Increase potency in men natural ways to

There are a number of methods for the recovery of erectile function... But, how to increase potency in men natural ways? Start to eat properly, relax, and not be subjected to stressful situations. Details - on!

General information

Correction of sexual function natural ways - is not a myth. However, you should really can help only in case of minor problems with the male force. Yes, and immediately restore potency is unlikely. A lot here depends on various factors.

Potency in men

The basic of them:

  • The age of the men. Who would, what he didn't say, but the 30-year-old representative of the stronger sex is easier to raise the same level of testosterone in the blood than men, which already for 60. By the way, what age is to preserve the natural potency - what is stated earlier.
  • The cause of the malfunction. If the problem arose on the background of emotional overstrain, then there is a chance for successful correction of the potency of natural methods is much higher than in the presence of certain organic lesions.
  • The overall condition of the body. People who have a whole "bouquet" of chronic diseases is much more difficult using natural ways, how to carry out the correction of the status of all systems of the body, including the sexual.
  • The health of blood vessels. Microcirculation in the penis is directly dependent on the patency of the blood vessels. If a person suffers from a progressive arteriosclerosis, then he most likely still need medications to help in achieving an increase in potency.
  • Lifestyle. It is much easier to carry out the improvement of the sexual activity people who are suffering from bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle and properly feed.

Given all these factors, it is obvious that increase potency in men natural ways – a pretty painstaking process, which requires a responsible approach to one's own body.

Proper nutrition and potency

In terms of medical treatment for erectile dysfunction is one of the most important aspects of a successful venue remains the rationalization of the daily menu. For enhancing libido and overall sexual activity need to be balanced to eat. In the diet must necessarily be present in vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, cereals.

Nothing unusual in this set is what is most important – avoid (according to availability), fried and smoked food, as well as to eat according to the plan. Fast food and processed foods – bad friends potency. They contribute to clogged blood vessels, atherosclerotic plates and cause the release of the microcirculation in the organs of the small pelvis.


In addition to these traditional recommendations, it is worth to optionally enter in the daily menu of the following products:

  • Nuts and honey. In the integrated application of these natural goodies can quite quickly restore your sexual activity, it is important to eat them regularly.
  • Seafood. Fish, oysters, squid - sources of zinc and unsaturated fatty acids, which are responsible for elasticity of blood vessels and normalization of spermatogenesis.
  • The camel's stomach (cicurina). One of the unique products, which can increase power instantly in men in a natural way. It is considered as the strongest natural aphrodisiac which is very effective. However, to consume and to be in a specially processed form of, yeah, and buy a product is not always easy.

Proper nutrition – one of the ways to restore sexual activity without the intervention of chemicals.

In addition to streamlining à la carte, very important is the struggle with being overweight. Adipose tissue tends to produce a special biologically active substances which are antagonists to testosterone. As a result of their influence becomes a sharp decline in the number of androgens with the development of specific disorders and symptomatology.

To avoid this, it is recommended to enroll in a gym and in parallel consult with a nutrition expert. In this way, it will be again in the shortest possible time to restore normal body weight and to ensure better efficiency in a natural way.

Special exercises

When the question arises about how to increase male potency natural ways the first thing that comes to mind is: "do a special load when using the method of manual therapy".

And for good reason. Because in the daily implementation of the relevant exercises, you can significantly improve sperm quality, strengthen libido and to restore microcirculation in the pelvic organs.

Methods of physical influence on the sexual system:

  1. Squats on the potency. Running almost normally, but when reaching the position of the incomplete squat is a need in her to remain a few seconds. Back when it is worth it to have exactly. This simple load perfectly strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and contributes to the influx of a large amount of blood to the organs of the reproductive system.
  2. One of the Kegel exercises. A universal method to normalize the blood circulation in the genital organs, both for men and for women. The essence of exercise lies in the alternate tensing and relaxing the muscles, which provokes a member (purely for the representatives of the stronger sex) and anal sphincter. Furthermore, it is necessary to press the relevant "muscles" to keep them in that condition for several seconds. The longer the turns out to do it, the better. With the help of this physical load significantly hardens the muscles, which are responsible for erections is ensured by a sharp rush of blood to the organs of small pelvis.
  3. Varied slopes, rotation of the pelvis, lunges. All the physical load, which uses the groin area, are useful for potency.

It is worth to say about the massage of the testicles and to increase the potency. The method, which selected cases for a relatively short period of time to restore the erectile function of men. It is effective both in light and in heavy the course of the problem. Its essence lies in the effects of massage on the external genital organs and stimulation of the work of the testicle. Thanks to this exposure increases the amount of testosterone, which has a positive effect on the sexual activity of men.

A healthy lifestyle and erection

In addition to proper nutrition and regular physical exertion, one of the most important aspects of the stabilization of the state of the reproductive system and the whole organism remains the refusal of bad habits.

Young people often do not think about the consequences that await them in the after the expiry of the last century, smoking and alcohol consumption. However, these factors are considered the most harmful to the health of the reproductive system of men.

Nicotine – the most powerful natural enemy. No wonder they say that just a drop can kill a horse. Contributes to a narrowing of the lumen of all blood vessels in the human body, significantly impairs the microcirculation. Most look the consequences of this influence are heart attack and stroke. The first symptom of the disorders of blood circulation in the body - how do the development of erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to quitting smoking, it is possible to completely restore potency. The main thing – to want to change.

As for alcohol, in small quantities, and assuming good quality, it does not cause any specific negative effects on the body. But, as practice shows, most of the action ends with the uncontrolled use of alcohol. It leads to the defeat of the liver. The result is that she will not be able to produce the necessary for building testosterone substrate. As a result, reduces the amount hormone and sexual activity. This is the reason, why the alcohol is need to consume them wisely.

How to cope with stress

One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction remains nervous strain. Modern man is constantly working and dwells under the influence of the superiors, that quite often is a strong emotional stress.

Of course, there is no need to stop working. However, according to options it is desirable to reconsider your own priorities in life and try to get some otherwise perceive an unpleasant situation. Often, it is difficult, but it is worth it to strive for.

In addition, for the reduction of tension can take a small vacation, go on a trip. After a hard day at work advised to go sit with friends, or even just take a hot bath. Any activity that contributes shifted the attention of men with his problems on the more pleasant moments, remains the best energizer.

In the ineffectiveness of all these aspects, it is possible to arrange with the therapist. He is able to find the real cause of the problem and advise you how to solve it.

On the basis of the above, we can conclude that natural ways to increase potency in men, there are. In most cases, for their effective usage will need a serious desire for change, which should come from the representative of the stronger sex. Everything you need from men – want!