to improve the taste and to consolidate the effect, it is recommended to pour the oysters lemon juice.

How much you need to eat oysters, if men have a problem with potency? The best is to celebrate, and not get too carried away. In the product in addition to the useful substances contains perceptible to human health the percentage of mercury.



Flounder – this is a real naval storehouse of vitamins and minerals. However, to get the whole benefit of this fish, there is no need to fry. For the preparation of well suited to braising or cooking.

Mackerel contains the necessary men fatty omega acids. They needed to maintain good levels of testosterone and stabilize the potency. In addition, the cooked mackerel increases the number of viable sperm and volume of ejaculate.

In general, the selection of fish for the improvement of male potency, it is better to stay on marine species. Here is much more useful men substances. Particularly high is their concentration in the skin of the fish caviar. And does not need to buy expensive caviar from the salmon, or another spawn. The necessary trace elements, you'll be able to get from caviar saithe.


Natural products for support the potency and enhance the health of men are not limited only to the delicacies. So, turnip oversaturated vitamins. This product not only improves erection, but also gives strength to make it easier to endure the stress of the situation. Special effect have the seeds of turnip common. Also turnips operating well in cooked form, it acts as a side dish to meat.


Feed for animals gives more energy, improves the response of nerves to stimuli. Good-looking men, the use of the meat, the faster it responds to stimuli of a sexual nature.

But the selection of varieties of meat, you need to remember about the dangers of the abuse of animal fats. So best will suit lean beef, lamb. Well meets these requirements, and the dietary meat – rabbit, Turkey, chicken breast. Great value for the health of the men's and venison.

To useful substances and to reduce the percentage of body fat, it is better steamed or climb meat. The perfect spice happens to herbs in large quantities. Overdo it with the consumption of meat, too. The body is hard to digest, and have energy for sexual activity.


Nuts can be consumed a day, the main thing – at that dose, which make you suffer from obesity in extent. There is a large percentage of zinc and magnesium, vitamins of group E and In. These substances are present in nuts of almost all kinds.

No need to fry, or expose the nuts further heat treatment. In raw form they are a man will bring the most benefit. An excellent recipe for strengthening of potency will be a salad of walnuts, apples, sugar and sugar beet. You can use finely chopped nuts as a condiment for meat.

The maximum useful the following types of nuts – cedar and nutmeg. Nutmeg can be used only in the form of spices. Do not consume more pinches a day – it can lead to poisoning.


Does not need to buy to improve the potency of expensive fresh oysters. Appropriate and more familiar to us shrimp, calamari, mussels. Cook the seafood only need a few minutes. If you exceed recommended cooking time, gets not only the taste but also medicinal effects.


This product works on a somewhat different spirit. Here is not already mentioned in this article, minerals and vitamins. Chocolate has the potency not so much environmental, how much mental impact. This leads to the creation of hormones, which increase sexual activity and desire for men. What can be helpful if problems with potency caused by psychogenic factors.

Tangible effect will be just dark chocolate, the composition of which is specified not less than 65% cocoa. Various bars and milk chocolate do not fit. Benefits for the efficiency turns out to be minimal, and that the damage to the health of the character – a serious. And after all, overweight – one of the main enemies of a healthy erection and sex drive.

Quail eggs

Well will suit patients who are suffering from problems with potency. Every day is to eat, you can quickly boost the libido. Except that the man is able to perform several sexual acts in a row.

Raw quail eggs are harmless, their use does not lead to the infestation of parasites. In the period when they need a strong potency, you can drink up to four eggs. In the rest of the time it is better to reduce the use of the product, to make too much cholesterol.

Freshly squeezed juice

The best will suit the pumpkin juice. Nice to add a little juice from the roots of celery. Although the fresh drink from any fruit and vegetables will have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the reproductive system. Thanks to the frequent eating juice, cooked at home, you can quickly achieve good efficiency.

Bee products

Honey, since ancient times has been used to bring back a man's strength. Ideal other bee products to increase potency? Yes, because royal jelly, propolis and ambrosia contain large amounts of nutrients, collected by the bees. Propolis is used as a remedy for inflammation of the prostate, ambrosia directly boosts sexual desire.

Harmful products

harmful foods

Little to fill the sense of your diet the most useful products, if you abuse harmful foods. It will hinder the absorption of the elements, which have a beneficial effect on the health of men.

Our list of the 12 most harmful products for potency men logged in:

  1. Sausages, which have a negative impact on the work of the testicles;
  2. Sweet soda pop;
  3. Alcoholic beverages, especially beer. The last promotes the formation of estrogen;
  4. Too many salty or sweet;
  5. Cilantro, if you consume on a permanent basis;
  6. Drinks with caffeine, from tea to Red Bull;
  7. French fries and hamburgers, pizza;
  8. Soy meal;
  9. All grilled;
  10. Burning;
  11. Cholesterol on a large scale;
  12. Flour, in particular wheat bread by leaps and bounds.