Ginger root for potency — recipes and reviews men

Ginger the potency of men use the ancient healers, medicine men. Belongs to a natural aphrodisiac. Now, a perennial plant is a part of many pharmacy medicines. Has the medicinal properties of the root. The use of plants for potency is linked to its ability to increase blood circulation, normalize the blood circulation.

Ginger has a complex impact. Restores male power thanks to the immediate influence on the sexual system, the body as a whole. Properties of the plant are caused by the chemical composition. The greatest amount of useful components is concentrated in the bud.

Organic acids

ginger potency

The lack of these elements leads to sub-optimal nutrition of cells, slowing of metabolic processes. Violated the protective functions of the organism, increases the risk of disease, which gradually leads to a weakening of the whole organism, failure in work of sexual system.

Insufficient amount of organic acids leads to the accumulation of toxins. Because of the presence of harmful substances suffering from the digestive system, intestines, heart, blood vessels, kidneys. Violations in the work of these organs, the systems can not have an impact on women's health.

The ginger complements the amount of useful components, it stimulates the oxidation, regeneration processes, removes toxins, relaxes the internal organs. Thanks to this action of the reproductive system gets a chance to function normally.

Amino acids

Useful compounds come into the body with food. Support and participates in the formation of protein. Ensures the transmission of nerve impulses the cells of each system.

The lack of amino acids leads to the failure of brain activity. Into the body of the received signals that stimulate other conversions, they stop the absorption of minerals, vitamins. No relationship between the adopted food, energy. The body gradually fades, and with it the reproductive system.

Ginger normalizes the brain, builds the transmission of nerve impulses, restores the response of the sexual organ, it will return the sensitivity of the.

Vitamin And

Refers to antioxidants, removes toxins from the body, destroying free radicals. Prevents the development of cancer cells. Provides a full-fledged work of the heart, blood vessels, normalizes blood circulation, which is very important for potency.

Vitamin C

Strengthens the immune system, helps to resist the viral, bacterial, fungal infection. Stimulates the formation of new cells, affects the production of the male hormone – testosterone, is involved in the formation of sperm.

B vitamins

The Role of these useful components is very important. Vitamin B3 helps in the absorption of minerals, vitamins, useful substances, converts the components into energy.

A group of vitamins, cleans the blood, removes cholesterol food stamps, normalizes blood circulation, dilates and strengthens blood vessels. Improves microcirculation. Has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Thanks to this component the ginger improves the functioning of the circulatory system, increases energy reserves, strengthens the body as a whole. Efficiency is improving due to the recovery of the whole organism.


Enhances immunity, increases the effect of vitamins. Supports the smooth functioning of the systems, organs, stimulates the production of testosterone, normalizes the sexual organ.


Satiates the cells with oxygen, accelerates the metabolic processes, promotes the excretion of harmful components. Ensures the health of the muscles, the normal functioning of the circulatory, the nervous system.


Acts a catalyst in the saturation of cells with oxygen. Improves blood pressure, stimulates the formation of red taurus, keeps the level of hemoglobin in the normal indicators. Facilitates the process of transmission of impulses from the brain, strengthens immunity, supports the work of the glands of internal secretion.


An essential element for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, and also improves the condition of the circulatory system. Improves blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels.


Is responsible for the energy balance in the body. Participates in the formation of more than 300 useful enzymes. It has anti-inflammatory effects, relieves the body from toxins. It has a calming effect, which is very important if a violation of potency occurred in the nervous system. It helps to cope with allergic reactions, regulates body temperature, absorption of food. Form bone tissue.

Other components in the composition of the ginger, which are no less important for the normal reproductive system, potency in particular, but their role is to amplify the effect of the substances, which are present in most.

Effect on potency


The useful components of the ginger root will not improve the potency of a single use. Acts on the storage system. Improves the condition of the organism as a whole, than gives the opportunity to amplify and build on the work of sexual system.

Main business is focused on cleaning the body from toxins, strengthens blood vessels, normalizing the pressure of blood flow. This improves the work of brain cells are saturated with oxygen, the organs respond to the transmission of impulses. A well-oiled mechanism generally leads to a lack of problems with potency.

