How to increase potency in men with the help of folk remedies


Many men are faced with the problem of potency. Age, bad habits, unfavorable external factors, such as stress, bad ecology, problems are the cause of a decrease in potency. Not always men turning to the doctor with such a sensitive topic, so the problem is not solved, gives the person a lot of problems. In the initial stage, the impotence cure folk remedies, therefore, at the first signs it is possible to turn to this method of treatment. Folk remedy to increase potency in men quickly eliminate the problem.

How to prepare for the use of folk remedies to increase potency

Before you begin treatment, requires a rethink lifestyle, give up bad habits. It is necessary to eliminate the negative factor, which served as the centerpiece of development of the disease. To do this it is necessary to know, that can become a cause of reduction in potency:

• Alcohol has an effect on male strength. Alcoholic beverages have a strong effect on the sexual sphere. Regular consumption of alcohol leads loss of sexual capacity. Therefore, to get rid of the problem, it is necessary to stop this harmful habit, if such exists.
• Smoking is the cause of many diseases, the impact of this on potency. In today's cigarettes is present a large amount of chemicals, which are used to improve the taste, is the amplification effect, and so on. In addition, in cigarettes contained toxic resin, which have an influence on the production of male hormones. How to get rid of the negative effects of smoking, better to say goodbye to this harmful habit.
• Bad food, and that consumption of fats and fried foods adversely affects the potency. In fried foods contain carcinogens that reduce male power. Plant foods, dairy products should be regularly present in the male menu.
• Stress, nervous disorders, depressive conditions complicate the problem of potency. It is necessary to produce stress, learn to productively deal with problems and difficulties.

But it is worth to realize that impotence may develop under the influence of some chronic diseases, such as:

• diabetes;
• epilepsy;
• atherosclerosis and diseases of the blood vessels;
• Parkinson's disease;
• inflammatory diseases of the prostate, bladder, testicular.

In the presence of these problems, some means of folk medicine to cope. Necessary therapy treatment, which will be aimed at the elimination of underlying causes.

Methods of folk medicine to increase potency


Folk medicine offers several effective remedies that will help you lead the potency of normal. To increase the potency use the following folk remedies for potency in men:

• medicinal plants;
• honey;
• прополис;
• osinovaja bark.

On the basis of the above means you can produce effective drugs to increase potency.

Medicinal plants

Folk medicines to improve potency are the treatment of herbs. With the help of properly selected species of medicinal herbs, you can increase the potency quickly. Manly strength in most cases reduced as a result of inflammatory processes, or circulatory disorders. Medicinal herbs will help you to solve this problem. With their help you can adjust the blood circulation, extend blood vessels, reduce inflammation.

Nettle. Improves metabolism and stimulates the urogenital function. For the preparation of medicines will need to take 100 grams of powdered herbs and pour 300 ml of boiling water. The finished drug is taken three times a day before taking food.

Ginseng root is the best stimulant potency. You will need: the crushed root of ginseng – 0,5 articles l.; honey – 2 articles l.

This is the drug is taken orally 4 times a day on a teaspoon for one dose.

Pumpkin seeds contain a large amount of useful elements that help to quickly restore male potency. The seeds need to be raw grind, mix with honey in equal quantity and take the medicine 5-6 times the 1st century ml Very effectively helps to get rid of with potency in men tykvennoe oil. In oil contains large amounts of zinc, an indispensable assistant to increase the potency. To restore potency, it is recommended to therapeutic enema with tykvennym oil. It is recommended to carry out this procedure 2 times a day – morning and evening. It is necessary to introduce the 100 g of oil. It is enough for the good functioning of the prostate and improve the potency in men.

Thyme has amazing properties, can be used to cure many diseases. Well, this herb helps in fighting impotence. In its composition of selenium, which promotes the formation of testosterone and molybdenum, which is equipped with a thyme, it stimulates male sexual function. Useful to brew tea using thyme. It will help you cope with the male public administration and простатитом. Brewed tea as follows:

• black tea – 1 tbsp;
• dry inflorescences чабреца – 3 pcs;
• for the amplification of the effect of added honey or mint.

Of the listed ingredients to brewed tea. It should last for a period of 7 minutes. Then tea filter it and drink.

St. john's wort helps to restore potency in old age. In order to prepare the drug, with respect to 100 g of dry raw pour a glass of boiling water. Liquid they drink at 30 g four times a day.

Common garlic is a great tool for adding a of male power. To achieve the effect it is possible to just consume garlic in raw form each day. And you can prepare the cure. the Recipes there are a plethora of. One of the most effective remedies – garlic with milk. To 250 ml of warm milk take a tablespoon of minced garlic. The resulting agent is holding on to the heat for two — three minutes, and then filter it through a sieve. Therapeutic dose - 2 tablespoons, which is necessary to drink before each meal.

Med to increase potency


Honey is a cure for many diseases, has a positive effect on potency. The effect will be noticeable, even if you eat one or two tablespoons of honey a day. For the preparation of drugs in the honey, add the garlic, nuts, herbs.

The most popular folk the means to increase potency on the basis of honey, is the honey-nut mixture. To prepare this remedy take 100 grams of chopped nuts may be walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, and mixed with a tablespoon of honey. This powerful tool will give you the results already after a week after the start of treatment. Remedy take one tablespoon before going to bed.

If you mix equal parts of honey and crushed ginger root, then you can get an effective folk remedy to improve the potency. To take such a drug should be on a half of a teaspoon before meals, three times a day.

Properties of honey are unique. Using natural honey, cook a variety of medications, which help to maintain male power for the upcoming years.

