Normal potency and in 60 years

In adulthood the preservation of erectile function becomes relevant for all men without exception. It is connected with the natural process of aging of the organism. If 35-40 years testosterone is produced in sufficient quantities, then after 40 years, its production gradually decreases and the 60 years is reduced almost half, the sperm are less movable, the testes are reduced in the amount of, orgasm becomes less pronounced.

How to restore the potency of 60 years. This question requires a serious approach, as in adulthood, every man already has a baggage of certain diseases. In the first place to suffer from heart and blood vessels. To stay as long as possible on the track, you definitely must continue to lead an active lifestyle, but no longer needed so that the entrance to the gym. Strength exercises should stay in the past.

Good, good-looking,to ensure a happy life

In this age of very well swimming, walking, yoga, fitness. Morning exercises and douches – a minimum of I will give cheerfulness. Revision of the diet and addition of vitamins and trace elements – one of the ways how to improve potency after 60 years. It is not superfluous can become and appeal to a specialist-a sex therapist. A few professional tips can make the atmosphere in the family and give a new impetus in the development of intimate life. Fresh view from the outside is always helpful.


Aerobics will help to stimulate the blood circulation, without which you cannot maintain a normal erection. These exercises are good for the entire cardiovascular system. Proper breathing, which is used in the teaching process, has a beneficial effect on all organs, as happens oxygen enrichment.

Special exercises for the muscles of the pelvis. Man when urinating he should try to suspend the process. Repeat this exercise several times a day, it will strengthen your muscles significantly.

Yoga classes have a psychotherapeutic effect, in this, and very helpful.

A special mini-complex of exercises to increase potency:

  1. Plow. Probably everyone remembers how in high school gym had to perform a flip back. So here is the beginning of this exercise is partly similar. From the supine position, legs slowly moving upwards, and then sent for his head. The pan separated from the floor. The position of the body from the side resembles a plow. In such a position it should stay on for ten seconds. After the end of exercise cannot be sharply up.Exercise in general does not tolerate fuss.
  2. Cobra. From a position lying on your stomach and slowly lift your head and body to the belt. It all happens on the inhale. One must try to maximize to bend back. In this position should try to get a freeze for 20 seconds.
  3. Bow. Exercises are performed from a lying position on the abdomen. Bend your knees and try to catch their hands, gradually pulling up the torso and head upstairs. After a strong voltage back to the starting position.

Such exercises should be treated very seriously, as it should prevent injuries and muscle strain. Not overwork, is the length of each exercise not to indict a man. Before exercise is recommended good to warm up the muscles and joints, always on an empty stomach. It is better if it will be in the morning, or for several hours before bedtime. And one more important detail: does not let to the implementation of the complex without consulting with your doctor.

How to increase power in 60 years, with the help of the diet

To feel good you need to check the food. Improving the potency is directly dependent on proper nutrition. In the first place, men under 60 years of age must reduce foods that contain cholesterol. On the walls of blood vessels, he violates the blood circulation, which immediately responds potency. This means that it is butter, fatty cheeses and dairy products should be excluded from the diet. All the same can be used with a lower percentage of fat content. Completely from the diet fats cannot be ruled out. Also, there is a need to reduce the intake of salt.

The daily rate should not exceed 6-7 grams. Salt increases blood pressure, contributes to the retention in the body fluids, leading to swelling of the extremities. This happens because of the large load on the kidneys. Restore potency after 60 years will run much more efficiently, if a man is to get rid of excess weight. It is not an easy task, because of the weakening of the synthesis of testosterone on its place is occupied by estrogens, contributes to the accumulation of fat, and without regard to food. This means, proper and reasonable consumption, must learn to regulate the process of obesity the body.

Exclusion from the diet of white bread and rich pastries, sweet, spicy, and acute will help to improve metabolic processes

The replace favorite foods. Will have to forget about the pasta and potatoes. Them to shift should come vegetables – raw and steamed. How is it possible. Filled with vegetable oil that does not fulfil the role of the annexes. Buckwheat groats, cooked rice and lentils, are also to diversify the daily food. It is not yet all restrictions. Fatty meats should also be left in the past. His shift should come out of lean beef or veal meat (for pork meat, it is necessary to forget forever), and best move on to the meat, poultry only (not duck) - chicken, turkey or rabbit.

Once a day after lunch necessarily on the table should be garlic. It is useful in all respects! First of all, he – well-known and tasty spices; secondly, it thins the blood; third, may get back potency. And that's not all the useful properties! He destroys bacteria and viruses, warns the development of tumors, used in the treatment of diabetes.

On the basis of garlic there are a number of tinctures that increase the potency

To maintain the work of the heart it is time to enter into the diet foods that contain potassium and magnesium. A list of these products is diverse. It, and lean meat and fish, carrots and bananas, and nuts.

To enhance potency a huge impact is the main male trace element – zinc. Daily dose of zinc is found in pumpkin seeds – just 50-60 grains in a day will solve this problem.

Increase potency in men after 60 years requires keeping a constant intimate life. In this age it is harmful to do the big breaks. Abstinence during the month reflects poorly on men's health. In this he must help partner. Her task is part of the manifestation of the activity, so as the years go husband slower excited, and when do not reach orgasm can angry, that will only aggravate the situation.

Men cannot give a reason to "go into yourself" and start to analyze the failure

We must try to solve together, the more, if it was an isolated case. May be, remind your husband that the failures were and in the younger years, when beset by problems. The main thing – sex should be reasonably regularly. It is not advisable to immediately to resort to medical drugs-stimulants. Only in the case, there was a trend of inability to commit sexual intercourse, you should consult your doctor. Restore potency is always more difficult, than save it.

So an axiom is something that is his normal condition is the result of a proper lifestyle. Potency decreases due to the lack of testosterone in the body, there's nothing you cannot do – it is nature, but it is in the power of every man this process speed up their unreasonable actions. In this age it is high time to stop smoking and alcohol abuse. Drink, of course you can, but the stronger the drink well to replace dry red wine, and lie on the couch – take a walk.

The more a man will move, the better

It guarantees the absence of stagnation in a small saucepan. In those cases when it is necessary to resort to stimulants, the council must get to the doctor, after a thorough exploration, so as to separate the appointment of these drugs can lead to sad result. And blood pressure increase – this is not a sad choice.

Ginger and honey

Drugs on the potency is to basically behave according to one principle: they increase blood flow to the penis, thereby increasing the sensitivity of. The disadvantage is that the assistance is provided one-time fee. Impotence is a drug is not a cure. There are several kinds of stimulants – hormonal drugs, homeopathic and phosphodiesterase (PDE-5). The Inhibitor is recognized as an effective means of giving an enzyme to destroy guanosine monophosphate necessary for an erection.

Folk remedies

Using decoctions and infusions can also improve erection.

The root of ginseng – on its basis is carried out alcohol tincture, drink that every day on one of the glass reaches the result

Ginger root, rich in vitamins and trace elements are recommended to consume in the fresh state. It can even be tea and spices for food, and also in pickled form!

Useful fresh celery. It can be can prepare. Eat the stem adds energy! But if you want to, you can squeeze the juice and mix with the juice of other vegetables.

Walnuts will bring a lot of benefit and potency, and the body in general. It is possible to consume them both individually and in a mixture with honey.

Honey and bee products are one of the first places in solving male problems. Some believe that it is chestnut honey is the most suitable for men.

Increase potency in men after 60 years – this is not a whim and not a whim! It is a necessity, without which it is not possible a great life.