Drugs for potency: the names, the list, a brief description of the properties.

Problems with potency can occur at any age. There are a large number of different factors, which adversely affect the "male power". Such factors include frequent stress, physical and psychological injuries. Fortunately, this problem is well treated. But it is very important to contact a specialist at an early stage of its detection. And often, gain self-confidence in the bed is possible using a variety of medical devices and food Supplements.

the potency of men

Preparations for increase potency: list name, a brief description of the properties of

For men who have problems with potency, today there are quite a lot of drugs increases the sexual dysfunction. Their selection is based on the reasons that cause this problem. All preparations for increase potency can be distinguished into three groups:

  • Phosphodiesterase-5
  • Preparations based on testosterone
  • Alternative medicines and Supplements


This group includes medications to improve blood supply to the sexual organ. This is achieved by the lock phosphodiesterase-5 in the body.

Preparations based on testosterone

Very often it can be erectile function is impaired due to low levels of testosterone in the body. For the solution of this problem can be used gels, pills, ointments and injections of this hormone.

Alternative medicines and Supplements

This group includes drugs, which are used in traditional medicine. However, wide advertisement and large representation in the market have done drugs in this group are very famous. Unfortunately, many Supplements do not do the therapeutic effect and operate on the principle of placebo.

The immediate increase in potency: the ways

increase potency

Very often in life there are situations when it is necessary to increase the power, how is it possible. To this can be to use natural remedies or medicines. Often, means to improve the potency are beginning to operate already in a few minutes after their ingestion.

You can improve the potency of using aphrodisiacs. Are both women's and men's aphrodisiac. Many of them not only increase libido, but also are able to improve the potency.

A similar effect has the blend of walnuts and honey. For its preparation you need to grind the walnuts and pour honey. This tool is best taken at night, intimate proximity.

Instantly achieve the desired result, it is possible only with the help of special preparations. But that doesn't mean that you have to forget about natural products. They are also very good, although their effectiveness occurs not so quickly.

Drops to increase the potency: a list name, a brief description of the properties of

Drops on the potency is very effective in the use of the funds. Today it can be purchased as drops from different manufacturers. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these drugs actually has the appropriate action.

IMPORTANT: the Basis for these drops, as a rule, are herbal ingredients, which have excitatory effects. They are not the cause of the adverse phenomena, but they can increase the libido and increase the flow of forces in the intimate zone.

Ointment to increase potency: list name, a brief description of the properties of

In addition to the drops and pills for improving potency are applied and other means. For example, a special ointment. Contrary to popular tablets, like ointments are not exacerbated by the sensitivity of the sexual organ. And on the contrary, improves the feeling after application.


Not so long ago, the australian experts were able to produce the ointment on the basis of glyceryltrinitrate to increase the potency. This tool is necessary to plant on the sex organ. Intimate lubricated after such application to use may not.

Cream to increase potency: list name, a brief description of the properties of

Unlike the ointment to increase potency, the cream with this effect have long been used for the solution of the sensitive problems. They have an immediate effect and are able not only to increase potency, but also increase the sexual intercourse.

"Work" as a means to a similar principle with the tablets. They have vasodilatory properties and increases blood flow in the area of the sexual organ. Part of the majority of the creams for potency contains vegetable oils, which have a stimulating effect.

Gel to increase the potency: a list name, a brief description of the properties of

There are two types of gels to increase the potency. Some of them are used for the reception inside (jelly), and the other for rubbing in the skin of the sexual organ.

Side effects of drugs to increase potency

Preparations for increase potency is to be taken with great caution for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the blood, kidneys, liver, blood vessels and heart. Persons under the age of 18 years from the adoption of such medications is necessary to give up. At an older age is also a risk of negative effects when taking this drug.

When taking medications that increase the potency must read the instructions and choose for you a suitable dosage. If you exceed the dosage, as to the amount of drug and time of receipt (if it is taken too often), they can show side effects in form of nausea, dizziness, pain in the lower back and head.

Vitamins for potency: list name, a brief description of the properties of

  • To strengthen the potency of the effect of many vitamins. To improve the condition of blood vessels and the overall strengthening of the whole body is essential vitamin C. It is able to stimulate blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the normal. the functioning of the genital organs. In large quantities, this vitamin is present in citrus fruits, cabbage, kiwi and other vegetables and fruits.
  • Improve blood flow to the genitals, it is possible with the help of vitamin E. In addition to this function is the antioxidant tocopherol. It is the substance, prevent the aging of tissues. Contains vitamin E is in vegetable oils, green luke, egg yolk and other products.
  • Very large benefit of having a male body the vitamins of the B group. Promote the synthesis of testosterone, restores lost energy and protects the liver. Vitamins of this group are involved in more than 15 thousands of biochemical processes in the body. You can get them from dairy products, fish, nuts.
  • Another vitamin that is essential for the formation of the male hormone, is vitamin D. His lack of, in particular, acer in winter. In addition to the formation of testosterone, vitamin D is able to stimulate the male desire, and provides other useful actions. Most of the vitamin a in eggs, cheese, cheese, fish oil and milk.
  • Good effect on the blood vessels and has Omega-3. A large amount of Omega-3 fatty varieties of fish, flaxseed oil, flaxseed, fish oil.