Means to increase potency in old age: methods, treatment, prevention

All funds should be assigned by a doctor. Only he knows how to increase strength, improve erection in men.

increase potency

Natural ways

If you have noticed, the weakening of sexual desire, rethink your lifestyle. The negative effect of prolonged sitting, bad habits, lack of physical activity. You need to find yourself a provoking factor, and get rid of him.

Often the problem of improving the potency faced by older people. Their sex drive is reduced under the influence of hormones and diseases.A healthy lifestyle will be a good factor to enhance the effect of therapy.

What is a healthy lifestyle

The concept of a healthy lifestyle each person understands their own way.

Therefore, doctors bring forth a few basic rules:

  1. Completing a regular medical examination. It is necessary to timely diagnose and treat any disease, and especially those that are transmitted sexually. Sexually transmitted diseases can have negative effects on the reproductive system, are oppressed its function, causing impotence and inflammatory processes. To medical care it is worth to resort in each distress.
  2. Being overweight negatively affects the potency. Do not obesity and not resort to radical dieting, if admitted kil – them you have to gradually with the help of exercise and proper nutrition.
  3. Refusal of bad habits. Smoking causes disorders of blood circulation, alcohol is not stimulates sexual function and suppresses it. If you think that glass of wine will help you relax, to make the evening finish off sexual intercourse, it is not so. Completely contraindicated intake of alcoholic beverages when inflammation of the prostate gland.
  4. In hypertension it is necessary to carefully monitor their pressure, drink prescribed by a medical practitioner medication.

Physical activity

Exercise should cope with the stagnation of blood in the organs of the pelvis. Furthermore, it is necessary to support the activities during the day. Recommended:

  • run;
  • bike trip;
  • hiking;
  • respiratory gymnastics;
  • yoga.

Every morning you need to do a few simple movements, overclocking the blood. You can include a known course of school physical education exercises. Evening walk 10-15 minutes.

Fight against chronic fatigue

Any experiences depress sexual function, therefore every effort must be made to cope with the stress. You can act according to the rules:

  • do not put yourself to be dragged into the scandal and management;
  • take an evening bath with the addition of a decoction of chamomile or end members;
  • establish a sleep for 8 hours, spend this time in the dark and silence;
  • on the weekend rest – is not to invent things, spend time with family;
  • try to avoid conflict with the owner, to talk openly about the problems;
  • avoid negativity in communication, exclude from the environment of the people who constantly complain.

These rules will help you cope with stress. Their recommended to comply with all, without exception, and even young people, who have problems with libido.


A change of diet

The first thing you need to pay attention to when the problem is sexual attraction – eating habits. The amount of fast food and chemicals have a negative effect on all systems of the body, it is necessary to improve your food. In addition, it is possible to use products – natural aphrodisiacs (natural stimulators of sexual desire):

  • nuts: walnuts, forest, pecans, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecan nuts;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • bananas, dates;
  • ginger;
  • fish oil;
  • flounder;
  • citrus fruits, especially lemon;
  • mackerel in cooked form;
  • seafood, oysters;
  • chicken;
  • veal;
  • turnip;
  • vegetable oils: linseed, olive, pumpkin;
  • eggs, quail or chicken.

I'm sure in the day eat a handful of nuts – they are vitamins b and E, large amounts of protein, selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron. The trace elements stimulate the synthesis of ejaculate, improve the indicators for the sperm.

In the diet of men should be a lot of greens, vegetables and fruits. Every day eat whole grains, low-fat varieties of fish and meat. If you are overweight, other health problems, from sweets need to vote for honey and bitter chocolate.

Folk remedies

For strengthening the male power it is possible to use infusions and decoctions. It is best if the recipes of folk medicine advice doctor. Appropriate means on the basis of medicinal herbs:

  • the root of the ginseng;
  • lemongrass china;
  • st. john's wort;
  • thyme;
  • hawthorn;
  • nettle.

At small disorders enough of the season served with fresh parsley, but also has a positive effect on potency.

Enjoy herbs need longer courses of 2-3 weeks. You can drink instead of tea or in small portions according to the instructions (if you bought a ready infusion).

Top 5 ways to increase potency in men natural ways to

There are techniques that the muscle tone of the pubic-coccygeal zone and the return of sexual power. Many of them, that's why we bring you actionable. These ways can improve erection without the use of a tablet. Their not worth it to use, if you don't want to lead an active sexual life.

Manual impact on the root of the penis

The taoist technique, which will lead to the improvement of erection, is in the impact on the special points at the root of the penis. She, as well as massage of the penis, improves the flow of blood to the body. The technique is applied according to the rules:

  1. understand the member from the base so if you save a tourniquet;
  2. squeeze it when you deploy a condom, until the beginning of the frictions is not the release of capture;
  3. release your fingers and keep the law.

At the beginning of the sexual intercourse, your penis is filled with blood. This method does not help, if the penis does not respond to the foreplay, if not drive. In complete impotence to need other techniques.

