What has an effect on the potency in men: causes of decline and ways to improve

The decline in potency happens for various reasons. Today, this problem defies correction, but treatment can take a lot of time. Therefore, it is necessary to timely respond to the slightest signs of a decrease in potency. If earlier this problem is faced primarily by men after the age of forty, it has now significantly "younger" and still more frequently is observed in young people under 25 years.

The causes of this phenomenon can be roughly divided into two groups: physiological psychological. Depending on the causes, methods of correction vary considerably. Therefore, it is important to diagnose and detect the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological reasons for a decrease in potency

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Physiological causes of poor erection Methods of correction reduction in the potency of Proper nutrition and physical activity, Normalization of weight, Normalization of sleep Medications to increase potency Folk remedy to enhance potency

Psychological reasons for the reduced potency Reduced potency at a young age is often caused by psychological reasons. Men aged 25-35 years, who are trying to achieve a certain status in society. Lack of proper rest, working long hours and getting enough sleep, sooner or later will lead to a reduction of sexual activity.

On the background of permanent overload at work completely the nervous system of men. First, reduced libido, and potency. In this case, do not resort to medical treatment, it is sometimes enough simply to reject excessive loads, and will introduce a regime of work and rest.

The psychological reasons for the decline of potency include:

  • the conflict situation in the workplace and in the family;
  • sleep disorders;
  • stressful situation;
  • excessive mental and physical stress;
  • malaise;
  • complexes;
  • depression;
  • the failure of the first sexual experience.

Irregular sexual life negatively affects the potency. In occasional sexual contacts in the pelvic organs blood circulation is disturbed, which leads to a reduction in potency.

Important! The cause of the weak erection can be not only a lack of physical intimacy, but spiritual. Frequent scandals and misunderstandings between the spouses has an effect on male strength.

The complexes also does not allow men to enjoy sexual intercourse. Too high a concentration to deliver partner pleasure can play a cruel joke. At the most inopportune moment erection may disappear. In this case, it is necessary to consult a therapist to help him get rid of complexes.

Physiological causes of poor erection

After forty years, the endocrine system of men greatly decreases the synthesis of testosterone and the amount of the female hormone estrogen increases significantly. This leads to a reduction in potency.

Hormonal failure can occur even at a young age. This contributes to a bad lifestyle and constant stress. Therefore, when the first signs of a decrease in potency blood sample to a specific group of hormones.

Often the cause of reduce erectile function are diseases of the cardiovascular system. Neurological disorders can also lead not only to a reduction in potency, but also disrupt the work of other organs and systems.

The physiological reasons for the decline of potency include:

The state of potency deteriorates improper nutrition. Large amounts of sugar and salt, fatty foods, processed foods, and fast food have a negative effect on erectile function. It should also give up smoking and alcohol in moderation.

Methods of correction of a decrease in potency

First thing, before medical treatment, it is necessary to find the cause of the malfunction. If erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors, it is enough to organize the regime of the day and avoid stress. Often doctors recommend in such cases to take a vacation and how they need to get some rest. Complete relaxation normalizes endocrine, genitourinary and nervous system.

If the reduction in efficiency is due to physiological causes, it is necessary to remove a key cause. Vascular obstruction is often removed by surgical methods. Prescribe to stick to a diet to lower cholesterol.

Important! It is necessary to treat the cause of the disease and not eliminate the symptoms.

Proper nutrition and physical activity

potency in men and physical activity
  • it is imperative to include in the diet foods that contain selenium, zinc, vitamins C, E and group;
  • don't abuse very spicy and fatty foods;
  • do not overeat.

The risk of a decrease in potency decreases on 70%, if you practice regularly. A particularly effective exercise for strengthening erections.

With their help train the pubic-oil muscle and intensifies the blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Normalization of body weight

Excess weight has a effect on the testosterone production. In the adipose tissue is the female sex hormone ; estrogen. This leads to disturbances of erection and sexual appetite. How to reduce weight, it is necessary to stick to a diet and increase physical activity.

Normalization of sleep

Testosterone is produced by only assuming compliance with the sleep mode. Sleep needs at least 8 hours a day.

Preparations for increase potency

  • drugs for systemic application .Stimulate the filling of the penis with blood;
  • inhibitors of phosphodiesterase.. Drugs increase blood flow to the cavernous bodies;
  • antidepressant ;
  • hormonal drugs ; injections, testosterone patches, tablets.

Folk remedy to enhance potency

Tincture of ginseng root with honey. Mix 350 g of honey, half a teaspoon of crushed root. Take a week and a half. Take a teaspoon three times a day.

Tincture increases the potency and the synthesis of testosterone.

The infusion of nettle. Tablespoon of dry grass pour a glass of boiling water. Go out for a meal to the three ships. Eating just before sexual contact. Increases erections and sexual drive.

the continuity in men folk remedies

A mixture of nuts and honey. Mix nuts with honey in equal proportions. The mixture is to take a tablespoon three times a day, half an hour later after a meal, in the course of the month.

Problems with potency not occurred, it is necessary to eat correctly, get rid of bad habits and lead an active lifestyle.