Folk remedy to increase potency in men

increase potency

Stress, poor diet, continuous deterioration of the ecological situation lead to the fact that problems with erection occur not only in men of retirement age, but also young and physically developed. It is very important, down it goes on the brakes, and turn for help to professionals, in addition, taking a folk remedy to increase potency in men.

It should be said that today the most common reasons for this disorder erectile function include stress, emotional tension and so the sp is Therefore very important to learn to relax and unload your nervous system, freeing it from the everyday effects of stress and depression. Often women themselves provoke such a negative reaction, banter over his partner and didn't want to enter into his situation. In addition, the dominant role is played by nutrition. Testosterone in the body, men normally produced by only when you receive into it a sufficient amount of animal fats, and therefore in the diet of the representative of the stronger sex, every day must be present meat, fish, offal.

In addition, for the normal spermatogenesis and the functioning of the prostate gland is a very essential zinc. His often include in the composition of traditional medicines for the treatment and prevention of male impotence and infertility. Get this mineral from nuts, meat, pumpkin seeds, cocoa, spinach, legumes, seafood, celery, parsley, etc.

How to restore the potency of folk remedies?

There are many recipes of decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs, whose aim is to increase male power. Here are some of them, as well as other ways to fight with powerlessness:

  • ginseng is not by chance called the "root of love", because it is the most powerful stimulus of sexual drive and potency. For the preparation of therapeutic drugs it is necessary to grind 100 grams of the root, and pour half a liter of water. Put a capacity on the stove and cook for about 4 hours. When it has cooled, filtered, add 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder and honey and take 100 ml every day after eating;
  • enhance potency folk remedies providing for the use and means, cooked on the basis of 1 tbsp of thyme and cups of just-boiled water. Infusion is necessary to drink during the day and do so continually over a period of six months;
  • folk remedies for stimulating male potency belongs to and use of the calamus. The root of this plant can be chewed like gum three times a day, and you can make a alcohol tincture. Pour over the roots of the rubbing alcohol in the ratio of 1:5, transfer for 14 days in a cool place, and after he was treated by her about 20-30 droplets three times throughout waking hours for a period of 20 days;
  • curious, what are the folk remedies increase potency, it is worth it to try to start taking the "laurel" of the tub. Cook a little 50 g of the end members in 1 liter of water and pour this composition into the bath. Time of admission – a quarter of an hour;
  • excellent improve sexual function and lightly fried with salt hemp seeds;
  • to increase the effectiveness of folk remedies involves the use of such a composition: take in equal proportions dried figs, dried plums, walnut and transparent raisins. Skip through the meat grinder and remove for storage in the refrigerator. Throws at the 2 articles l. in the second half of the day, washed down with a drug sour. If we add to these cost lemon, you can get a powerful remedy for strengthening the immune defenses.

It is necessary to say that want to increase their male power it is necessary to give up bad habits – smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages, but from time to time you can afford to dinner, a glass of good red or white wine to strengthen blood circulation. In any case, it is not worth it to ignore the problem, and if it's only getting worse, it is advisable to ask for help to a specialist.