How does alcohol and potency

Very often before the cast of sex lover drank alcoholic beverages, without thinking about it, how does alcohol and potency. To answer this and some other related questions we will try in this article.

Alcohol relaxes the man, gives him self-esteem, liberating. It should be noted however, that the benefits of alcohol can be only if they are consumed in very small doses.

the effect of alcohol on potency in men

If not, the dosage, and alcohol abuse is a very negative effect on male potency. In particular, it is clearly noticeable is this effect in alcoholics. Among them is a very big part of the men are impotent or have serious problems with erectile function.

It is necessary to understand, what processes occur in a man's body after the adoption of the liquor on it. In small quantities it's really able to relax and set a romantic mood. However, exceeded the safe dose, you can get negative consequences not only for efficiency but also for health in general.

Permissible is considered a dose equivalent to two glasses of wine. Even a small excess of this amount carries with it a violation of the functions of the heart and circulatory system, other organs, of sexual disorders.

Alcoholic beverages have on the body such an effect:

  • After absorption into the blood stream, the alcohol is very quickly gets to all the organs. Acts on the CNS, he provokes the blocking of nerve impulses, thereby reducing the parallel and the sensitivity of the penis. This contributes to prolongation of sexual intercourse.
  • The low level of sensitivity has an effect on ejaculation, as of sperm, because it contains toxic compounds.
  • If the degree of intoxication very serious, it slows down the blood flow, inhibition occurs in the work of all systems of internal organs, respectively, and the sex too.
  • When consuming alcohol, the blood in large quantities rising to the genitalium authority. The result is a fast-paced erection. However, after some time, leads to narrowing of the blood vessels, which demonstrate the opposite effect.

How alcohol affects the potency

Most men believe ill skip the small bottle of beer after work. They even don't realize what damage it causes to their health.

For the sexual compliance of men is responsible testosterone – the male sex hormone. It is necessary for the very existence of a strong sex. And here is puberty women in the response of another hormone – estrogen. They then richly beer.

Find themselves in a man's body, estrogen tends to accumulate. And the content of testosterone continues to decline. For this reason in men is not only noticeable female features, but also develops impotence.

Mistakenly think that a beer – a harmless drink. In fact, addictive but causes no less than is much stronger drinks. It is worth noting that to cure alcoholism, caused by the beer, it is much harder.

the effect of alcohol on potency

Alcohol and potency in men after 40-50

The effect of alcohol on potency becomes particularly noticeable if they are consumed often and in large quantities. Negative points for it are on the increase, how to increase the amount of toxins in the body. In 40-50 years, this process becomes catastrophic.

Accompany her to these symptoms:

  1. First, stop dreaming erotic dreams. The norm is 1-2 dreaming with sexual innuendo for a month. This happens due to the decrease in libido.
  2. Sexual contact is still more going on without logical end – ejaculation, or with his considerable delay.
  3. The effect of toxins contained in alcohol contributes to the development of apathetic state. The person becomes indifferent to everything, it applies even to sex.
  4. Overeating causes narrowing of the blood vessels, thus reducing the height. It pumps the formation of stagnation of blood in the pelvic area, and as a result, is the cause of prostatitis.
  5. If a person does not take himself in hand, and no, it removes the disastrous habit, it is not excluded complete impotence.
  6. Disabled is not one of the reproductive system. Hard the consequences they feel wearing the liver, its cells eventually just die off.

Men, for which is alcoholism goes into chronic phase, are not enthusiastic about and to experience satisfaction from sex. And 9 out of 10 alcoholics will find themselves infertile.

Drinking alcohol causes in men loss of self-control. It already chooses the partner for the surrounding area, provided that the contested communication. This trend leads to boost the risk of contracting Aids, HIV-infection and sexually transmitted diseases.


There are state and predisposition, when alcohol is strictly contraindicated for human consumption if:

  • there are relatives who suffer from alcohol or other addiction;
  • there are other factors, evidence of the problems with alcohol in the family;
  • friends or siblings concerned about the amount of alcohol consumed you;
  • the sum of enjoy, the greater amount of alcohol than is in the plan to the feast;
  • the availability of stocks of alcohol "warms the soul";
  • the idea of the drink becomes intrusive;
  • after the consumption of alcohol is present a feeling of deterioration of health;
  • there are diseases of the liver;
  • diagnosed with peptic ulcer or gastritis;
  • are present disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Why drink before sex

Why does a man drink?

Most often, to the help of alcoholic beverages refer to those representatives of the strong half of humanity, that a bad sexual experience. They believe that using a bit of alcohol, become more attractive and also persistent.

Situation when men prefer to drink:

  1. the unpleasant sensations that accompany the sexual contact;
  2. overwork;
  3. the depressed state or nervous strain;
  4. the fear of failure in bed.
how alcohol affects the potency in men

Often the consumption of alcoholic beverages gives the opposite effect and contributes to the deterioration of the situation. Therefore, the choice of this method as a relaxation, it is important to sufficiently consider all its advantages and disadvantages.

Eat before sex can be no more than 30 grams of alcohol. This amount is completely cope with the expansion of blood vessels, will build on the process and help you to faster experience the thrill.

It is recommended to drink 1 drink of brandy of good quality. When consumption of this drink is no sharp constriction of the blood vessels, so the lack of a detrimental effect on the heart.

