Safe remedy for potency in men

The symptoms of male impotence are unsuccessful sexual acts. During the frequent failures, of sexual plan, men lose their self-esteem, fall into depression, sometimes even evolving pathological phenomena of a psychological nature. Most often, patients are beginning to increase the potency at home, individually, using for this the most harmless means. However, not always the men manage to cope with the problem themselves, they need a secure means for potency.

Erectile dysfunction are called organic morbid process, which develops due to disorders in the cardiovascular system. Preparations for increase potency in men, shall not have an adverse manifestations, in particular those patients, who are more mature ages. It is very important that the funds were safe for the cardiovascular system.

Biologically active food supplements

Among the safest ways to restore potency, a special place is reserved Badam. They are considered the safest medication, it is due to their vegetable origin. Manufacturers of dietary Supplements to register products, as the dosage form.

Potency is restored with the help of natural ingredients:

  • chinese lemongrass;
  • ginseng;
  • the seeds of tuber onion;
  • reindeer horns;
  • yohimbe;
  • mushrooms Lingzhi;
  • chinese Goji;
  • other natural ingredients.

Supplements considered harmless, because they do not have any side-effects. However, you cannot say with certainty about all of the biological supplements. If the patient enjoy much more, with the dosage, then after the use of certain herbal remedies, can occur intoxication.

Some experts at all do not trust the biological supplementation and their effectiveness. They believe that in the manuals for the use of the described action of drugs, the many iniquities. Biological supplements, which are not in the investigation, but only tested. There are great fears of the impact in percentage terms. In addition, these drugs require longer-term use.

Many patients, after completing a few courses to increase the potency of Badami, so haven't had any shifts for the better. Other patients noted on the negative effects of such therapy, in the form of disturbed, cholesterol, lipid, sharing, insomnia, excitement.

You can blow a large amount of money on the wind, and the expected result, and does not appear. The men on this background, lose confidence in the ability to lead sexual life in normal that diverts a visit to the profile of the expert for the determination of effective therapy.

Recommendations for selection of drugs for the treatment of sexual impotence, should make you an expert. The doctor takes into account the severity and stage of unhealthy phenomenon, age, men, can are available further disease infection of the urinary tract.

Other recommendations men after choosing a safe increase potency

Some men prefer a safer to increase potency, using drugs based on herbal ingredients.

Despite the big selection of drugs for the return of male power, men do not exclude the use of folk remedies, consider them completely safe.

Honey products

In the honey is available a rich vitamin composition, zinc, macro-and micro-elements necessary for the health of the prostate. Eat honey, it is necessary to drink warm milk.

The rhizome of ginseng

The root of this medicinal plant, it is considered to be the best, male sexual tonic. Thanks to the resources on the basis of ginseng increases the libido, disappear sexual dysfunction, which manifests itself on the background of stress, overwork. The active substance of rhizomes of ginseng are involved in connection with the influx of testosterone.



Men are advised in your daily diet add nuts. It may be sesame, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts. In the composition of these products is available in zinc, arginine, iron, selenium. You can make a honey-nut matter, you take a tablespoon three times a day, every day. Officinalis ingredients is very tasty and useful.