Effect of mint on male potency

Mint pepper – one of the most popular and the most popular plant in many countries. This richly essential oils, which are successfully used in many sectors of industry: food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and so on Disputes about how the mint has an effect on the potency in men, there are not one dozen years, but a clear decision was not found. Harmful or helpful to eat the fragrant grasses, the representatives of the stronger sex depends on in what form and in what amount of guys that will do it.

Characteristics of aromatic plants

Characteristics of aromatic plants

To resolve it, as mint has an effect on the potency of men, it is necessary to explore its features and understand what exactly is the ingredient brings harm to the body. Since ancient times, mint pepper considered to be the female grass. Today this opinion confirmed scientifically: it contains flavonoids, which facilitate the production of female sex hormones, and therefore, its application for increase in breast size, or struggle with unnecessary hair is fully justified.

But such characteristics of the boys are unlikely to benefit, so for the representatives of the stronger sex, has another positive point: the mint is able to effectively shoot the inflammation and soothe the excited nervous system. It allows you to include the plant is in the composition of sedative medicinal charges, as well as drugs, forming cramps, pain during inflammation of the prostate.

According to the evaluation of experts and according to medical studies, the effect of peppermint on male potency is dependent on what quantity is used. Like any powerful substance, a limited amount of can cure of certain pathologies, and exceeded – become the cause of serious health problems.

A positive effect on the sexual system

As mint has an effect on the potency of men

Erection and potency in men have a complex mechanism. Its basis is the proper blood supply of organs of small pelvis and the health of the nerve fibers passing through the sexual organs. Reduce or increase the quality of sex the process may be physiological factors, i.e. changes in the correct functioning of essential systems, and psychological. In a number of recent come to the states, when the quality of the sexual intercourse is not possible due to restrictions, stiffness, stress, mental blocks and phobias.

Improve emotional state and relax mint power very well. So, tea with the addition of two-three leaves of the savory plant or a refreshing drink with him in the lineup will remove the excess voltage, with absolutely no effect on the physical capabilities of men.

Celebrated and the overall positive impact of mint on the work of the internal organs and systems. So, the proper use of the fees with the pepper plant in the composition contributes:

  • reduction of blood pressure;
  • liquefaction of the blood and improve blood flow;
  • normalization of sleep;
  • improving the work of the department the digestive system.

Peppermint effectively relieves pain symptoms in various pathological conditions, relieves inflammation and eliminates the basic manifestations of the disease colds: cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, etc.

Similar features even has a melissa – a relative of peppermint oil, but the concentration of menthol – the main essential substances in Melissa less.

Damage mint for health

Affects whether mint negative effect on male potency? If we consider the data of an experiment conducted by american scientists, the answer is unequivocal: yes. So, after a certain period of time, the experimental rats instead of pure water gave the drink a mint solution. In the result, it was found that mint is able to:

  • reduce the synthesis of the main sex hormone – testosterone;
  • break the healthy functioning of the reproductive system;
  • decreased libido;
  • contribute to the development of infertility.

All of these factors is a direct path to impotence, the what and the fear most men. But even here there is a "gotcha": the concentration of menthol. That these changes began to develop in the body of the representatives of the stronger sex, they will have to all drinks to replace the mint extract and continuously adding the leaves of the plant in food in an amount of not less than 300 grams per day. To endure such a "fragrant" on a diet men is unlikely to be able to.

A similar experiment helps to dispel the myth about the dangers of mint for men's health: dangerous to the plant itself, and excessive exceedance of its concentration. Also exaggerated the negative impact of the products and tools daily necessities with menthol: toothpaste, lotion, after shave, chewing gum and fruit drops cough drops.

The only confirmed negative actions, which is indeed observed in the consumption of menthol – can reduce the sperm motility. But even this property can be used positively: if a man does not plan to become a father, the drinking of mint will help to reduce the risk of pregnancy, i.e. have a special contraceptive effect (though with very low efficiency). If the couple is about to become the parents of the menthol is to be completely excluded from the diet.

Folk medicine for potency

As shown in the age-old procedure of using mint wild and lemon balm, these plants are when used correctly able to improve the potency and provide a healing effect on the entire urogenital system. The most popular recipes are:

Folk medicine for potency
  • Infusion of medicinal herbs. For the preparation of equally mixed dried mint (lemon balm), st. john's wort and meadow clover. 2 tablespoons of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water and insist quarter of an hour. Drink filter it and cool to room temperature.
  • Decoction. In its composition is a mint, st. john's wort and oregano. Each plant it is necessary to take a teaspoon, pour a glass of hot water and cook on steam for 10 minutes. Then drain, cool, if desired, add honey.
  • Tea. Its basis – thyme (2 parts), to it is added one part of peppermint oil and half a teaspoon of seeds of rosemary. The mixture was poured 300 ml of boiling water and insist 30 minutes. Drink instead of the usual tea or coffee.

In all of these recipes pepper grass serves as a supplement to medicinal plants, the concentration of menthol in them is minimal. But this amount is sufficient to reduce nervous tension and improve sexual power of guys.

Contraindications to the use of mint

Although most of the myths about the mint have nothing to do with reality, for some representatives of the stronger sex, is its consumption may have negative consequences. So, the list of contraindications include:

  • individual intolerance of menthol: it can cause a severe allergic reaction to swelling of the respiratory tract and the death of a person;
  • hypotension: menthol is able to reduce the blood pressure, therefore, suffer from this pathology eat menthol should be in strictly limited quantities.

He knew how to effect of mint on male potency, some of the guys start to eat the menthol in large volumes. Masculine strength from such applications may increase, but a relaxing experience to play a cruel joke: an overdose of ether will cause drowsiness, and it can spoil a romantic evening.

Mint pepper – a strong device that is able to affect the body positively or negatively. When used correctly, removes the inflammation and pain symptom, soothes and improves male strength, refreshing in the summer and warm in the winter. But in large doses can trigger the reduction of testosterone synthesis, which, in turn, affect the quality of sperm. Therefore, when deciding to improve the potency using the pepper plants should consult a doctor and strictly adhere to all of the benefits listed in the recipes.