Chudodeistvennaja the power of propolis

Прополис treats the whole body, it enriches its useful vitamins and minerals. Contains trace elements that support the potency in the standard is this:

• iron;
• chromium;
• copper;
• zinc;
• vanadium;
• the titan;
• tin;
• silicon.

Прополис with success is used as folk remedies to increase potency, it can be used as a preventive means простатита. In addition, прополис increases the effect of the treatment with the use of other drugs, which are prescribed in chronic простатите and adenoma of the prostate.

Прополис is a strong biostimulyatorom, which helps to increase the potency. The product has the following features:

1. relieves inflammatory processes;
2. kills bacteria;
3. strengthens the body;
4. stimulates the immunity;
5. reduces feelings of pain.

To treat impotence you can prepare tincture on the basis of propolis.


• прополис – 20 g;
• alcohol or good quality vodka – 80 ml.

Прополис need to grind, put in glass containers and pour the rubbing alcohol. Packaging should be firmly closed and remove in a cool, dark place. Drug настаивается one week, during this period it is necessary to regularly взбалтывать. The finished tincture take drops in a glass of water, take 40 drops. Выпивают the drug before meals for 30 minutes to how to sit down at the table. Duration of treatment is two weeks.

The bark of an aspen – the best remedy for potency


This peel is the best popular means to increase potency, which in addition helps to get rid of простатита. It is an effective means of known already a century.

For the preparation of medicines it is possible to use:

• diseases of the kidneys;
• bark;
• the leaves.

The drug from the bark of aspen is a good vehicle for a good potency, it is brewed in the form of decoction from, extract or tincture. In addition, the bark you can just chew and rassasyvat', so, medicinal essential substances penetrated into the body in a pure form.

In the treatment it is worth it to ensure the wrong dosage may cause side effects:

• painful sensations from the gastrointestinal tract;
• схваткообразные pain in the abdomen;
• constipation.

Tea to increase the potency are prepared as follows:

• kidney aspen – 2 tablespoons;
• boiling water – 1 cup.

Buds pour boiling water and insist about half an hour. Cure taken before meals. To improve the taste, you can add it to the boiled drug a teaspoon of honey, it will only increase the therapeutic effect.

Two effective means: the bark of an aspen and прополис you can combine and get an effective drug that helps bring back male power.

Tincture from the bark of the aspen preparing for спирту or quality vodka. Bark insist on two weeks, and drink before each meal to 50 grams.

The results of treatment are not forced to wait long for the effect of therapy is noticeable after a week. A folk remedy for the potency of men on the forum unanimously came to the conclusion that the bark has helped many back male power.

Ancient Russian folk remedy to enhance potency

Old Russian herbalists contain a very effective, time-tested recipe. In addition, there is a very useful drug, it still has a pleasant taste.

For the preparation of drugs they take 200 g:

• prune;
• raisins;
• dry figs.

Of all the dried fruits it is necessary to remove the bunion. And also, you will need walnuts in the number of 12 pieces.

All the ingredients necessary to carefully grind, then mix up and endure the cold. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator. Daily eat 2 tablespoons of cooked mixture, washed down with milk or sour.

Tub to increase the potency


Folk remedy to increase male potency supplement therapeutic baths. They can serve you in good stead in the fight against this disease. This is a very convenient tool that you can use to increase the potency at home.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the contrast bath the lower part of the body. Their essence lies in the alternation of cold and warm water. The length of treatment is about 15 minutes. For her to need two вместительных basin with hot and cold water, into which you must plunge alternately.

Bath with лавровыми leaves help in the fight with the suffering. Pre-brewed and insist, laurel leaves, then the infusion is added to baths. To increase the effect you can add even more, and the infusion of chamomile. Bath should be taken before going to sleep.

Reception baths can be combined with aromatherapy. The essential oils of certain plants increase the potency. In aromalampu placed oil of ginger, cumin, cypress, чабреца, rosemary. All these scents have the property to increase male potency. A similar procedure can be used as a folk remedy to increase potency before the act.

Foods that increase the potency

Methods of treatment of potency should be supplemented with the right diet. This means that in the diet must be present products that increase the male force. In particular potency after 50 folk remedies should be nutritious food.

These products include vegetables and herbs are dark green in color:

• broccoli;
• parsley;
• coriander.

A good effect when reduced potency have nuts and seeds, especially:

• cashew;
• sesame seeds;
• walnuts;
• pistachios;
• almonds;
• sunflower seeds nsrds.

Fruits and berries necessarily enter into the diet of men. Fight with low потенцией help:

• apples;
• kiwi;
• lemon;
• grapefruit;
• strawberries;
• blueberries.

And also on the table must always be present onions, turnips, garlic, eggplant, horseradish, beans, beets, bell peppers.

Grilled fish contains in its composition of useful minerals: magnesium, zinc, selenium. These substances play an important role in promoting libido.

It is shown that cholesterol promotes the formation of male hormones. Therefore, it is important from time to time to include in the menu of fatty and fried meat dishes. While we must not forget the normal. Excess fat can cause serious heart disease that is very undesirable, especially for a man in age, for which there is a risk of developing diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels is very high.

Men's diet definitely should include the consumption of meat products. This is useful especially beef, in it are contained Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D3 and Thus the Complex of these substances has a positive effect on sexual health in men. Themes of folk remedies to increase potency very often appear on the forums, which is indicative of the great interest on the part of men to this issue.

There is a huge number of recipes, which can increase male potency. It's not worth it to give in all at once. In order to obtain a good potency of folk remedies, it is better to choose one – two most suitable options that will help you cope with the suffering. Properly chosen folk remedy to increase potency quickly get rid of the disease and return the lost strength.