Vitamins for men — an important factor in increasing the potency

Without taking vitamins into the body, the normal activity of man is practically impossible. These invisible substances contained in foods, or special dietary supplements in microscopic amount, are required for:

  1. Improving the work of immune system.
  2. Normalizing the cell renewal process of the skin and internal organs.
  3. Production in the required quantities of various hormones, including sex.
  4. Ensure sufficient blood flow to the genitals.
  5. Increase the body's resistance.
  6. Building lean muscle mass.
  7. Amplification of sexual desires.
  8. Increase the working performance.

When the lack of those or other elements of the food dramatically worsens the health condition of the person, reduces the ability to work, disappearing attraction to the opposite sex. Upon the occurrence of such symptoms, such as weakness, decline in environmental tone, the deterioration of the condition of the skin and hair, it is necessary to maximally diversify the food, and if necessary — take and additionally special vitamin complexes and drugs for potency in men.

What vitamins promote increasing the potency

Of course, the body, men need various useful substances, because they all have influence on the functioning of the body. However, some of the vitamins in the greatest degree of effect on the reproductive system: vitamins</1_img>

  1. Vitamin E for potency is simply irreplaceable, because it increases the flow of blood to the male sexual organ. In addition, this substance helps to a better recovery of the cells of the whole organism, but also has antioxidant properties.
  2. Vitamin C significantly increases the elasticity of blood vessels, significantly improving blood circulation and thus ensures the flow of blood to the male sexual organ. This substance is essential for a sufficient increase in testosterone levels and a reliable prevention of inflammation of the prostate gland.
  3. Vitamin D for potency, is also needed, because it increases the synthesis of sex hormones, boosts sex drive.
  4. B vitamins are necessary for the protection of the liver, formation of hormones, increase the tone of the organism and maintain many other functions.
In addition to the above substances, on the condition of the male reproductive system influence on the content of trace elements in food, especially zinc and selenium.

Where are men's vitamins for potency

No fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods rich in these or other vitamins, but in the highest concentration of useful substances contains:

  1. Vit. E — in olive and sunflower oil, yolk of chicken eggs, green luke, and also celery.
  2. Vit. With — in citrus fruits, sauerkraut or fresh cabbage, bright orange carrots, luke, green parsley.
  3. Vit. D — found in fish oil, chicken or quail eggs, fat, cheese, cheese, quality butter, fresh milk.
  4. Vit. group In — in nuts, dairy products, carrots, fish, a variety of cereals, bread, pasta.

Important for men trace elements to the greatest extent contained in seafood, sea fish, garlic, nuts for men, rye bread, corn, and tomatoes.

When necessary, additional intake of vitamins for men

Assuming rational nutrition, the need for the male body on vitamins covered almost completely. But each person uses food no less than 500 to 600 g of vegetables and fruit a day? Is there enough useful substances contain greenhouse tomatoes or cucumbers in the winter? About the benefits of canned semi-finished products and can not speak, because the only thing that is in them in sufficient numbers — it is calories.

vitamins for men</2_img>

Therefore, in many cases, the need to use the reception of the beneficial substances in the form of individual drugs or integrated tools. It is advisable to further enrich your body with medicines with vitamins in the following cases:

  1. In the off-season — in late autumn and early spring, when the content of necessary substances in fresh foods is minimal.
  2. During the frequent colds and various inflammatory diseases.
  3. If a man is a smoker. When smoking at a faster pace is destroyed by vitamin C, so the additional intake of this substance is necessary.
  4. At strong stress and high emotional load. Due to the high tension in the body, accelerating the process of digestion of nutrients to ensure the life, so without vitamin "doping" in this case can not do.
  5. During convalescence after injuries, operations, serious illnesses.
  6. In the presence of liver disease, bowel and other organs, in which the vitamins from food are digested not in full.

Like better to take vitamins

The dosage of each drug is usually indicated on the packaging. The above means be adopted, as a rule, during the meal or after it. The recommended standard income it is better to not exceed, otherwise it is possible the emergence of adverse side effects.

Vitamins C, b, E, they usually come in the form of tablets or capsules. It should be taken as a whole, unless otherwise specified in the instructions.

Vitamin D, it is appropriate to use with a small amount of water or other fluid.

It is better to consume medications listed comprehensively, then their effects only amplified. This is the reason why the largest effect they have specifically developed a comprehensive dietary supplement with vitamins.

Vitamins to increase potency in men can be purchased in the form of a special complex, assembled with regard to the needs of the male body beneficial substances.

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindications to receive vitamin products is quite a few. Their income you should withdraw only in cases of individual intolerance or in the presence of certain diseases. So, from the use of vitamin E better to abstain in cardiosclerosis, as well as immediately after myocardial infarction.

C caution it is necessary to approach to the intake of vitamin complexes in the presence of stones in the kidney, in ulcer of the stomach..

When exceeding the dosage it is possible some undesirable consequences: the emergence of drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia, rashes on the skin, worsening of gastritis, strengthening a stone in the kidney, thrombosis of the veins.

To avoid the side effects and the income from the above funds only benefit, you should first consult with your doctor, but also take vitamin preparations courses, rather than constantly.

Assuming that the appropriate use of multivitamin complexes with time will not only improve the overall condition of the body, but will disappear problems with potency.