There is no need to forget or ignore the fact that even in the void the amount of alcohol has very adverse effects on sperm. Therefore, planning to become pregnant, use of alcohol, it should be completely ruled out.

How to restore potency during long-term exposure to alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction – a serious disease, to cope with which is under force only for the alcoholic. Without his sincere desire to give up the abuse of spirituous beverages are going to fail. If a person is ready to take that hard decision and return to full-fledged life, then you will have to turn to the consultation on the profile of the expert.

Usually the complex therapy includes:

  1. The absolute and unconditional ban on drinking all kinds of alcohol in any amount.
  2. The passage of the complete examination. It is necessary to determine the degree of intoxication of the organism, the level of lesions of the genitourinary system and disorders of reproductive function.
  3. The excretion of toxins from the cells and tissues. This is done through medical means.
  4. Building a regime of sleep and rest. Only a sound and prolonged sleep is able to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. On time out of the addiction to alcohol are advised to take a long vacation.
  5. After cleaning the body and promoting a healthy lifestyle for the recovery of erectile function and the normalization of sexual relations should start the intake of stimulants. They are characterized by the brevity of the effect, the poet to adopt, it should be before starting sexual intercourse. Before taking medicines, it is important to familiarize yourself with the list of contraindications and consult about the possibility of receiving with the attending physician.
  6. It is not the last value in the complex of measures for the recovery of relegated to the therapeutic diet. The diet should include a varied and balanced diet. It is necessary to increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, which contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Special attention should be given to products which have in the composition of the zinc – element, to restore potency. Can it be: seafood and nuts.
  7. Lifestyle is need to be more active, include in the everyday daily walks in the fresh air and heavier workout. This will help to remove the stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs.
  8. How to get rid of bad habits. Smoking has on the body no less a negative impact than alcohol.

Only strict compliance with doctor's recommendations will lead to achieving success and will help to normalize sexual life.

Restore men's health can contribute recipes of folk medicine, because it uses only natural ingredients.

The most effective recipes:

  • Honey with onions. Onion seeds mixed with natural floral honey in equivalent proportions. Remedy take 1 tsp twice a day. Effective this method and when inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • Tincture of garlic on the water. Grind into a mash 1 kg of garlic. Unload it in 3-l glass bottle and pour the boiled water of room temperature. Tightly close the plastic lid, wrap paper or a piece of cloth and put into a dark cool place for a month. Regularly demijohn is necessary to shake to garlic is not mentitus at the bottom. After the expiry of the monthly period the infusion will be ready. Take to be as follows: in a glass lightly heated milk add 1 h. spoon of tincture and stir. Drink at once on an empty stomach.
  • A mixture of honey with walnuts and the juice of the agave. Finely chop 300 grams of nuts, preferably walnuts. Add 200 g of fresh honey and a squeeze of the leaves of the aloe 50 grams of juice. All the ingredients are thoroughly mix, add freshly squeezed juice of 4 lemons. Once again, stir and take three times a day for 1 tbsp before meals.

Alcohol is not good for the body, so it's not worth it to stop your choice on this method of increase self-esteem and relaxation. If there is fear before a failure of intimate things, it is better to discuss openly the moment with a partner. Together, you sure will overcome this unpleasant moment. A loving woman will always find a way to encourage confidence in his men, and, if necessary, and help him. And the alcohol is better no recourse.

influence of harmful habits on the potency in men


Renata, 36 years old

In the student years we a lot of time spent in the Dorm. At someone such was? Of course alcohol lilos to the river, and no one thought about the risks. At this period in my had to my first real obsession with a girl, we met, spent time together, often sitting in the total society. Sex is almost always held on the deprimitur alcohol head. And tomorrow was repeated.

I didn't notice, because alcohol has become a part of my life, albeit just met with a friend, or walk to the store, I'm sure a bottle of beer. And it seemed to me it was a tragedy.

Time passed, and I began to notice that if you do not drink before sex, then I can boot. I became afraid of it and drank more and more. In sex everything is managed, the sexual acts were longer, and a girl – completely satisfied. And time has passed.

The thought made me a case where a child on the street that led around to his mother, he asked for him quite loudly: "Mom, it's such a uncle – drunk?" I inadvertently looked in the search degrading elements, only for anyone has not been... Boyfriend asked about me. And I was only 29 years old.

When he came home, the first thing he looked at himself in the mirror and for the first time saw how I actually look. Awareness pierced me electric shock. In the meantime, I'm already firmly sat on the alcohol, drink not less than 0.5 liters of vodka a day. Girls no

The rehab took about 8 months, but I've firmly decided to change my life for the better, and so in the end everything turned out. At the moment I've been drinking for 6 years. Married, two children. Alcohol should not drink at all. In the sexual life all in order, love is the best doping.

Oleg, 49 years old

I want to express my support for the glass of brandy. The solution is not even on the improvement of potency, or as a sex. This drink has a strong effect on the body. Dilates blood vessels, helps to quickly reduce blood pressure, improves appetite, regularly battling with the disease and strengthens.

Oh, and yes, sex after a dose of brandy really qualitatively on a different level. The main thing – to know the measure. No need to abuse alcohol, and in small doses, alcohol is a drug.