Beer and potency: how does this drink to a male power

Some of the followers of the foam drink prove that there are invaluable benefits, others claim that there is only harmful. Recent studies show that the beverage contains many useful substances that positively affect the nervous, circulatory and other systems. However, these results will not be permanent, if you start the abuse.

beer and potency

Even so, weak alcohol can cause addiction, with which they start all the problems. There is a risk of hormonal imbalance, a disturbance of the central nervous system, early impotence. To prevent such phenomena, it is necessary to know what portions of beer you can afford. Also with this foam beverage there are many useful folk recipes, which have medicinal properties. If you use them, you can even improve your health, and not to hurt him.

The negative effect on the potency and the body as a whole

Many representatives of the stronger sex, they think about the impact of beer on the potency. When you drink a real quality drink made from malt and hops, certainly beneficial they are. The first is rich in proteins and minerals, the second contains a lot of enzymes, which have analgesic, bactericidal, calming effect. However, if it is a large number of colouring matters, sweeteners and other chemicals, the useful properties of virtually restore.

In the composition of alcohol is a small amount of toxic substances, including heavy metals. Have a negative effect on the endocrine system, namely the formation of sex hormones.

The endocrine system

In the systematic use of beer in men occur disturbances in the hormonal background. Contains plant hormones similar to a woman. Of them a gradual feminization of the male body:

  1. Fat begins to store in the feminine type
  2. Changing the color of the voice
  3. They get bigger mammary glands
  4. Heracleum pan
  5. Strongly weakens or disappears completely erection

The main negative feature of phytoestrogens is the pathological transformation of the tissue of the testes and the adrenal gland. Can not produce the necessary amounts of testosterone, and it means that with the reduced potency and sex drive. Without this hormone also decreases the quality of sperm, leading to infertility. In the body of a woman produces about 0.5 mg of the hormone, and a liter of beer, that contains more than 0.15 mg (in latent form). Therefore, when a sufficient dosage, in men, it has all the chances to get a female figure and character.

The nervous system

Another adverse effect of turning on the brain. At least in beer is not a lot of ethanol, yet its enough to have a devastating impact on the nerve cells. In addiction reduces the amount of energy in the body, all actions are inhibited. It also is not conducive to normal sexual contact.


Direct damages in the use of intoxicating drink turns out at heart. There is even a term used to describe this authority in people rapists bullish or bavarian. In it to dilate the veins and walls are dwindling, the myocardium becomes weak and cannot function normally. In men repeatedly increases the risk of heart attack. All this is reflected on health of the person. Are indicated by symptoms such as:

  • Heart palpitations
  • The increased pressure
  • Excessive sweating
  • The lack of air
  • Chest pain

All of this negatively affects the potency, but in most cases the prognosis for recovery unwelcoming. Doctors are trying to prolong the life of the patient, and not to appear the complications, but in more advanced cases, the person will die within 3-5 years.

The abdominal area

T. in beer is carbon dioxide, it is strongly irritating to the colon walls, the pressure tightens it. The bubbles stimulate the production of the secretion of the stomach, and thus increases its acidity. Men with gastritis, ulcer, colitis drink beer is contraindicated that is the reason why. Also in this alcohol contains a large amount of calories that lead to obesity and overweight never positively on the potency is not affected.

The negative effect of the beer is reflected in other aspects:

  1. Disturbed tube system
  2. At the heart of the dwindling of the wall, it increases in size, and is overgrown with fat
  3. Several times increases the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver, gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system
  4. Falls personal evaluation of the person, degrade his mental faculties
  5. Due to the increase in the volume of blood due to the caught in a it liquid, dilates blood vessels, begins more difficult to work with valve system. As a result this leads to varicose veins and heart attacks
  6. It stimulates the appetite, yes, and alone is a high-calorie, so easily lead to obesity

If you start to drink beer, still in their teens, they have all the chances to 30 years to become infertile. Of course it depends on the environment, lifestyle, eating. If the intoxicating beverage - your only weakness, then the consequences can be, and not so serious. To reduce even more, it is better to drink only natural alcohol, and also try to combine its reception with useful food or herbs.

The advantages of the drink

But all is not as bad as it might seem. If it is not higher than the permissible dose of beer for men's health, as well as for its effectiveness, there will be no threat. On the contrary, it calm down, save you from insomnia, it becomes the prevention of many diseases. Are these effects due to the substances that are found in its composition. Once again, it's about big alcohol, rather than for his theft of the analogues. What is the components of the drink:

  • The essential oils of the hops
  • B vitamins
  • Mineral elements

The essential oils include myrcene, caryophyllene, farnesene. The first substance imparts a flavor of hops, however, its main medicinal properties, is an anti-inflammatory action. Caryophyllene has a calming effect, eliminates depression and depression, relieves emotional instability. Himself hops is medication, diuretic and anti-allergic action which is passed and drink.

