The most useful products for potency in men

Long been observed that the consumption of party food has an impact not only on overall health, but also on the individual features of the organism. Individual products or their combination can positively affect, including, and on the male strength.

This relates not only to potency, but also the reproductive function in general. You to fully fulfill your destiny of a man, it not only needs to feel sexual attraction and get a response of the organism in the form of an erection. It is important that the erection she was confident and long, that ejaculation was premature, and sperm have proven to be healthy. On all of our food can have a direct impact, in some cases, may not be less efficient than the means to increase potency and prolong sex.

The most useful products for potency

Products-an aphrodisiac

Food, drinks which are born not only men, but also women and sexually-erotic feelings and increase attraction, they are called as aphrodisiacs. Its name these substances got from the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Such a meal stimulates sexual attraction or sexual activity. The most famous products-an aphrodisiac can be attributed to seafood (mainly oysters and mussels), some mushrooms, spicy greens (dill and parsley), celery, onion, garlic, ginger, honey.

If in general talk about the useful for potency meal, then in the mass of their products of plant origin, rich in fiber and vitamins a, b, E and also zinc and some biologically active substances (allicin, lysine, phytosterols). According to the presence of these components it is possible to pick up useful for male potency products.

Herbal remedies from impotence

Powerful natural remedies from impotence are ginger root and ginseng. In them there are so many vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances, then eat their food in a positive way affects the overall tone of the body and restore reproductive function in men.

Ginger and ginseng is widely used in practice in the treatment of male sexual insolvency, caused by a variety of causes. The roots of these plants can be used in completely different forms – fresh or in dried form, in the form of a tea or alcohol tincture. Year-round income can take from one week to several months, usually a man quite quickly feel a positive effect.

Products of animal origin to increase the potency

To helpful eating habits are not of vegetable origin, which, however, has a positive effect on enhancing erections in men can be attributed to the rich in protein lean food. It can be milk and dairy products (milk, sour cream, kefir, cheese), fish, seafood, eggs, lean meat.

Protein-rich foods necessary for the production of testosterone, and then it should be a natural part of the diet of each person. Chicken and quail eggs in addition to the easily digestible protein contain useful trace elements and vitamins a, E, In. In acidic, yogurt, sour cream, cheese are lactic acid bacteria, has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body. In the selection of meat is stopped for more than lean, fish is the most useful, is considered the halibut and sardines.

Fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts

Fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts to increase the potency

We've found that every rich in fiber, foods a beneficial effect on erectile function in men. The point is that the rough vegetable fiber removes the waste products from the body and improves metabolism. One thing that speaks in favor of fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts. And really it is in them also contained vitamins and trace elements directly affecting the male power.

So, bananas have a stimulating effect by contained in them potassium. Coconuts contain plant protein and overall positive effect on sperm quality. Strawberries are rich in zinc, which increases in the body the level of testosterone. This hormone, in turn, is responsible for sexual arousal. Avocado, artichokes, celery, asparagus, horseradish – these plants are also able to boost male potency.

Separately it is worth mentioning the nuts, which are considered a source of vegetable protein. There is so much of vitamins and trace elements, which perfectly fulfills the role of a product, which erection. The kernel of walnuts in large quantities contain easy to digest form of vitamin Ie. The food is best to eat a little bit of unripe fruit. Pine nuts have an effect on the overall level of hormones in the body. Almonds are rich in Riboflavin, vitamin E and calcium, which is an excellent stimulates the potency. Pistachios contain zinc, vitamins a and b, and have a stimulating effect. These properties of nuts are well known since ancient times. Representatives of many nations in front of love, joy, eating it is the reason, the kernel of nuts.

A stronger effect can be achieved by combining your eating nuts with the use of dried fruits and honey. In these products also many useful minerals. As a long-known potions potency ground nuts can mix with crushed dried fruit (prunes, raisins, figs, dates) and honey. In everyday use one-two tablespoons of this tool it is possible to achieve an overall strengthening of the erection.

Herbs to increase the potency

Herbs to increase the potency

Among the folk recipes from the impotence hit the many herbal fees, on the basis of which to make potions and decoctions. For example, a water infusion-based, clover, peppermint, nettle and st john's wort. 5 teaspoons each of the herbs is poured liters of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Such infusion is recommended use a glass 3-4 times a day. The same effect is known for the collection of the flowers of the calendula and immortelle, valerian root and herb st. john's wort. Or tincture from the seeds of mugwort use for 20 minutes before a meal.

In the daily diet is useful to introduce a spicy greenery, which is an aphrodisiac. This is basil, leaves, purslane, savory, thyme, hypericum, mint, anise, cumin, tarragon and other herbs. Use is you can as a seasoning for various dishes or be eaten in the fresh state.

Essential oils

In addition to the edible products to the most powerful aphrodisiac include the essential oils of certain plants. Aromatherapy for increase potency in men can be carried out deliberately in the form of regular inhalation, and it is possible to resort to this method as a complement and without the addition of indulgent treatments. For example, use a drop of essential oil for conventional or erotic body massage or add to the water when taking baths. In men it is a very precise connection between sense of smell and excitement.

To "male" oil-an aphrodisiac can be attributed to hood sandalwood, ylang-ylang, cypress, ginger, oil of cloves and rosemary. Increase the potency, stimulates the sexual libido and have an effect on the overall release.