Tools and techniques to strengthen the potency for the modern man

In addition to the selection of drugs and homeopathic remedies, aimed at strengthening the potency in men, it is possible to use traditional methods of treatment, rebuilding the food, and also need to change the lifestyle.

Signs of instability of potency

The ability to fulfilling sexual intimacy, or a good potency is characterized by the maximum speed of the onset of an erection lasting more common time interval for its preservation. Exactly, it directly reflects the indicators for standards of sexual potency. Problems with sexual activity can affect the body of a man in what you want to age. The reason for this is largely based on the interaction of various negative phenomena.

Potency disorders may wear a temporary manifestation, and can also manifest itself in a more sustainable way, then it is for a sufficiently long period of time. For this reason, that even the short-term and insignificant manifestations of potency brings a large number of problems and psychological difficulties, do not immediately figure out how to remove this problem.

the problem

Increase the potency at home

The main direction in the process of solving the problem with potency is the complete removal of the causes of an unstable character. One of the methods of increase potency is the complete removal of bad habits. Nicotine and a steady intake of alcoholic beverages, is the main factor in the complete suppression of the natural synthesis of testosterone or the male hormone. Normal its quantity in the body and in the blood flow helps to maintain a more stable erection.

To therapy aimed at solving the problem of how to increase the strength, it is worth it to start only after adjusting the total state of the organism. It is important not to give up bad habits, but also to reduce the burden, if possible. If work is sedentary, stand necessarily done in a daily routine of physical activity.

General rules to increase the potency

In order to understand how the method can maximize the restore potency, worth originally to identify the factors that can trigger failure. It is worth noting that these include not only the natural aging process, but also frequent stress, emotional strain, overwork, and an increase in body weight. On the basis of these factors it can be concluded, that is to solve all the issues with the potency, it is possible using these standard methods, such as:

  1. Correction of nutrition.
  2. The implementation of the physical activity.
  3. The intake of special drugs.
  4. Graduating from physiotherapy.

Choose a maximum suitable method of treatment and the restoration of power only by a professional. Before the development of the appropriate scheme of treatment the doctor will determine the underlying causes of failure. In some cases it is necessary only to change the lifestyle, in more complex situations it is necessary to undergo treatment by folk remedies and medicines to increase potency.

Nutrition to increase the potency

Quite often the male body is subdued in the presence of excess weight. If they are present in the body a decrease in the level of testosterone synthesis. This automatically leads to the formation and accumulation of fat. In other words, in the body triggers the processes that can be characterized as a closed circle, and to interrupt him, you'll need to change the diet.

Another sign of the influence of excess weight on the potency of, education is to the blood vessels of cholesterol plaques. They significantly disrupt the blood circulation, which automatically negatively affects the potency.

Adjust the weight, it is very important to completely change the diet. You need to choose products that contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the division of excessive amount of fat. In order to normalize the weight and at the same time increase the strength, it is worth it to include diet foods, such as:

  • Nuts of all kinds around 100 grams per day;
  • Pomegranates, citrus fruits and figs;
  • Onions of all varieties, which activates the sexual drive;
  • Milk and dairy products – sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese, cream;
  • Lean meat;
  • Useful, full of Omega 3 and 6 oils – olive, flaxseed and fish oil;
  • Coriander, parsley and celery;
  • A mixture of honey and nuts.
  • All kinds of seafood.
  • Fish – mackerel, flounder;
the right food

In those small doses and not regularly consume alcoholic beverages. Special attention should be paid to wine, as the beer has a negative effect on the potency.

The use of folk remedies

The means of folk medicine are less effective in removing the issues related with potency. Treatment data recipes may be more mundane, but gives a long lasting result, but also is accompanied by the emergence of dependency and difficult side effects. Here are the most popular and effective methods of treatment, built on the means of folk medicine.

Garlic tincture

Garlic is definitely not enough to bring in the daily diet, but also take an infusion of them. The advantage of this method and means of treatment is the availability of in garlic a large amount of useful substances that have a positive impact on the health of men. The application and use of garlic ensures blood flow to the genitals, improves the baseline erectile function of men.

