Products for potency - feeding for men, to increase libido, list, and recipes

The accelerated rhythm of life, negative environment, regular stress are able to endanger the health of even the strong man. Adverse factors have an impact on the potency of the representatives of the strong half of mankind. To avoid problems in the sexual area, helps proper nutrition. Useful products for potency and active lifestyle will men forever forget about the problems in the intimate area, directly affect the physical and mental health.

products for potency in men, fast acting

What is the potency

Long male power prized for the ability to continue their lineage. Today the word "potency" has a broader meaning. Modern man is not only important to become a father, but also to sexually satisfy a woman. In sexology good potency has the following features:

  • the ability to satisfy a partner and have the satisfaction;
  • duration of the sexual intercourse;
  • the rate of occurrence of erectile function;
  • ability to ejaculation;
  • the quality of the sperm.

What is there to increase the potency

Decline in erectile function is not only creates problems in the intimate area, but also beats the male of your vanity. However, nature has taken care and about this problem, offers to eat useful products to increase potency in men. The list is huge. To the sex life is full, you must enter into the diet foods that contain vitamins B,E,And, as well as minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc. In their daily use increases the production of testosterone, which has a beneficial effect on the strengthening of male power.

Products that potency

The right food for the potency of men – it's not necessarily complicated to prepare food. Increase libido, which is capable of the usual vegetables and fruit. Don't forget about the benefits of bee honey. Daily use of his in small amounts, especially in combination with other products, increase the production of hormones, positively affects potency. It is worth paying attention to the spices. Skyrocket the sexual activity of men, if you feed him food, seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger. Let's discuss natural aphrodisiac which male power.


If the answer to the question of what foods are beneficial to male potency, it is necessary to first mention about the fruit. For the prevention of sexual impotence are recommended per day to eat bananas, which are called "the fruit of passion and sensuality". A pair of yellow fruit a day will help you to restore the tone of the body, let a charge of sexual energy. Bananas are classified into the category of aphrodisiacs that potency. The daily diet of the men must be even such fruits as:

  • oranges, lemons, supporting the production of the hormone testosterone;
  • apricots, which are easy to deal with decreased libido;
  • the avocado, in which it is located folic acid, contributes to longer erections.

Dairy products

Nutritionists advise to consume dairy products to increase potency. Sour cream, yogurt, cream and cheese are excellent assistants in fight against sexual dysfunction in men. Due to the presence of the necessary amino acids and vitamins, goat milk has an effect on the male libido. This tool has passed the tested for centuries. Goat's milk before bed egyptian pharaohs and roman generals. For amplification of the result is recommended daily drink two cups in the pure form.

products for potency in men, fast acting, parsley


Stimulate sexual energy as vegetables, such as garlic, carrots, turnips. Help blood circulation and rejuvenation of the organism. Garlic works like a magic eye from fairy tales: increases the potency, strengthens the. The rich composition of vegetables contains vitamins D, C, B, essential oils, helpful trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. For sexual desire is necessary in your diet to include fresh turnips. If you combine it with grated fresh carrots, then the root is able to get rid of a person from diseases of the genitourinary system just for a one-month daily consumption.


It is known that natural aphrodisiacs to increase and prolong the sex drive. These include nuts – the products needed for the increase potency, which are necessary to include in the daily menu of every man. Control the force of sexual activity, regulate the mechanisms, ejaculation, erection, excitement. Only 50 grams of nuts per day you men to live a full sexual life. Contribute to the improvement of sexual activity:

  • walnuts;
  • almonds;
  • cashew;
  • pistachios;
  • peanuts;
  • hazelnuts.


Especially useful for improving the potency celery, spinach, cilantro and parsley. They are rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. In parsley contains apigenin, which suppresses the effect of the hormone estrogen negatively specifically affecting the potency. Celery is rich in zinc, but this important trace element is responsible for the synthesis of testosterone, which brings a positive effect not only on the disorder, but also on the reproductive function of men. Herbs for potency is best to eat raw, because the heat treatment reduces the number of useful substances.

