How to increase strength in home conditions quickly folk remedies

Today every man, regardless of age, can face such a problem, as is a reduction in sexual function, the impact of which can have many factors. And here is to determine what exactly are the causes related to a decline in, and also what herbs for men to increase potency in men, what can be the use of methods in domestic conditions it is possible is a fine article.


Causes of disorders of sexual function

Before you start taking the remedies, potency, and libido in men after 50 years it is necessary to understand the causes that contribute to the weakening of this ability.

Over time, each human organism begins to age and along with this become weaker and the majority of its functions and sexy including. But in today's world of relatively frequent phenomenon is the emergence in men of middle age disorders associated with потенцией, and the show may even in young boys.

The reasons for the same phenomenon can be different, for example, the main of them are considered:

  • the problems associated with the prostate gland;
  • regular stay in stressful conditions;
  • internal disease;
  • the availability problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • overwork;
  • the manifestation of the stagnant phenomena in a small saucepan due to sedentary work;
  • overweight;
  • harmful habits (smoking or abusing alcoholic drinks).

And here to get rid of this kind of disorders, in the first place it is necessary to completely eliminate or at least reduce the cause of the повлекшей behind weakening, otherwise even the most powerful drugs to stimulate will not have the desired effect.

If the same internal disease, that need the help of experts, have not been revealed, then is the restoration of potency in men after 50 years in domestic conditions it is completely implement the task, to perform which can be use a means of alternative medicine, to start to live a healthy lifestyle and learn how to overcome stressful situations.

How to increase the potency for 1 day

You must realize that this kind of result is possible, but thanks to the adoption of special means for both oral and local exposure, I think they include medications in the form of tablets, ointments and gels. In their selection it is necessary to pay attention to the composition, since the content of natural ingredients in whole will not have harmful effects on the body, unlike other drugs.

However, such devices have a significant drawback – the length of their duration is only about 3-5 hours, and therefore often resort to the increase potency exactly natural and folk methods.

Folk remedies

You can increase the potency in men natural ways after 40 years of age and older. If reduction of male power was caused by the remediation process after an illness or переутомлением, then in this case, to cope with this problem is possible by using the workout equipment, such as some foods and medicinal herbs that support the restoration of in the body the lack of the necessary elements.

Among them can be distinguished:

  • trace elements, that is zinc, which is located in the семечках, spinach, seafood, nuts and marine fish;
  • useful vitamins, which are part of the raw fruits and vegetables as well as greens;
  • animal protein can be found in foods such as eggs, lean meat, dairy products, and fish.

The best known natural remedies for men after 50, without side effects, which will allow in short time to increase the level of male power in:

  • a mixture of dried fruits (usually used in the same ratio, raisins, prunes and dried apricots) with the product of beekeeping and crushed nuts. Also, this tasty and useful composition can be supplemented at the discretion of various spices (ginger, powder of cardamom and clove, and also spicy cinnamon);
  • a salad prepared on the basis of the green onion, young nettle leaves and eggs, cooked;
  • grated on a shallow grater carrots, with the addition of pinches of dried ginger and a dressing of honey.

It is recommended daily to include in your diet the following foods: garlic, spicy greens (which includes blue fenugreek, celery, coriander, parsley and not only), sunflower seeds pumpkin, contribute not only to breeding in the body of the total voltage, but in addition has a positive effect on the organs of internal secretion, the number of which is included предстательная iron.

Enhance potency in men after 60, 50 and 40 years old means, улучшающими blood circulation apply when the problems of an intimate nature were caused by processes in the pelvic organs, then the strengthening of a sexual nature, perhaps a method of stimulating blood circulation.

At home, the same conditions, can help in this simple ingredient is the juice of the aloe vera, which can be used as follows:

Honey, aloe juice and grapes red wine should be carefully to mix, stick to a ratio of 1:2:3 and send for
  • Honey, aloe juice and grapes red wine should be carefully to mix, stick to a ratio of 1:2:3 and send настаиваться for 7 days. Take the infusion, preferably before meals shooting times a day 1 century ml, but no more.
  • Take 500 grams of nuts, 100 grams of aloe vera extract, 300 g of honey, mix everything carefully and take obtained a miraculous mixture before meals 3 rv day 1 century ml

To stimulate гемодинамики you can also use and therapy of a local nature, and that: заварить in 1 ml boiling water 50 g of end-members and use for the preparation of ванночек, to receive which is recommended for about half an hour. Or разведите honey with water in a ratio of 1:5 and apply this poultice on the basis of the sexual organ no more than 10 minutes. A similar procedure is best done in the morning and evening hours.

What herbs to drink to increase potency in men

In alternative medicine there are a number of medicinal plants used for the increase of male power, among which are:

  • болотный aprs;
  • hawthorn;
  • nettle;
  • ginger;
  • lovage;
  • parsley, celery and so on

The list itself it is possible to write quite long because each of the plants may have on the male body of its positive effects and most of them are used for therapeutic purposes is possible every day, without fear of adverse effects.

Folk remedies for men after 45 years and older, that provide a large number of recipes using some of the above medicinal herbs:

Infusion, based on stinging nettle

Necessary components:

  • Grape wine – 500 ml.
  • The seeds of the nettle – 5 century la
  • Honey – 1 tbsp

Seed of nettle pour the wine, put on medium fire and bring to a boil. Then add the broth bee product and take a drink as long as it cools down. Taking the medicine preferably before going to bed after 50-100 gg


Kalganovaya alcohol tincture


  • The dried rhizome of the plant – 100 g,
  • Vodka – 0.5 liters.

