The most effective folk remedy to enhance potency

It is known that on male potency negatively affect many factors such as daily stress, smoking, alcohol, being overweight, various diseases (and not only those which relate to the urinary system). To increase potency, men can make use of the funds, which are used in folk medicine. We offer several of the most effective folk remedies to increase male potency.

The most effective folk remedy to enhance potency

What you need to do before you use folk remedies

To a folk remedy brought the most benefit to men who want to increase their potency, it is necessary to learn to relax and unload the nervous system. Then it is necessary to normalize the food and exercise, and also desirable, to get rid of bad habits. Most often, only after this first step testosterone levels return to normal and potency-increases the natural way.

However, to ensure good potency, it is recommended to use the means of folk medicine, or herbal products. They are sufficiently effective and have no side effects, which occur when taking drugs.

Folk remedies to strengthen the potency

  • Very tasty and at the same time effective folk remedy – it is a mixture of crushed walnuts and honey. Ingredients (nuts and honey) are mixed in a ratio of one to one and are taken after a meal one tablespoon, within a month two-three times a day.
  • Dairy products are also perfectly effect on male potency, and their daily consumption contributes to its normalization. Tea and coffee beautifully enhance the potency, in particular, in the case that these drinks add a little cloves, ginger or saffron.
  • A decoction of st. john's wort perforated improves blood circulation, and this, in turn, contributes to the strengthening of potency. A decoction should be prepared in the following way: two tablespoons of the wort pour a glass of hot water, let stand one hour, then strain and drink three times a day for 50 ml.
  • A decoction Pasternak sativum increases the potency, and in addition, the bracing means. To prepare a decoction of it is necessary to take four tablespoons of root vegetables, grind them with six tablespoons of sugar and cook for 15 minutes on low heat. Then put the takes on within eight hours and drink three times after one of the soup box before eating.
  • Crushed walnuts with honey
  • Tea from bumps hops also contributes to the strengthening of potency. For its preparation it is necessary to take one tablespoon of chopped bumps hops, pour one glass of hot water and cook on low heat for five minutes. To take tea is a must in the course of one and half a month two-three times a day half a cup.