Increased potency in men: list of active methods

Increased potency in men, it can become a pathology, if it brings discomfort, pain, caused by various diseases and factors that are not controlled by man. But in most cases, this term among the representatives of the stronger sex is called a condition when a person is willing to commit long and high-quality sexual acts, is not experiencing problems with ejaculation and erection, gets moral satisfaction from intimacy, and can bring a partner a good orgasm.

Increased potency in men

Most often reduces potency in men on the background of stress, physical and mental fatigue, misery, at home and at work, a variety of disorders and diseases in the body, excess weight, age-related changes and many other factors. Let's see, what drugs to increase potency in men and how to achieve a positive effect naturally.

What increases the potency

When answering the question of how to increase potency in men fast and safely, experts say about the need for a comprehensive approach. There are a huge number of these ways, but everything can be divided into several groups:

  • natural techniques for getting increased potency, including lead active healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and normalization of sleep and wakefulness;
  • the use of special equipment, for example, movements of the prostate and a vacuum cylinder;
  • the application of herbal and homeopathic remedies, nutritional Supplements in the form of tablets and capsules, injections, ointments, drops, gels and other;
  • the use of surgical implants when all other methods have the desired effect.

Natural ways to increase potency

Learn how to increase potency in men natural ways, you just need to draw attention to the main principles of a healthy lifestyle. Their compliance with and active introduction into their life and help make a person healthier and more resilient, improving erections and libido, sensation during intimacy.

Natural ways to increase potency

So, to increase the potency and enhance immunity, experts recommend:

  1. Slightly play sports. Too intense physical strain lead to reduced potency and the tone, how and a sedentary lifestyle. It is advisable to deal with 2-4 times a week under the supervision of a good coach any kind of sport that you like, for example, swimming, cardio load, run, fight.
  2. A balanced eating. You need to eat 4-5 times a day. While this diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber. For men, important is the presence in food of vitamins E, a, B group, C. zinc, selenium, magnesium and manganese, iron, sulfur. And some blown generally better to exclude from the diet. It is food, fast food, cold cuts and baking, fried foods and also products, in which flavors, preservatives, dyes.
  3. Water also has a huge effect on potency. It is advisable to drink daily 2-3 liters. A small amount of green and black tea and quality coffee will not harm in moderation. But here is alcohol, sweet soda, energy – enemies increased potency.
  4. Hardening, water treatments and sunbathing, visiting the baths and saunas, as well as other procedures to enhance immunity have a positive impact on potency. But here it is important to remember that everything is good in moderation. Yes, and the implementation of such procedures has a number of contraindications, for example, you can relax in the sauna or steam bath in the presence of cardiovascular disease.
  5. Refusal of bad habits. Smoking and alcohol cause major damage to the potency, have a negative impact on the overall feelings and immunity. The faster you say "no" to smoking and alcohol abuse, the better you will feel.
  6. Monitoring their health. Preventive examinations by specialists will help you to timely detect many diseases and heal them without consequences on health. In addition, care must be taken to not overweight, because each kilogram, is the extra burden on all organs and systems, as well as increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.
  7. Lead regular sexual life. Only strenuous sex, in moderate amounts, will always be "up in arms". It is also important to observe the loyalty of the partner. It will allow to avoid excessive excitement and to get the maximum pleasure during sexual intimacy.

Only an integrated approach with respect to all of these recommendations will help to achieve increased efficiency. If you only receive the tablets, prescribed by a doctor or choose for yourself, then the desired effect can and not get. In addition, I is able to lead to a deterioration of health.

The use of drugs for increased potency

Among the most popular drugs that increase potency in men, it should be noted:

  • remedies for stimulation of erection, sold in the pharmacy;
  • preparations to soothe and relieve the effects of stress, fatigue, overstrain;
  • means to improve the blood supply to the penis and the pelvic organs;
  • homeopathic products with a natural composition for a tonic and immunostimulatory effect, which libido and potency;
  • Supplements aimed at the prevention and elimination of erectile dysfunction and other "male" problems;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes and other medications, which help improve overall health, strengthen immunity and to bridge the lack of useful substances, necessary for normal erections and libido.

Application Supplements for potency

The application of medication and Supplements for increased potency

In the list of drugs that increase potency in men and are in accordance with the homeopathic includes a variety of means. The action is more gentle and restrained, but also gives the desired effect with proper and regular use.

Supplements diet for increased efficiency enjoys a special demand, because they have few contraindications, wholly or partly of natural composition, soft action not only on the work of the genitourinary system, but on the whole his body. Are made to these funds on the basis of old recipes, but with the use of modern technology and development. Most of them went through clinical studies and have all the necessary quality certificates and documents confirming the safety.

Before using any medicine it is necessary to pre-consult with the doctor. Only a specialist can pick up the drug to improve potency or to carry out comprehensive treatment with regard to serious problems.

The use of folk recipes

Increase libido and potency in men of different ages is possible through the use of folk recipes, among which special popularity is enjoyed for example:

  1. Honey-nut mixture. Several kinds of nuts, such as walnuts, forest, almonds, and peanuts, if they are used in equal proportions, mix with natural liquid honey. Taking the drug need to a teaspoon a day for several weeks.
  2. Consumption of garlic and onions. Also increased the potency of contribute to the inclusion in the diet of coriander, fennel, parsley, celery, seafood and other aphrodisiacs, rich in beneficial substances.
  3. Adding to the food, drink, decoctions and tinctures of ginseng, ginger, calamus and other useful plants. Decoctions of herbs and some kinds of Marc from animals, for example, from the anal glands of the beaver, will help restore male strength.

Increased potency in men contribute special exercise. Training of the muscles in the intimate area of you in the future to check an erection and make it open and full, prolong sexual intercourse and there will be a feeling of the orgasm brighter.


Stress, unhealthy diet and alcohol lead to the fact that already at a young age, the question arises, how to increase potency in men natural ways, without the use of drugs. It's not worth it to be ashamed of the treatment to the doctors with erectile dysfunction. Modern tools you can easily and safely increase libido in men, increase the amount of testosterone and promote the attraction to women is at the proper level. In men at any age and in any condition may cause problems in the intimate area, that in any case is not indicative of male inability. If shyness and fear prove false inferiority do not resort to qualified help, you need to learn how to properly lift the potency in domestic conditions. There is a huge amount of recommendations and methodologies, how to increase potency in men folk remedies.

However, in the systematic occurrence of problems of a sexual nature you should not rely only on people's ways to instantly achieve an erection. Prevention — the best medicine to maintain male health up to old age. If, however, compliance with the recommendations, lead the right life style do not provide a stable increase potency and men's failure to begin to have a chronic character, without medical intervention can do. You need to realize that sexual impotence can be the result of certain diseases, which in domestic terms is not curable.

If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to increase potency in men, then it is worth it to instantly turn to the pills, stimulating an erection. They are preferred when other means do not help, or provide an insufficient effect. Return a good erection and libido, to re-experience the vivid feelings and sexual arousal, it is possible, and natural ways, and the receipt of funds of natural origin.

In particular, if the reduction in efficiency is caused by fatigue, stress or adverse environmental conditions. But if within a few weeks of natural measures, including the normalization of nutrition and sleep, do not give improvement of the status of, and problems with erections are added additional worrisome symptoms, such as pain and problems with urination, it is worth it to instantly turn to the expert, not catching the self-heal.