In how many years it usually starts to decrease potency

There are different opinions about the age at which the pace of deterioration of the potency manifested with a new strength. Someone thinks that this ability is maintained to a ripe old age, and some of you will notice that it is already in the middle years of the ongoing negative changes. Why is this happening? What are the reasons for a decrease in potency? How to increase it? What factors can badly affect the health of men?

When the reproductive function is declining

when the reproductive function is declining

Every day, the man is exposed to external factors, which are most often negatively affect his health. The decline in potency is primarily associated with hormonal background. In reducing the levels of male sex hormones can lead to a climax.

Not all men can boast of his ability to procreate at an advanced age. Yet, sometimes you can hear the news that someone become a father in the 70-80 years. In most cases, the decline in the potency no longer occurs after 50 years. How quickly comes impotence, affects many factors, and most often the man can have an impact on this indicator.

The reasons for the decrease in sexual activity

As already mentioned, in men comes impotence, when changes occur in the formation of sex hormones. Even in healthy representatives of the stronger sex, is after 30 years, every year level of testosterone decreases about 1%. If a man is not the certainty itself and is exposed to certain risks, negative changes occur much earlier, and coming impotence. Age is not always a decisive factor.

Examined the reasons for the reduction in potency, it is possible to significantly prolong the period of normal sexual activity. Impotence in men can start because of the following factors:

  • the wrong way of life;
  • the disease organism;
  • stress and obesity;
  • harmful work.

The impact of lifestyle

the impact of lifestyle

Sometimes men little care for their physical condition and allow periodic congestion. Lack of rest has an effect on the hormonal level, and gradually it leads to a reduction in potency. If there were problems with sexual life, is worth paying attention to on your schedule. In it, the load must alternate with rest and sleep must be allocated due attention!

Men's potency also depends on whether in the life, harmful habits.

Smoking tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption has an impact on the health of men. Especially often problems with a potency to develop to beer lovers. In many respects this is due to the fact that this drink increases the level of female and reduces the concentration of male hormones.

To delay the onset of impotence, care must be taken, what medications he's the man. Intake of artificial testosterone gradually blocks the normal production of its own hormone. This leads to the fact that the age impotence occurs earlier.


On erectile function affect not only the diseases of the genital organs, and hormonal disorders. Often problems with potency occur in men, who are to retire far, but they suffer from the disease:

  • obtained diabetes mellitus;
  • stroke;
  • circulatory problems;
  • inflammation of the organs of the urinary system.

Not to mention the diseases, transmitted sexually. Some of them potency may not only faster down, but disappear completely. A sharp decline in sexual activity can also occur as a result of irregular sexual contact, or in the case of the disease arthritis.

The effect of stressful situations and obesity

To senile impotence was what later, the man would have had from a young age to follow their emotional state. You can't avoid a nervous breakdown, persistent depression. You need to be able to focus on the positive.

If the work provokes strong negative emotions, it is worth to realize that health is more important and, perhaps, change the character of the employment. The right attitude will affect not only the sexual sphere of life, but also to all state.

Although the potency and the age are closely related, is not the last role plays a style of food men. Obesity is the body weaker. An important place must occupy moderate exercise. You need to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of large amounts of fatty foods.

How it affects the kind of work

how it affects the kind of work

Problems with potency the most commonly start in men who a long time worked on a production where they had to face with the chemicals. Due to the impact of toxins can be broken activity of the whole organism, including the work, and the genital organs.

What are the symptoms of the disease

I guess he knew, at what age comes impotence, the problem, the notification may be at an early stage. The man must listen to your body, to be in time to help him. As you know, some uplifting potency maybe even in old age.

If men starts with impotence, may experience the following symptoms:

  • weak erections;
  • the disappearance of morning erections;
  • delaying the onset of ejaculation;
  • reduction of sensations;
  • incomplete swelling of the penis.

Novice advanced age should not be the sole reason for the decrease in sexual activity. The preservation of the capacity for procreation is, in many ways, different from men, and impotence can be postponed to old age. To know, for how many years in men often encountered issues and understanding which of them it is possible to avoid, it is necessary to correctly take care of your health.

The resumption of sexual activity in old age

As shown by some studies, increase the potency in old age it is quite possible! This is due to the fact that the reduction in potency may begin and not only because of the age changes, but due to the bad lifestyle and bad habits of the person.

Many men in the age of trying to approach to the solution of problems from a professional point of view, and not to contact your doctor. They believe that impotence has a right to exist, and there's nothing you can do. In fact, now there are methods of treatment that help a person promote the health of the reproductive system, which is maintained potency.

He knew how many years can retain the ability to sexual relations, that person must follow their way of life. To maintain health, it is important to lead an active lifestyle, practice, rationally eat and lead a regular sex life. Supports the overall tone of the body, you can feel confident and effectively every day until a ripe old age!