Rules of use

Any herbal remedy, even when it refers to the traditional medicine, it is necessary to apply in accordance with the rules, after consultation with a specialist. Ginger is not able to help, if problems with potency are associated with serious diseases of the genitourinary system, of the internal organs. Counseling and examination is necessary to exclude serious disease.

Ginger – a medicinal product with a strong effect. Has contraindications that should be considered before starting therapy. The secret of success lies in the regular application of funds. The effect is observed during the month. Before it is possible to achieve a result, if problems with a potency have begun recently, are not associated with serious disease.

Return male strength of the ginger can, if there are problems associated with:

  • physical fatigue;
  • nervous exhaustion;
  • alcohol;
  • total weakening of the organism.

For the restoration of potency of used drugs, cooked yourself, or buy in a pharmacy. In most cases these tinctures, decoctions. The action of ginger complement the other active ingredients.

The rules of the app always similar – initially to consult with a specialist, take regularly, without extension of themselves, a course of therapy, if failed to achieve the desired result.

Effective recipes with ginger to increase the potency

In the translation of the word "ginger" means manly. It happened thanks to the properties of affect the potency of men. Efficient recipes are passed down from generation to generation, continue to use along with special pharmacy drugs.

Classic tincture

Cooking does not take much time, the more you must wait until the device is not build. Buy the finished tincture can be at the pharmacy, but if they have the opportunity to purchase fresh ginger root to cure himself.

400 g ginger root, minced using a grater, in a mixture with 0.5 l good quality vodka. It is placed in a glass bowl, let it brew in a dark place not less than 20 days. Regularly demijohn shake. Before use it is necessary to strain through cheesecloth, folded in several layers.

Enjoy it should be a day of 30 ml for half an hour before a meal or 30 minutes after a meal. Course of therapy from one week to several months.

Remedy with honey, lemon

Ginger root is cleaned, washed, dried, skip through the meat grinder. The powder in the same way a lemon along with the peel. Stir between each, add 4 tablespoons of honey. Often lay on a glass jar, cover with a lid. Leave to cook away from the sunlight daily. During the day put it in the fridge. Take 1 h. spoon for 20 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Ginger with honey

To prepare the remedy is necessary in the bank, with a capacity of 1 l. of ginger Root, cut into small slices, fill the wrappers to 1/3. Topped with up to the top of the fresh, liquid honey. Let it brew for 2 weeks in a dark place. The main thing in this process to prevent fermentation. Check the vehicle that you need every day. If they are present signs of damage, it is necessary to remove the product in the fridge. Take drugs for 1 h. a spoonful a day to normalization of sexual function.

Ginger tea

It has a pleasant taste, light aroma. The drink is allowed to drink instead of the usual tea up to 4 times a day. Pulverized root. Is primed, 5 tsp detergent with 1 litre of water. Put on a small fire, cook for about 20 minutes. Throughout the day you can warm the beverage to the desired state.

Ginger bath

Carry out the procedure allowed in the first half of the day. Or relax in the bathroom, enjoy easy smell need 20 minutes, no more, no less. 4 tablespoons of crushed ginger root pour 1 liter of boiled water, boil 10 minutes. Pour the ingredients into the tub.

Pickled ginger potency

The root cut into small slices, fall asleep, and 1 tsp of salt, stir. Left it for an hour. Boil the brine – 300 ml of vinegar, add 1 cup sugar, boil 2 minutes. Pour the hot sections of the root. To improve the potency should take 3 cloves a day.

Ginger coffee

Take 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. In the same proportions in a mixture of cinnamon, rosemary, cardamom, ginger. For 1 cup of coffee is enough for 0.5 hours spoonful of the mixture.

Tincture of ginger with the wine


A bottle of quality red wine, add 1 h. spoon of dried horse, or 1 tbsp minced fresh. Means the infusion in a dark place 2 weeks. It is allowed to add cinnamon, nutmeg. Drink is recommended at 1 tsp a day for prevention. Either 1 tbsp for a few minutes before sexual intercourse.

Any agent on the basis of ginger increases the potency, but before use it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the auxiliary components and the individual elements your own body.


Not allowed to use the product on the basis of ginger, increased blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidney stones, gall bladder. You cannot use the medicine with honey, lemon in increased acidity in the stomach. Tinctures containing alcohol is not recommended to persons suffering from alcoholism. A direct contraindication is the presence of individual intolerance to the components.