Treatment of impotence

potency in men

Praesent dysfunction (which is often incorrectly in the home is called impotence) is known to mankind a long time ago. After all the time for various reasons a certain number of men perceived problems with potency. Of course, in different times with this problem tried to fight in various ways, from mechanical devices made of steel and natural aphrodisiacs, the modern methods of treatment highly effective treatment and surgery. Today for the treatment of impotence is not something supernatural. It's the same health problem as the others. Thanks to the excellent medical assistance doctors will be able to get you about 95% of the patients.

Treatment of impotence in men

Treatment treatment

In the arsenal of physicians has a very wide arsenal of drugs to combat male impotence. It's not just the pills, there are injections, which are introduced intravenously, intramuscularly, or even in the head of the penis or urethra, there are rectal suppositories, ointments. However, the most common of these are medications, phosphodiesterase.

These pills should be taken approximately one hour before sexual intercourse. You cannot take the drug more than once a day. The effect of these drugs is associated with their action on the smooth muscles, allowing the penis to the authorities gets more blood and improves erection. The drugs of this group have some side effects. It:

  • Headaches;
  • Stuffy nose;
  • Painful sensations in the muscles;
  • In very rare cases, a person temporarily begins to see everything in a bluish-green tone.

Impotence treatment by lifestyle changes


In today's world one of the most common causes of male weakness is a lifestyle. And not only in the fads. Our world is chock-full of stressful effects, and the reproductive system is very sensitive to the load, as well as psycho-emotional and physical. For this reason, adherence to a healthy lifestyle, it in any case is not a random problem with falling male ability. To start it is worth measuring the physical exertion. They are simple exercises that will promote muscle group intensively used in sexual intercourse and it would seem, is not previously doable task gets on the border of the range. By the way, in medical practice have developed special complexes of exercises for therapeutic physical education (LTV), which are recommended to patients with potency problems. In second place is the quality of the food. On the one hand, for the production of the hormone testosterone and sperm needs high quality and a balanced diet. On the other hand, being overweight plays in the case of impotence the role of aggravating factors. One of the main requirements is to reduce the consumption of animal fats, because they cause atherosclerosis, and therefore, impotence caused by blockage of the blood vessels that carry blood into the penis organ. In third place are alcohol and tobacco. Both of these bad habits literally "killing" the male potency. This is their effect on sexual system. The consumption of alcohol, and especially burdened by excessive dependence on snuff — a direct path to impotence, and that in a relatively young age. The fourth position in the healthy lifestyle specialists are doing the ability to avoid stress. Today stress is the key to successful treatment of many health problems, including potency. Experts say that one must control their emotions, and not to pour their way out at every opportunity (or convenient) case. Should also pay attention on the load and on options when setting their in their abilities. Often, that person has more than he can (physically or mentally) to "pull" and is the main source of stress, and in consequence problems with potency.


Sometimes in men, the erections are there, but in a totally good time, his, why not. As usual in such cases, the reason lies not so much in the physiology, how much in psychology. In such cases, without the injections and pills helps to a visit to the doctor-psychiatrist. In some cases, to the doctor it is worth to visit together with your partner. The doctor will help you to find the causes of complexes and to learn how to get rid of them. Also, the doctor can explain some of the intricacies of the technique of restoring libido a partner, and restore harmony in the bedroom.



One of the often recommended in medical practice of treatment methods are massage. Of course, massage should be included in the complex therapeutic measures in the treatment of impotence. Overall, massage is used to the authorities of the small pelvis to increase their filling with blood. This process is of key importance for the conservative methods of treatment, because it increases the amount of drugs that come on the authorities. In addition, during the massage, the organs of the lesser pelvis are given exercises, which are also important for potency. Many experts believe that the massage has an additional and psychological effect, increases the sensitivity of the men and at the same time removes the stiffness and angusto-animi in the intimate area.

Shock-wave therapy

One of the latest methods of treatment of male impotence shock – wave therapy. The essence of this innovative approach in medicine lies in the impact of waves of a certain length on the blood vessels. Under the influence of these waves, the blood vessels begin to give the new offshoots, and it favorably affects erection. Doctors lead numerous facts, when shock-wave therapy allows you to help patients with very severe and advanced forms of sexual dysfunction. Today doctors say that in the treatment of shock wave therapy has no side effects are observed. As for treatment, the minimum shall be 14 days. Such a quantity of treatments that in most cases the man forgot his dysfunction for at least a year.

Features of treatment of impotence in men over 50 years

Approximately every second man over the age of fifty years, begins to have problems with potency. It is assumed that in the standard is 50-year-old abroad, there are certain boundaries, beyond which is a decline of sexual activity – the norm. This is, however, a decline in activity, and not by impotence. Function age 50+ lies in the fact that in this moment about yourself, start giving to know the various diseases, "accumulated" at a younger age and often ignorable man. In addition, in the body there are a number of natural physiological changes, including a reduction in the levels of testosterone, and the risk of developing impotence is largely increased. As usual, the sexual dysfunction in this age, the accompanying diseases. For this reason, it is the main method of treatment of impotence in men over 50 years is to identify the causes of diseases and their rapid removal. As for the impotence, then the doctors prefer a comprehensive approach in the treatment, which includes therapy treatment, exercise therapy, massage and adhering to the maximum a healthy lifestyle.