Preparation: Kalganovaya roots pour vodka and send настаиваться to 14 days. The application of tincture of kalgan is carried out during the day, after the 1st century ml 3 rv day, or you can drink one small glass in the evening.

To increase the strength in the domestic environment in 15 minutes

How to increase strength in home conditions quickly — the recipes of folk medicine, proper nutrition, emphasis on minerals and vitamins, which are required for normal erection. Potency, it is possible to pick up and with the help of exercise, using folk methods. All the useful tips in this article.

What vitamins and minerals can quickly improve potency?

The state of potency is directly dependent on what you eat, from полноценности diet. On the potency affect some vitamins and minerals:

  • Zinc. It is part of many enzymes, and therefore it is involved in metabolic processes. To get the level of testosterone in the body was normal, we need a sufficient amount of this chemical element. Zinc is involved in the exchange dehydrotestosterone. In male sex organs is constantly going on fission and updates of the genital cells, this process slows down when lack of zinc. Reduces the number of sperm , reducing their quality. Enhance potency often depends on the t of the diet, will quickly increase the potency you foods rich in zinc: shrimp, oysters, wheat bran, anchovies, egg yolks, fish.
  • Selenium. A mineral that in large quantities it uses the reproductive system of men. The main role of selenium — an antioxidant. The element supports the blood vessels in a healthy state, warns development of atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack. Frees the body from radicals, selenium ensures the synthesis of sex hormones and sperm. When his lack of decreases of testosterone in the body, which entails the failure of potency. To your body selenium, add to the diet the following products, the potency of: corn, seafood, tomatoes, garlic and eggs.
  • Vitamin Ie. fat-soluble vitamin, which is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Its action is multifaceted: the normalization of hormonal background, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, stabilizing cell membranes, is an obstacle to the formation of blood clots. Lack of tocopherol sometimes leads to the development of infertility, including on the part of men. Contains vitamin E in foodstuffs: vegetable oils, wheat germ, fish, nuts, potency, sunflower seeds, particularly pumpkin.
  • Vitamins of group b. Often the decline in potency is related to переутомлением of the body. Thiamine, or vitamin B1 reduces fatigue of the organism, improves immunity, nourishes the muscles and brain with energy. Pyridoxind, or vitamin B6 affects the nervous system. To increase strength, add to the diet of seeds подсолнуха, eggs, nuts, sea fish.

How to increase strength in home conditions quickly?

Increase potency quickly is possible even in domestic conditions. Here are some of the secrets:

  • Various water treatments. It can be a daily douches, hiking in the sauna once a week. Such a difference in temperature positively affects the blood flow throughout the body, including in organs of the urinary system.
  • Change the diet. Eliminate harmful products, sauces, fatty foods. Add to food, for example well-known aphrodisiacs such as celery, parsley, potency, garlic, onions.
  • Give up bad habits. How alcohol and smoking negative impact on the trophic organs. Substances contained in tobacco constrict blood vessels, reduce the formation of sex hormones.
  • Sometimes with the aim of increasing the potency in one day, need to just relax and get rid of stress. Often just психоэмоциональное strain becomes a cause of male inability.
  • Physical exercise. Will have on the body a different effect, but their effectiveness is undeniable. About it, I'll explain below.

The physical burden and increase the potency

Any exercise is good for the whole body. But experts have developed special complexes of exercise, which purposefully act on the work of the genital organs, their trophism and tone of the muscles, which are responsible for erection.

Displayed exercises in the event that:

  • in you is gone morning erections;
  • erection is weak, it is not enough to complete intercourse;
  • missing the attraction to a woman;
  • the orgasm was not as clear as before.

Here are examples of exercises:

  • Explain how to strengthen very quickly, at home, just that exercises regularly this exercise. The man sits down on the floor (warm), it is possible to on the bench. Your feet need widely dotting. Back smooth, hands skip down, breath calm, the nose. During rapid short breaths сжимайте palms as if to catch something. Along with this try to how can a stronger squeeze your buttocks, feel all the muscles that are responsible for this movement. Then slowly breathe out. The exercise is performed from the 7 approaches, among which one minute of rest. Such physical tension effectively strengthens the muscles of the perineum, supports control of urination, especially for those who have incontinence. Shortens muscles, you are doing the idea, prostate massage, provide blood flow to a greater extent than previously. Sure, there's a very positive way affect sexual function.
  • The second exercise is performed from a supine position on the abdomen. The hands bent in elbows, palms on the level of the axillary cavity, that is, your elbows "look" up. Slowly inhaling, lift your head and shoulder belt, slowly dumped the head back. On the exhale lower your head and chest to the starting position. After a few seconds of rest, repeat another 7 approaches.
  • The next exercise is focused on the working muscles, which are responsible for potency. to be sitting on a chair with his legs apart, the tension of the muscles, which is located between the anus and the scrotum can. That is, the buttocks should be relaxed;
  • The next exercise is simple. He stood on the spot, do the steps, how is it possible to lift the knee.

Features exercises that progressively load should increase. Increase the number of repetitions, do the exercise in the morning and evening. On average, the effect of the performed daily tasks should appear a week later.

In fact, problems with erectile function occur at any age. Most cases, impotence can fix this , he turns for help to the professionals. In 95% of the doctors will be able to restore an erection without operative intervention. The most important condition for the preservation of potency — healthy lifestyle.