B vitamins a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system, normalize the work of digestion, increase stress, reduce the level of sugar in the blood. Their work depends on the condition of the immune system and the cell division process. When their lack of disappear appetite, numbness in the extremities. As for potency, then with them improves the synthesis of testosterone and nerve endings begin to work better. Therefore, increases the conductivity of the fibers, and an erection occurs faster.

Minerals in beer, also missing. The most useful for erectile function, is zinc. It is essential for the formation of testosterone, the normal functioning of the prostate gland, enhance immunity. The last is important, because it reduces the risk of contracting an infection or virus. Magnesium strengthens blood vessels, is the process of filling the penis with blood more coordinated. Copper and iron are involved in the disease process of hematopoiesis, therefore, it is also very important.

The positive properties of beer are also in a favorable influence on all organism as a whole. The man is becoming easier to resist catarrhal disease, are accelerated metabolic processes and faster to rejuvenate the tissue. The drink allows for longer maintain bone density and flexibility of joints, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, cleanses the kidneys, cleaning up after them stones.

the advantages of the drink

What causes excessive consumption?

We found that the beer and the potency can have both positive and negative relationship. Let's now learn what that leads to abuse of intoxicating drink. Signs that a man is worth it to give up its intake, are:

  1. Beer drinking often and a lot
  2. With each from the time of dose increases
  3. Appear to memory lapses, as when drunk
  4. In the morning after a night of drinking again, I want to drink
  5. At night it is hard to fall asleep, but this afternoon's bothering drowsiness
  6. Just beer lifts the mood
  7. Attempts to reduce the consumption ends in failure

Beer alcoholism is just as dangerous as drug addiction. It is often compared, because both species are evolving very quickly and is difficult to treat. In 0.5 l of this weak alcohol is so much ethanol, as in the 50 ml of vodka. But because it's for many half a liter - it is too small volume, which does not stop. In this morally a person believes, he becomes an inveterate drunkard, because a similar phenomenon is linked only with drinks with a high extent.

The abuse of beer can lead to the emergence of a large abdomen. In particular, this lead carbon dioxide and starched connection. They irritate the stomach wall, significantly increase appetite. Overweight the same negative effect on the sexual ability of the stronger sex, threatens the development of diabetes (it reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings) and by reducing the synthesis of sex hormones (have a direct influence on erection and ejaculation). Other consequences of drinking may become:

  • Hepatitis and pancreatitis
  • Neuropathy
  • Pathology of the spinal cord
  • Disorders visual and auditory systems
  • The withering away of brain cells

Quite often in men, extremely drinking intoxicating drink, they come to a period of apathy and numbness. It's too strongly acts on the nervous system, without the normal thinking, impairs memory. First manifested by the psychological side of the addiction, and only then the physical. And if from the second to get rid of, but the fight with the first, is very difficult.

Useful dosage

Modern scientists have shown that about 2.5 liters of beer a week body they can't hurt, and therefore on the potency of any influence. Among those who drank more 7 a week, 2 times more likely to develop stroke, and the advancing deadly result. But it is worth it to pay attention to the strength of the drink, the weight of the person. For someone, and 3 liters will not be harmful, and for the next 2 will be decisive. Give preference to the better dark types, because in them is contained more iron.

Even the non-alcoholic types to contain within itself the hops, from which protrude phytoestrogens, so it is too do not abuse.

If you drink just 1 liter of beer and you can ensure 20% of daily norm of vitamin B2 and 30% of vitamin B6. Also, this dose will have a good vasodilator effect, which can be compared with the workouts, when blood circulation improves due to the load. Start drinking the best of what later, in adolescents and young people is too high a chance to earn infertility.

Recipes remedies for increasing libido with beer

After we saw how the beer affects the potency and how this impact can be devoted in a positive way, you can give some advice on how to get from the drinks, to the present medicinal composition. The most effective for potency the recipes are:

  1. Buy natural beer (shelf life – no more than 2 weeks), fatty sour cream. 300 ml of the foamed beverage, add 200 g of the milk product, then gently stir. Cocktail to drink during the day. During the week you can drink no more than 2 servings
  2. To increase the potency of the beer, you can add spices. Take 1 l of fluid, pour into it a few spoonfuls of sugar and a lemon peel, a little cinnamon and cloves. The mixture is placed on a slow fire, after boiling (immediately, so it is better to prepare in advance) add whipped into foam egg yolks with the sugar. Keep on the heat until the drink will not be dense
  3. Another popular recipe – beer with quail eggs. At desire it is to them you can add honey.

A rather unusual dish to increase potency can become a soup with beer. For its preparation brew 1,5 liters of beer to the breadcrumbs, then add to it mixed with sugar and egg yolks sour cream (400 g 3 eggs). According to taste add salt and sugar, spices.