Improving the the potency - exercise for strengthening the erection

A complex of special exercises simple to perform and does not require any special efforts, his main rule – regularity. But when observing all the rules of magic the result of the improvement is guaranteed even without income medical funds! Treatment of impotence has never been so simple – men reach the outcome of a simple exercise for strengthening and a gradual improvement in well-being.

exercises to increase potency

The advantages and disadvantages of

Exercises to increase potency, described below, are available to men of any age and physique. Exercise is easy to perform yourself – you won't need a coach, entry to the gym you don't need. It provides a rapid improvement in the condition and strengthen the fighting spirit.

The advantages of this method are many. Basic

  • Strengthens the muscles. This will increase reproductive health.
  • Arise endorphins and testosterone. Can be faster to regenerate the body, improve the manifestation of male power.
  • Is the "output" for the adrenaline, which raises the stress. In addition, it is recommended to improve the health of auditory training.

The only downside lies in the fact that regularity is the key. Strengthening the state of potency after 50 years maybe – help, exercise to increase including erection! The results confirm the numerous reviews about the effective increase male power.

The principles of design

Exercises to restore potency it is necessary to perform correctly. For this purpose, it is recommended to find examples on the photo or video (especially home) – it will show you how you need to properly move for the treatment of, what rules to follow, will be in them, and a reasonable tip. Pre-need to visit a specialist, who will put an accurate diagnosis and tells of what appeared to impotence.

Perform a physical activity in any occasion, for example:

  • Choose the stairs, not the elevator, even at 5 or 6 floor.
  • Go to work on foot.
  • Most of the time on the move, and not ride by car or by public transport.
  • Charging every morning should become a habit.

You should not feel pain and other unpleasant feelings. Perform exercises to strengthen erection smoothly, gently – for of potency is what you need. For a positive effect (profit), it is necessary to proceed carefully and gradually increase the load.

The correct treatment complex for men

Information about best home exercises to increase potency and its increase is recommended to do twice a day – morning and evening. Do not chase a number of approaches, trying to create optimal conditions, a maximum warm up and stretch your body for increasing the potency, strengthening and improving it.

Step drill

Straighten your back and lower the arms along the body. You can put them on the belt. Smoothly lift your bent at the knee, hold step – regardless of the right or left. Then just as carefully put it back, so after a few seconds to commit the same movement of the other leg.

Alternate lunges, be careful to increase the pace. The first time it is recommended to follow the average running speed. In the process it is possible to connect home workouts with weights, if you are already experienced in the movement.

Exercise creates the optimal conditions for the improvement of amplification and to increase potency in men. Also instantly stabilizes blood flow in sexual organ, that is guaranteed to increase, strengthen erections.


The default position – the same as in the previous home exercise "step Drill". For the implementation of slightly bend your knees and tighten your glutes, presenting, when you're trying to stick to the stone. Attention on your breathing, perform the steps in the meantime, until you feel a light fatigue in the body.

Through this exercise to increase the potency in the domestic environment becomes the better the condition the anus, its improvement, enhance the reproductive function, is ensured the stable operation of the genital organs of men.

On all fours

Remember that home the effective exercises to increase and amplify the forces are such only thanks to the diligence which acts, so be careful! Your knees should touch the surface of the floor clear across the pelvis, palms place so to from your face to them it was possible to hold a straight line. Legs pull – a necessary condition.

Carefully slide the body back, gradually sits the buttocks on the heels. Your hands must stay straight. Linger in this position for a moment, he felt will relax your muscles, stretch, vertebrae, occurs, the gain of well-being.

Exercises for the improvement of the reproductive characteristics of the men warns the stagnation of blood in the lower part of the body – it is positive action to increase the potency. Warm up the joints of the back, carried home a gentle massage of the prostate.

Control muscle belt

A man should stand exactly straight back, lower your arms along the body, relax and look straight. Exercises for potency (increase) lies in the following activities: you must do a normal breath and stay longer on the exhale, at the same time straining the muscles of the anus as strongly as you can. After 4-5 seconds (in the first time – as much as you can stand) smooth exhale, while relaxing.

Repeat the exercise is needed several times, but don't forget to pause, to breath is completely or at least partially restored. Important point! Buttocks strain may not, try not to hurt, just the muscles of the anus. At first it will seem difficult, but with time you learn – good training guarantees the immediate strengthening of erection due to these conditions.

exercises for potency

Effect on potency, is the following: they carried out the domestic, the natural, which increases the strength of the massage and check on the condition of the muscles of the reproductive sphere, its improvement.

Special squats

This gymnastics for potency ensures the strengthening of the organs of the pelvis. The muscles of the buttocks are compressed and unclench, because of what massaging the prostate. This makes it possible to effectively treat the problems at home.

Spread your legs a little wider than shoulder width, straighten your back, and then make a smooth squat on the exhale, without creating a strong tension (this is especially important in the first couple of times). Achieve the ultimate goal, to pull the hands of what to do next between my legs. Take a little break, and then start to rise steadily, again on the exhale. Straight, immediately perform a few calming breaths-exhalations, to quickly restore breathing. Do not forget about a gradual increase in effort.


Lie on your back. Bend your knees, gently pull the legs to the buttocks, not to create tension. The palms of the hands touch the knees. As you exhale spread their by strength of hand movements. Ends again on the exhale try to get your knees together, but now to resist the hands. Repeat the exercise for a profit of no less than 3 times.

Training for the improvement and the increase of male power, is easily carried out at home, to start only requires attention. She trains the muscles of the perineal, that an extremely positive effect on the increase the potency of men and the stabilization of erection. Moreover, the actions against the arms and chest, which develops in these parts of the body.

Autogenic training will not be too much. Is focused on the rapid removal of nervous tension, fatigue. One of the homework exercises – strengthening of the control of breathing. It is recommended to enter into a special, relaxed pose, close my eyes and feel the warmth of the hands of, state of matter around you, feel how you breathe, the noise, how it accumulates power.

Exercises to improve potency and increase provided above, it is easy to do at home. They require considerable material and time costs, ensuring improvement, to intensify, to increase the condition of the person, are available in each age and in each weight category. For performing exercises you won't need a coach, and expensive medical resources that are often just kill the health.