How to pick up: prescriptions for increasing the potency

Of course, he's talking about reducing the potency, we mean a temporary phenomenon, and not a serious disease in which there is a need to consult with a doctor and, in the first place, I find out the cause.

The temporary reduction in the potency affect a variety of circumstances. It is chronic stress, physical and mental stress, strong mental shock... Alcohol and tobacco also have a negative effect on potency. Smoking leads to narrowing of the blood vessels, and it is fraught with decrease in blood supply to the genital organs.

potency in men

If the fall very much influenced by some stressful situation, then here is one recipe to give an opportunity to the body to rest, relax: a light massage, yoga classes (special exercises will activate the blood circulation in the pelvic area and genitals), fragrant bath. Folk recipe: relaxing bath from the end-members. Cooking the leaves and merge the infusion into the tub, add a tincture of the flowers of chamomile, you are taking before bed for 15-30 min Or the leaves of the laurel insist in cold water for 12 hours and then also you are taking a bath.

If the cause sexual impotence are different disease (diabetes, obesity, exhaustion, cardiovascular disease), make sure that you first need to treat the underlying disease. In other cases, - to comfort and strengthen the body. And to start you need to from the normal power supply. For example, for men it is very important protein foods. It is meat, fish, eggs - natural aphrodisiac.

Recipes to increase potency

The old and well-known recipe of scrambled eggs. For greater effect you can scrambled eggs cooked with onions. Onion also helps to increase sexual activity, gives energy to the body. In addition, the sexual power of men increases the meat, but to overeat in any case can not be. One more recipe - this is a dish from the testicles of the ram. Fry them with onions and add chicken eggs - tasty and useful. In the Caucasus this dish is considered a purely male.

If meat get bored, eat fish. Fresh, well welded mackerel, broth from the crayfish - it all helps to increase sexual potency. On a side dish - vegetables, in which many different vitamins: beets in any form, radish, turnips, olives, carrots.

Sexual activity increase, and seafood. Oysters, Rapana, mussels in spicy sauce will be just right.

Always keep on hand nuts, sunflower seeds. They contain vitamin E, which also supports your shape. Walnuts, almonds, sesame – sesame seed in India advises eating with honey.

The tastiest recipe, which is offered in many popular textbooks - it is a mixture of honey with walnuts. Make a mixture of equal parts of honey and crushed walnut kernels, take over 30 minutes after meals 2-3 times a day to 2 teaspoons after a period of 3-4 weeks.

Figs in southern nations is also used to increase the potency. It acts as a means of hardening the strength, stimulates the work of the heart (very important), liver and kidney.

The peoples of the Caucasus also to increase sexual desire to use dairy products: sour milk, sour milk. Tea and coffee are also consuming drinks. And in the Transcaucasia are to cook more and with the addition of various spices: cloves (by the way, is used for the same purposes and in China), powder of ginger, saffron.

In Central Asia, pistachios are regarded as a means, step-up male power and strengthening the heart. In France they use fresh artichokes for an increase in the potency of, and also snails - a delicacy in many countries. In Greece olive oil is considered an indispensable remedy for sexual impotence: after all, olive oil richly fatty acids and gives the food and energy of the genital organs.