The best products for potency

Equally important foods to increase potency in men of animal origin. Exclusively vegetable food does not provide enough energy. Fish and meat dishes, too, must be in the diet of men. Saturate the body with nutrients it needs to be split according to time of day. So, to increase libido for breakfast need to eat foods rich in carbohydrates. For lunch it is better to eat protein foods, and for dinner – easy vegetable. Complete nutrition, aimed at strengthen the male potency, is not possible without the inclusion in the diet of vitamin-mineral complexes.


In the diet men need to not only plant protein but also the animals. Meat – this is the product that is the main element, creates tissue. In it are necessary for men's health trace elements, vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron and others). The best choice will be low-fat varieties: rabbit, chicken. Such meat is perfectly absorbed, contains a low level of bad cholesterol, so it is recommended to consume in many healing diets.

The stomach of a camel

In the East the stomach of a camel takes 1 place among the products that increase potency. This is deservedly so, because the effect is not worse than Viagra, when it is not at all harmful for the body. A strong healing effect on sexual function has the stomach of a camel arida on the special prescription. For a potency not recommended to consume the product immediately prior to the initiation of sexual intercourse. Immediately to increase libido, it is necessary to eat only 3 ounces of camel stomach (not far from a small pea).


The best product from the sea, which is able to increase libido, are considered to be the oysters. Crustaceans are known for an invigorating effect on the male body, because they contain in the composition of dopamine – a substance that can help increase production of sex hormones. Most suitable for men oysters, which were caught in the spring. Scientists have found that in this period of the year is the concentration of zinc and the amino acids in molluscs is very high, because they are actively multiplying.

Quail eggs

In the protein of raw eggs quail contains much more protein than chicken meat, so they are more useful for the male body. The presence of interferon, which protects against inflammation of the prostate gland, helps increase sexual stamina and improve sex drive. It is advisable to consume raw quail eggs, because the egg – this is the product subjected to thermal processing, so lost a large portion of their nutrients.

If you regularly drink colorful testicles (3-4 months), then the orgasm will become sharper and clearer, reducing recovery time between sexual contacts. However, you must remember that this allergenic product, therefore, is the abuse of them is not necessary. To avoid allergy, it is recommended to drink of lemon juice (15 g), quail eggs (3 pcs), honey (15 g), brandy (20 g) and mineral water (100 ml). Such a cocktail is a good drink potency 2-3 times a week during 3 months.

Products for potency quick acting

Eat seafood and sea fish is recommended for a quick solution to sexual problems. Of all the varieties on the nutrition secrete:

  1. Mackerel. Contains slightly protein. In bonito concentrated iodine, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. Regular inclusion of this fish into the diet is guaranteed to improve erectile function in men.
  2. Halibut. It is known not only amazing taste, but also a quick effect on an erection. The most useful is considered the halibut, cooked on steam. In the salt and dried the form of a fish, it loses half of its useful properties.
  3. The mussel. How and oysters are rich in beneficial for the male strength trace elements. Thanks to the high content of protein and zinc consumption of molluscs facilitates the rapid erection, improve the quality of sperm.
products for potency in men, quick action, the eggs

Recipes for the potency of men

The easiest dish to increase potency – nuts with honey. This combination of products will serve as an excellent dessert for every day. Daily consumption of nuts with honey after eating the main dish is already over the moon to help solve the problem of a sexual nature. For the preparation of the dessert you just have to combine foods in equal parts. One more useful for the potency of the food – the egg of ram. It is a favorite delicacy of the male population of the Caucasus. Cook the eggs just need to fry them with onions in olive oil for 15 minutes, and the delicacy is ready.

To increase testosterone production will help tincture of ginseng. Cook it is not difficult. Chop the root, after which add to it the vodka or alcohol (1:20). Then put the mixture in a dark place and let stand for 2 weeks. Then, what is necessary during the month before meals take 25 drops of the infusion. Drink will not only help to increase the sperm count, but also normalizes the psychological status, which is also important for the health of men.

From what is to refuse

Increases the potency not only the availability in the diet of the right foods, but also refraining from harmful. Recommended does not include in the menu products, the negative impact on men's health:

  • fatty types of meat;
  • canned fish;
  • butter, margarine;
  • liver pate;
  • fatty varieties of cheese;
  • sausages;
  • smoked;
  • baking;
  • sweet carbonated drinks;
  • fast food;
  • caffeine;
  • alcohol.