The most effective folk remedies for impotence

In folk medicine a special place, relegated to battle with impotence. There are a large number of different recipes to restore potency. Among them it is worth mentioning for example:

  • Tea from ginger. For the preparation of this truly unique drink is worth it to take one teaspoon of ground ginger or a piece of the root of this plant is a long two-three cm, and pour a glass of boiling water. For taste it is possible to add to the tea a little honey. There is still one option, add the powder of ginger in already cooked black or green tea. It is recommended to have this drink twice a day. The effect is observed after two weeks of the course;
  • Tincture of ginger. For its preparation it is necessary to take a kilogram of root ginger and a liter of vodka. Once the mixture stand in a warm place for two weeks from the total mass of charge 100 g of the tincture and add 300 ml of alcohol. After this procedure tincture continue to take another 2 weeks. Take tincture before bedtime 10 drops to a tablespoon of water;
  • The ginger bath. For its preparation take three tablespoons of the dry powder of ginger, and pour liters of water. The mixture is fed to a boil and cook less than 10 minutes, after that add to the bathroom and enjoy the pleasant and useful for the potency of the procedure;
  • Tincture of ginseng root. This is one of the most effective remedies to struggle with impotence. For the preparation of tinctures used the spine long by 2 cm (at the low quality of the root length of the root for a tincture to increase up to 4 cm). The spine is poured to 3.5 liters of vodka. Already the next day can be a tincture to drink. The recommended dose is 30 grams of tincture three times daily before meals. If the vessel remains not more than 200 grams, the dishes topped up with still 3.5 liters of vodka. A similar procedure can be repeated twice more, after which it is necessary to sign a new spine of ginseng. Healers claim that the man recepit from impotence this way you will never have problems in sex;
  • Ginseng tincture, the recipe №2. For its preparation 20 g of ginseng root need to pour 300 grams of pure alcohol. Insist on the drug for three weeks, shaking the mixture from time to time. Take 25 drops of tincture three times a day half an hour before meals. The course is two weeks, after which it is necessary to do a 10-day break and repeat the course again;
  • Walnuts with goat milk. The recipe is very simple. Floor cup shelled walnuts should be just eat and drink it all the floor l of goat's milk. Procedure spend twice a day during one month;
  • The pumpkin seeds. Good effect give a simple pumpkin seeds. It should only take three times a day, 40 grams at a time. The course of treatment is one to two months.

Treatment of impotence and soda

It is necessary to immediately qualify that soda it is not an aphrodisiac and erection from the ingestion of soda arises. However, soda may contribute to the processes of purification of the body, which will undoubtedly have an impact on potency. The most simple and enjoyable way, how to use soda to treat potency is the adoption of the baths. Bath is accepted through the day for two weeks. For the baths need a box of soda 500 g. Add in the water can be more food with the addition of hot water. Time the tub for 20-30 minutes. The bathroom is worth to take before bedtime. After taking a bath need to wash off the rest of the alkalis on the skin in the shower. Inside is recommended to drink lemonade with milk. The glass of milk, it is necessary to add soda to the tip of the spoon. Drink this milk with baking soda must be for a period of 10 days, but in any case not more than a month, every day. For the preparation it is better to take warm milk. In the event of the occurrence of a negative reaction to a soda from the digestive system, intake of milk with baking soda you need to stop.

How effective is the treatment for impotence at home

Defines what to do with the problem, treat yourself at home, or go to the doctor, you need to remember that every way to treat in home conditions should not be considered as an alternative to official medicine. Folk medicine can be one of the other ways of treatment, as an auxiliary component of an integrated approach, but in any case not a panacea, or an alternative. With all due respect to folk medicine, the likelihood that treatment will be successful, is not higher than 50% (it's already right, then not anymore). At the same time treatment at the expert has a 95% guarantee of success. Based on these data, the choice is clear.

To what doctors should aspire to

If you have problems with potency, it is necessary to go to the doctor. Often men have a sense of shame, but shame and do nothing is much worse than muster the courage and turn for help to the expert. In large doctors ' offices need to turn to the andrologist or doctor sexologist (usually it is one and the same person in this clinic). The doctor andrologist carried out the initial survey and determines the treatment strategy. If a patient found major problems, then it may send the patient on consultation to other professionals, for example, urologist, endocrinologist or psychologist.

Prevention of impotence

To prevent problems with potency and preservation of male power in the coming years is the need to seriously engage in the prevention of impotence, which includes:

  • Complete rejection of alcohol, in any form, for the main enemy of male power;
  • Rejection of the tobacco. The possession of medical statistics statistics, the probability that they will become a complete impotent in men, which has a negative dependence on cigarette smoking, almost twice higher than that of the person is not smoking;
  • Limitations excessive psychological and physical (including sexual) load;
  • The rejection of contraception by interrupting the sexual intercourse. Doctors claim that in such a hard way of protection from unwanted pregnancy and impotence long don't have to wait;
  • Rejection of the inefficient and unnecessary use of medications, in particular drugs have as side effects effect on sexual system;
  • Give up fatty and spicy foods. This is due to the fact that animal fats contain a lot of cholesterol, which can deposit on the walls of the blood vessels in the form of plaque, which leads to a substantial reduction in the patency of the blood through these blood vessels, which means that leads directly to a reduction in erection.