For the preparation of tinctures need to grind three heads of garlic, mix them in a jar l volume and pour all the hot water. For effective associated with recovery will need your dishes tightly closed and at room temperature.

Before using the infusion should state in the closed form of at least one month with daily care. Uses this product once a day, but not in the pure form and after breeding a teaspoon of the composition in a glass of milk.

Treatment ginseng

This plant is a powerful stimulant of the male libido. For obtaining the positive outcome of enough tincture of the root of ginseng three times a day take one tablespoon. Preparing a tincture of teaspoons of pre-chopped product and a cup of honey. After the medicine for 10 days it takes on, it is ready to eat. After a few days of such a form of treatment in men manifest themselves as positive phenomena, such as:

  • Blood flow to the penis member;
  • Serious stimulation of the libido;
  • The normalization of erectile function.

To obtain this positive outcome of the tincture should be taken approximately a month. The plant will quickly increase the level of libido and potency in men of different ages.

The root of the calamus to increase the potency

To increase male libido it is worth it to eat the root of the swamp calamus. The plant can simply mull over, like ordinary chewing gum. In addition, on the basis of the calamus is possible to do an alcohol tincture. There is a need to take 10 drops three times a day. For preparation of this strong stimulus tools, you will need the root of the plant and pour the rubbing alcohol in the ratio of 1:5.


This means effectively with him, the sexual life of a man, but also completely eliminates all forms of nervous exhaustion, removal of chronic fatigue syndrome. Taken the tincture in the course of one month.

Tincture of st john's wort

Tincture on the basis of the wort effectively increases the blood supply to organs of sexual sphere. As a result, in males it is installed, powerful and long-term erection, and at any age. To prepare the therapeutic infusion, it is necessary to take two teaspoons of st. john's wort, pour them a glass of boiling water and leave for about an hour. The whole of the resulting composition is necessary to drink during the day.

Honey and propolis for male power

Various bee products and the honey is very useful for men.Eating propolis is worth it all, without exception, the representatives of the strong half of mankind. The products of this plan to effectively restore sexual function of men. In addition, it is a perfect preventive remedy that not only cures the failure of potency, but also protects against the development of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. If you want to quickly get rid of problems with potency, it is worth it to eat honey, mixed with nuts. In advance it is necessary to grind into a fine state and mixed with honey.

If you always use this quite a wonderful means to two teaspoons after a meal about a month, you can quickly restore the sexual sphere and the function of the organs. If to the mixture add a small amount of dried apricots, at the same time with the treatment of potency will prevent the development of cardiovascular disease.

Nettle is from the sexual impotence

Treatment nettle it is possible to use, if it is not possible to buy more than expensive in cost and difficult availability of funds. This plant is characterized by a high degree of efficiency and availability, which focus on the removal of erectile function.

Increase the potency, it is advisable to use the seeds and roots of the plant. All of this can be brew and drink as a tea approximately 30 minutes before removing the food. it can be several times a day. From the given ingredients, you can prepare a medicinal tincture. It is so effective, that allows you to literally after one ingestion to restore or increase the potency. To prepare a tincture, it is necessary to take a spoonful of plants and deposit in a bank, the bay of two glasses of vodka. Infusion is necessary to insist in a dark place for three weeks. To receive the composition can be straining on a tablespoon three times a day.

Intoxicating tea

Constantly promoting libido, it is necessary to drink tea, prepared on cones of hops. To prepare this tea is not difficult, it is necessary to take a teaspoon of raw materials, pour boiling water. Liquid is necessary to cook on for 10 minutes. Such tea should be drunk during the day and preferably 30 minutes before removing the food.


All of the above recipes are used in the violation of potency over the years. Have been tested dozens of generations, which even more proves the high efficiency. The availability of the natural ingredients allow you to undergo treatment without any side effects. The course of treatment of data the means provides a stable and long-term outcome.

To sum up

If you take into account all of the attention to the recommendations and tips can be fast enough to restore potency, and also to prevent the development of specific complex diseases. In the initial stage it is possible to folk methods and change in lifestyle. When more running form of development problems, it will be possible to take advantage of popular medicines. The process of treatment it is worth to carry out under the guidance of an experienced therapist.