Exercises for the exercises of the pubic-coccygeal muscles

Strengthen the muscles of the groin and normalize the blood circulation in the organs of the pelvis can be using exercise. The best are methods of therapeutic physical education and the complex Kegel. A list of exercises that are able to increase the potency:

  1. Classic squats up to the stop or incomplete with spaced shoulder-width apart feet.
  2. Walking on the spot, in which the knee-lift maximum high.
  3. "The wheel".
  4. Relaxation and contraction of the muscles of the perineum in the supine position with curved legs. When performing this exercise do not squeeze the buttocks. If you perform the movement correctly, it will appear heat in the area of the mons pubis.
  5. Running on the spot.
  6. While urinating hold current, and then continue the treatment urine.
  7. The long and short of the tension of the muscles of the pubic you can do at any time and in any position. This is a good exercise is taken from the comprehensive Kegel. There is a need to do several times during the day.

Positions for sex without the outflow of blood

How will a strong erection depends on the body posture. If you are during intercourse you are from below, problems may occur. Preferably during contact have the body in an upright position, then the blood circulation is not disturbed. To do this you can use position:

  1. In the back – partner is on all fours and the man behind her on your lap or in a standing position.
  2. In the face, when the partner throws the legs on the shoulders of men.

In these variations of the outflow of blood from the sexual organ practically will not be. In particular, they are suitable for older men who suffer from the first symptoms of sexual impotence.

Walking barefoot

walking barefoot

The legs are located points, which are responsible for the work of all organs of man. It is possible to stimulate a number of ways:

  1. often walk barefoot, especially in grass, rocks, sand;
  2. put on 10 minutes into the soles of her feet soaked in warm water mustard (top wear warm socks);
  3. after a contrast shower to rub the soles of the feet frayed towel.

Standing on tiptoe

Another Taoist technique of male enhancement force recommended a man standing on tiptoe when urinating. Rules:

  1. to maintain the correct posture;
  2. not twist your back;
  3. view urine on a slow out-breaths;
  4. bite the bullet;
  5. strain the buttocks and belly.


Use drugs alone cannot. Despite the fact that drugs are sold in pharmacies is not on the prescription, prior to their ingestion is necessary to pass tests and undergo an examination.For all drugs, have side effects and contraindications. You can get the opposite effect, if you don't know about them.

Inhibitors PDE-5

He believes that the best medicine against impotence. They increase blood flow to the body of the penis, causing strong erection. This is already evident after ingestion of one tablet.

Hormonal drugs

Testosterone deficiency leads to disturbances of potency. Therefore often doctors are investigating the hormone levels in the blood, and then prescribe drugs that are able to edit it.

Synthetic hormone resources can not be taken without a doctor's prescription, because their income can lead to seriously impaired functioning body systems. Drugs can be bought in tablets, in the form of gels and ointments.

Biologically active food supplements

The herbal medicine acts more gently. They can become a complement to the basic therapy, but they are ineffective for the improvement of potency.


Men do not want to see a doctor, and at the first sign of trouble to drink a strong medication. First try sparing technique, which restores strength, you can help avoid psychological impotence. The preventive measures include:

  1. A change of diet. Eat a large number of natural aphrodisiacs.
  2. Follow the rules of intimate hygiene. You can wash the penis and soda, it prevents the its fungal defeat.
  3. Reception of vitamin complexes, enriched with zinc.
  4. Limit drinking tea and coffee, more drink herbal decoctions.
  5. Regularly walk in the fresh air, engaged in the sport.
  6. Hardening and regular walking barefoot will help to strengthen the body in general.
  7. Give up bad habits.
  8. To normalize sleep and relaxation, relieve stress.
  9. Regularly engage in sexual intercourse with a constant partner to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Do not abuse the pharmacological drugs that can quickly return an erection. A healthy lifestyle can prolong sexual intercourse, get rid of the problem of premature ejaculation.

When standing vigilant? The recommendations of the doctors

Alarming symptoms:

  • lack of sexual desire;
  • difficulty in urination;
  • lack of spontaneous erection;
  • the lack of amplification of erection during sex;
  • weak erection, her instability, lethargy penis during intercourse;
  • the inability to finish sexual intercourse.

In this case, it is necessary to turn to the urologist determine the cause of the disorder. I is not recommended, because when adenoma or inflammation of the prostate can bring harm. After diagnosis, the doctor will choose for you products which may increase the potency and treatment plan physical therapy or hardware techniques. If your doctor to exclude urological causes, will direct you to a sex therapist.

Doctors optimistic they were about the preservation of male power, even in advanced age. In case of any problems it is important to establish the absence of disease, impact on sexual function.


To restore potency should be treated responsibly, it's an important part of male health. The described techniques maintain erection and increase the quality of life. They are suitable for people of different ages. Most of these exercises a person can do it alone, without foreign help.